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Friday, May 28, 2010

Tab Fire Rituals,

Fire Rituals

Do you practice fire ceremony every day? Yes, No, Ceremonial

A fire ceremony means a living fire. Now Holiness or Lavender people carry the living fire, but the rest of us do not. And this means that we need carry the living fire with us as we bless during the walk about inside your home, moving from room to room then finally spinning counter-clock wise (soul's journey) to finish your blessing practice for the day. Some of us need do this four to five times a day.

Now what constitutes a living fire? It can be anything that comes from Mother Earth's body that can burn and create a flame, like incense, sage, gas lamps, candles and lighters. There must be a living fire to purify once a day.

If you said yes, then you know that to walk the sacred way blessing all life keeps your space purified.

If you said no, then you do not know about Heaven and it's integration. Therefore, elders will help you understand Heaven, our numinous space. Light is embraced by the darkness. White light is pure, and as it gets darker and darker, it can become less pure. This is when you need bless the darkness again returning it to it's natural state (not of light but pure darkness). The impure becomes afraid and runs away as we await their returning someday. We provide law of love and stand fastened (flesh) and receiving all hearts that need validation, even the downright nasty. We listen, validate, then give law. The law of love along the red road. Two hearts unite first, then we talk. WE are now able to negotiate, but not until then.

This need be done with the Dark Beings who enter our space now from Upper Heaven and Lower Earth. We are folding together and we need learn how to share. There is no other way. Folding means we literally have less space. The daily walk about and fire ceremony offer yourself, family, guests and heavenly numinous beings sanctuary in your home.

If you said Ceremonial, then you understand what a fire ceremony and cleansing means. It is a wonderful feeling after you bless the world all around us. Due to the folding of dark space with light space, there is an important need to shift into sacred thinking and acting. A true Heaven and Earth within and without. Daily is necessary.

And we, the Rainbow Warriors and Elders would appreciate it if you would please start practicing this walk about in your home to begin to provide yourself with sanctuary and offering us sanctuary when you come to join us. Be sure to bless often while within this group. And in fact, you might as well start blessing all your groups. I remind you, this is a Pure Heart Network. Love is law, the Red Road.

Book III
The Sacred Fire

Watchful, Courageous, Vigilant, these were the a small price to pay for the rewards of the of Stature of Wolf Warrior. He is purified in the Sacred Dance. Even today, many remote villages in the rolling hills still practice fire dancing four times a year, seasons of sacred directions. Dancing around a fire barefoot ensures fertility and purges illness, while bringing health and harmony back into the memory of the community.

Today the sacred torch still represents a symbol, we call the Palladium which we use today at our Olympic Games. The holy fire was brought to this ceremony. A lit torch, burning continuously was significant and was brought from and to another place. This "Perpetual Fire" was to be carried to the banquet rooms where the victors feasted. This insured the Sun would shine upon them, purifying the physical body without and soul body within. These champions reserved the right to halls of Greatness, especially as a Warrior, for he had kept the fire alive at all cost. Saving the Sacred Fire by the torch and moving it safely to a new home in another place ensured Warriors would be known throughout the lands including distant shores.

The Sacred Fire falling from Heaven signifies that fear was conquered and integration of the Soul body with Flesh body would lead the righteous Rainbow Warrior, we call the Dog Soldier, our Brother Wolf. A fire brought from the Heavens need return to the arms of Earth once again, where Sanctuary can be Paradise, knowing Wisdom. Protecting the realms of numinous and luminous, these Warriors of Heaven understood the hand of God. When we can reach out and into another's heart, we are able to rescue the low burning fire and renew it so it may burn brightly again. Lightning is the unification of differentials in the atmosphere often causing fires. It must strike into the heart of the other realm to unite the two varying principles. This is not done with gentility, but with direct and knowing intent. Cleansing the realms of Man to gift freedom to his Soul, like these Dog Warriors know how to stir the fire, to transport and gift life again with the Perpetual burning Fire and reclaiming faith for all Beings of Spirit.

A common alter or hearth of a community was always and still today contributes to our well being. And why do we always gather in the kitchen? Of course to be tended by the fire tender, the Woman who represents Heaven. It also represents everything numinous, including our Souls. Great Spirit Father leads armies, dominant in the last phase of evolution. This the third yellow rolling in time, now must be led by Great Spirit Mother who leads Warriors. For Heaven is upon us, when our Souls of the Dreamtime will learn to be set free. And it shall be the Dog Soldier, Wolf Brother or Rainbow Warrior who shall be enduring, in the transport, care of and carrying of the News of the Sacred Fire and all it stands for to distant shores to gift FREEDOM to all his Brothers and Sisters in the Heavens and Earth.

These Ambassadors will be distinguished foreigners, magistrates and citizens who come together in a common hearth for the community, "Gatherings". They shall be teachers, warrior signal services (migration) and protectors of the New World, we call the Dawning. Where Dreams within find a way of being our Truth without. When the sacred fire within burns bright, sow joy and dreams will come true. Brotherhood can continue as the ritual of the "burning fire" lives on in our Hearts and can be part of our Reality in our observable world around us. Teaching our family to keep their own Sacred Fire purified is no easy task, and our Dog Soldiers, Wolf Brothers and Rainbow Warriors will transport, protect and perpetuate the "Sacred Fire" to the survival for our Clansmen. There is much to offer our distinguished guests, to fill their hearts and their bellies in the Great Halls of Entertainment where fertility was the continued success of the Rainbow Warriors in each Generation. A place where the strong survive to defy death with the continuation of life.

We need remember that the "light" of each being need be purified as part of performing duties of Sacredness, for our first Warriors were our "Flock Keepers". They protected, purified and fumigated flocks, beasts and stalls. For our Shepherds care for all of God's children, including the Rocks, Animals and Plants. The Divine Fire or Palladium holds our hearts and cleanses our flesh throughout the Rolling Hills of Time, when we remember to "walk the sacred fire breath" within our hearts and our bodies. We will know bounty of the continuation of Warriors who are true to the Blue of Me and You, the Blue Blood of Kingsmen, who know the Calling of Freedom and transport it to distant shores.

The Native Americans are the "Keeper" of the related understand this Sacred Ritual who continues to offer the "Peace Pipe" to all their relations to ensure truth is known to all family members. Remember our Brother Wolves, our Dog Soldiers of the Universe, know how to travel great distances in search of Truth and Knowledge. Each of us have our place within the Universe, the Wolf returns to the clan to teach us and share this great Medicine of the Purification of the Sacred Fire. To empower us with the deep, hidden light from within to growth and full potential when we follow our Dreams in the Vision Quest and Rituals of Enipi (Sweat Lodge) or various ceremonies of "Fire Cleansing". We work for only one thing in the world, because we love the Realms of Heaven and Earth. This road that is Red, following the Laws of love, can be extremely difficult and arduous. Our Shepard, the keeper of the sacred fire, the Dog Warrior, is the utmost of dedication and earnestness, allowing this Warrior to Protect all the Realms, and the blue blood family feels safe within the Reflection of our Hearts. Let our Souls always remember the Sacred Fire in our Dreams along the path of the Yellow way, brightly burning desire of the breathren, the golden brotherhood of kingsmen, our relations from the Four Sacred Directions.

Exerpt from:

veroniKA Comment by veroniKA on September 6, 2009 at 2:31am
it is a good thing to bless people before a meeting or an interaction thank you and i will do the fire ceremony daily now veroniKA
Toltec Rainbow Comment by Toltec Rainbow on June 3, 2009 at 8:41am
Thank You White Buffalo Calf Woman! "But you could have done one thing further, Blessed them." Great idea! This shows clearly the advantage of working with an experienced teacher. It would not have occurred to me to Bless them.
Also will start a discussion as you recommended. Please let me know if you are ever in the DFW metroplex area as I would like to meet you, and if I have chance to visit CA I will see if we can meet. I still would like to climb Mt. Whitney.
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 27, 2009 at 11:19am
 Yes, my Grandmother going places (Toltec Rainbow- the third color of your sacred directions Rainbow.), But you could have done one thing further, Blessed them. They will then feel fear, if they are impure and want to get away from you as fast as they can. No more insults, if we learn to bless them before they enter our space. Walking and talking holy is not easy, but for Grandmother, she must hold every single molecule and say, "I love You", even to the children who do not know their way. Now since you do carry the Rainbow too, this is Mother, the Cosmic Mother from Heaven, like our beloved Brother Black Dog Deeper I Go (z.monkey), wear the color Rainbow but produce the color Red, the fire. Here the Red says, I must speak law. Please read the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Brother Wolf Speaks, this helps to understand the fierce warrior. A Grandparent need get angry with us, and speak the law when the children need it. It is your love that teaches them. Please also join us in the Words of Wisdom Group, you can find all the links to the Peaceful Wisdom Prayers RSS feed here too! Could you start your own discussion called From my Heart, Grandmother Going Places. This could be your place to speak to us all. We all need you Grandmother. And I know your Body is a Man, and only a Man can be the physical leader the warrior needed to gift the law to the very children of the Soul. WE, like you and me, who have one sex part of the soul and the other sex part of the body, are truly the most gifted and balanced. This is what Gods are made of, the balance of Heaven and Earth. In the olden days, and even in some tribal villages, still gift the strength of magic to those born with both female and male traits. Now in the world, this is very much misunderstood. But these people are speaking with their very lives what we as Humans are becoming unified within, balanced, moral and peaceful beings who live the sacred path of love. your devoted servant (for you grandmother), white buffalo calf woman ( eldest son in the house of god) elder crystal person (wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter)
Toltec Rainbow Comment by Toltec Rainbow on May 27, 2009 at 8:43am
Concerning the fire ritual; yesterday I had a person offend me, and while I was in such a fine vibratory state I realized that to feel offended and think how to get back this offense, remembered the fire ritual and realized if I forgave I would not have to lower my vibrations and enter the stressful agitated state required for me to be offended, so I just forgave and let it go. The event itself was insignificant, what was significant was my observation on how to manage the energies such that I could maintain the higher vibratory state without regressing. Progress! Improving and making the world a little better by constantly improving myself. Thank you White Buffalo Calf Woman and all like her!
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 23, 2009 at 4:48pm
  Big Little Cat posted this May 23, 2009 I like to build upon a strong foundation of word origins, such as is the "word" itself. A word 'etymology' is the 'source root tree' of a word. In my opinion special words often have 'meanings' beyond their own words. Orb: A three-dimensional extension of a word originally describing two-dimensional shapes... From Latin, orbem (nom. orbis) "circle, disk, ring," probably related to orbita "wheel track, rut," of unknown origin. Circa1420 (implied in orbicular), "sphere, globe," also "emblem of sovereignty," from Old French orbe (13th century) orbit, c 1392, "the eye socket." Now consider another etymology, this time for camera. Latin; camera obscura "dark chamber" (a black box with a lens that could project images of external objects), from Latin, camera "vaulted room," from Greek. kamara "vaulted chamber," from base *kam- "to arch." Contrasted with camera lucida (Latin; "light chamber"), which uses prisms to produce an image on paper beneath the instrument, which can be traced. Shortened to camera when modern photography began in 1840. And yet another, for our 'focus'... Latin, focus "hearth, fireplace," of unknown origin, used in post-classical times for "fire" itself. Scientist Kepler used it in 1604 in a mathematical sense for "point of convergence," perhaps on analogy of the burning point of a lens. Introduced into Eng. 1656 by Hobbes, "center of activity or energy" is first recorded 1796. Now after reviewing many photos I've taken at night, both of myself and others, I see over all those years in them NO ORBS. Many were taken in buggy areas, with aid of flash ... no orbs are to be seen anywhere... the ONLY thing I've ever seen that are even close to orbs were taken inside a remote cave inside the Gila Wilderness New Mexico ... and if one looks closely enough they appear to all have wings. One looks like a heart, glowing ... how very odd that cameras show no orbs ever around me? The 2 photos I show inside that cave are scanned here at 1600dpi and enlarged as you see. Why in all my wandering night's travels have I only photographed ONE huge ORB, maybe two (the Moon and Sun) following me? With all the bugs that have bitten me, the ashes from campfires flying too, yet to see no "spherical aberations", not even with 'bugs' as above for me captured only once, here in a remote cave at 7,000 feet elevation ... I wonder, how odd?
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 3, 2009 at 6:03am 
comment on Elders Agenda Page from Toltec! thank you 

Concerning the "fire ceremony" or "fire ritual"; I began practicing this per white Buffalo Calf Woman's recommendation.
After about a week I noticed a lessening of weight as if a load was removed from my shoulders. I interpret this to mean my vibratory rate has increased! I am much more at ease and at peace with the world. I highly recommend this exercise to all. I never want to go back to the way I was, since the peace is so much better than an automatic snarling mechanism.  
However, it seems I must now focus in another area since I no longer have the "snarling vibration" (which is almost a necessity in a big city) it seems I now appear to folks as an "easy" target. By increasing my vigilance and being more aware I hope to be able to build a defense so as not to be taken advantage of now that my "vibs" are softer. If anyone has ideas or suggestions about how to maintain the peaceful vib without becoming a sucker for those less moral to take advantage of please let me know.
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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