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Friday, May 28, 2010

Tab Fire Rituals,

Fire Rituals

Do you practice fire ceremony every day? Yes, No, Ceremonial

A fire ceremony means a living fire. Now Holiness or Lavender people carry the living fire, but the rest of us do not. And this means that we need carry the living fire with us as we bless during the walk about inside your home, moving from room to room then finally spinning counter-clock wise (soul's journey) to finish your blessing practice for the day. Some of us need do this four to five times a day.

Now what constitutes a living fire? It can be anything that comes from Mother Earth's body that can burn and create a flame, like incense, sage, gas lamps, candles and lighters. There must be a living fire to purify once a day.

If you said yes, then you know that to walk the sacred way blessing all life keeps your space purified.

If you said no, then you do not know about Heaven and it's integration. Therefore, elders will help you understand Heaven, our numinous space. Light is embraced by the darkness. White light is pure, and as it gets darker and darker, it can become less pure. This is when you need bless the darkness again returning it to it's natural state (not of light but pure darkness). The impure becomes afraid and runs away as we await their returning someday. We provide law of love and stand fastened (flesh) and receiving all hearts that need validation, even the downright nasty. We listen, validate, then give law. The law of love along the red road. Two hearts unite first, then we talk. WE are now able to negotiate, but not until then.

This need be done with the Dark Beings who enter our space now from Upper Heaven and Lower Earth. We are folding together and we need learn how to share. There is no other way. Folding means we literally have less space. The daily walk about and fire ceremony offer yourself, family, guests and heavenly numinous beings sanctuary in your home.

If you said Ceremonial, then you understand what a fire ceremony and cleansing means. It is a wonderful feeling after you bless the world all around us. Due to the folding of dark space with light space, there is an important need to shift into sacred thinking and acting. A true Heaven and Earth within and without. Daily is necessary.

And we, the Rainbow Warriors and Elders would appreciate it if you would please start practicing this walk about in your home to begin to provide yourself with sanctuary and offering us sanctuary when you come to join us. Be sure to bless often while within this group. And in fact, you might as well start blessing all your groups. I remind you, this is a Pure Heart Network. Love is law, the Red Road.

Book III
The Sacred Fire

Watchful, Courageous, Vigilant, these were the a small price to pay for the rewards of the of Stature of Wolf Warrior. He is purified in the Sacred Dance. Even today, many remote villages in the rolling hills still practice fire dancing four times a year, seasons of sacred directions. Dancing around a fire barefoot ensures fertility and purges illness, while bringing health and harmony back into the memory of the community.

Today the sacred torch still represents a symbol, we call the Palladium which we use today at our Olympic Games. The holy fire was brought to this ceremony. A lit torch, burning continuously was significant and was brought from and to another place. This "Perpetual Fire" was to be carried to the banquet rooms where the victors feasted. This insured the Sun would shine upon them, purifying the physical body without and soul body within. These champions reserved the right to halls of Greatness, especially as a Warrior, for he had kept the fire alive at all cost. Saving the Sacred Fire by the torch and moving it safely to a new home in another place ensured Warriors would be known throughout the lands including distant shores.

The Sacred Fire falling from Heaven signifies that fear was conquered and integration of the Soul body with Flesh body would lead the righteous Rainbow Warrior, we call the Dog Soldier, our Brother Wolf. A fire brought from the Heavens need return to the arms of Earth once again, where Sanctuary can be Paradise, knowing Wisdom. Protecting the realms of numinous and luminous, these Warriors of Heaven understood the hand of God. When we can reach out and into another's heart, we are able to rescue the low burning fire and renew it so it may burn brightly again. Lightning is the unification of differentials in the atmosphere often causing fires. It must strike into the heart of the other realm to unite the two varying principles. This is not done with gentility, but with direct and knowing intent. Cleansing the realms of Man to gift freedom to his Soul, like these Dog Warriors know how to stir the fire, to transport and gift life again with the Perpetual burning Fire and reclaiming faith for all Beings of Spirit.

A common alter or hearth of a community was always and still today contributes to our well being. And why do we always gather in the kitchen? Of course to be tended by the fire tender, the Woman who represents Heaven. It also represents everything numinous, including our Souls. Great Spirit Father leads armies, dominant in the last phase of evolution. This the third yellow rolling in time, now must be led by Great Spirit Mother who leads Warriors. For Heaven is upon us, when our Souls of the Dreamtime will learn to be set free. And it shall be the Dog Soldier, Wolf Brother or Rainbow Warrior who shall be enduring, in the transport, care of and carrying of the News of the Sacred Fire and all it stands for to distant shores to gift FREEDOM to all his Brothers and Sisters in the Heavens and Earth.

These Ambassadors will be distinguished foreigners, magistrates and citizens who come together in a common hearth for the community, "Gatherings". They shall be teachers, warrior signal services (migration) and protectors of the New World, we call the Dawning. Where Dreams within find a way of being our Truth without. When the sacred fire within burns bright, sow joy and dreams will come true. Brotherhood can continue as the ritual of the "burning fire" lives on in our Hearts and can be part of our Reality in our observable world around us. Teaching our family to keep their own Sacred Fire purified is no easy task, and our Dog Soldiers, Wolf Brothers and Rainbow Warriors will transport, protect and perpetuate the "Sacred Fire" to the survival for our Clansmen. There is much to offer our distinguished guests, to fill their hearts and their bellies in the Great Halls of Entertainment where fertility was the continued success of the Rainbow Warriors in each Generation. A place where the strong survive to defy death with the continuation of life.

We need remember that the "light" of each being need be purified as part of performing duties of Sacredness, for our first Warriors were our "Flock Keepers". They protected, purified and fumigated flocks, beasts and stalls. For our Shepherds care for all of God's children, including the Rocks, Animals and Plants. The Divine Fire or Palladium holds our hearts and cleanses our flesh throughout the Rolling Hills of Time, when we remember to "walk the sacred fire breath" within our hearts and our bodies. We will know bounty of the continuation of Warriors who are true to the Blue of Me and You, the Blue Blood of Kingsmen, who know the Calling of Freedom and transport it to distant shores.

The Native Americans are the "Keeper" of the related understand this Sacred Ritual who continues to offer the "Peace Pipe" to all their relations to ensure truth is known to all family members. Remember our Brother Wolves, our Dog Soldiers of the Universe, know how to travel great distances in search of Truth and Knowledge. Each of us have our place within the Universe, the Wolf returns to the clan to teach us and share this great Medicine of the Purification of the Sacred Fire. To empower us with the deep, hidden light from within to growth and full potential when we follow our Dreams in the Vision Quest and Rituals of Enipi (Sweat Lodge) or various ceremonies of "Fire Cleansing". We work for only one thing in the world, because we love the Realms of Heaven and Earth. This road that is Red, following the Laws of love, can be extremely difficult and arduous. Our Shepard, the keeper of the sacred fire, the Dog Warrior, is the utmost of dedication and earnestness, allowing this Warrior to Protect all the Realms, and the blue blood family feels safe within the Reflection of our Hearts. Let our Souls always remember the Sacred Fire in our Dreams along the path of the Yellow way, brightly burning desire of the breathren, the golden brotherhood of kingsmen, our relations from the Four Sacred Directions.

Exerpt from:

veroniKA Comment by veroniKA on September 6, 2009 at 2:31am
it is a good thing to bless people before a meeting or an interaction thank you and i will do the fire ceremony daily now veroniKA
Toltec Rainbow Comment by Toltec Rainbow on June 3, 2009 at 8:41am
Thank You White Buffalo Calf Woman! "But you could have done one thing further, Blessed them." Great idea! This shows clearly the advantage of working with an experienced teacher. It would not have occurred to me to Bless them.
Also will start a discussion as you recommended. Please let me know if you are ever in the DFW metroplex area as I would like to meet you, and if I have chance to visit CA I will see if we can meet. I still would like to climb Mt. Whitney.
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 27, 2009 at 11:19am
 Yes, my Grandmother going places (Toltec Rainbow- the third color of your sacred directions Rainbow.), But you could have done one thing further, Blessed them. They will then feel fear, if they are impure and want to get away from you as fast as they can. No more insults, if we learn to bless them before they enter our space. Walking and talking holy is not easy, but for Grandmother, she must hold every single molecule and say, "I love You", even to the children who do not know their way. Now since you do carry the Rainbow too, this is Mother, the Cosmic Mother from Heaven, like our beloved Brother Black Dog Deeper I Go (z.monkey), wear the color Rainbow but produce the color Red, the fire. Here the Red says, I must speak law. Please read the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Brother Wolf Speaks, this helps to understand the fierce warrior. A Grandparent need get angry with us, and speak the law when the children need it. It is your love that teaches them. Please also join us in the Words of Wisdom Group, you can find all the links to the Peaceful Wisdom Prayers RSS feed here too! Could you start your own discussion called From my Heart, Grandmother Going Places. This could be your place to speak to us all. We all need you Grandmother. And I know your Body is a Man, and only a Man can be the physical leader the warrior needed to gift the law to the very children of the Soul. WE, like you and me, who have one sex part of the soul and the other sex part of the body, are truly the most gifted and balanced. This is what Gods are made of, the balance of Heaven and Earth. In the olden days, and even in some tribal villages, still gift the strength of magic to those born with both female and male traits. Now in the world, this is very much misunderstood. But these people are speaking with their very lives what we as Humans are becoming unified within, balanced, moral and peaceful beings who live the sacred path of love. your devoted servant (for you grandmother), white buffalo calf woman ( eldest son in the house of god) elder crystal person (wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter)
Toltec Rainbow Comment by Toltec Rainbow on May 27, 2009 at 8:43am
Concerning the fire ritual; yesterday I had a person offend me, and while I was in such a fine vibratory state I realized that to feel offended and think how to get back this offense, remembered the fire ritual and realized if I forgave I would not have to lower my vibrations and enter the stressful agitated state required for me to be offended, so I just forgave and let it go. The event itself was insignificant, what was significant was my observation on how to manage the energies such that I could maintain the higher vibratory state without regressing. Progress! Improving and making the world a little better by constantly improving myself. Thank you White Buffalo Calf Woman and all like her!
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 23, 2009 at 4:48pm
  Big Little Cat posted this May 23, 2009 I like to build upon a strong foundation of word origins, such as is the "word" itself. A word 'etymology' is the 'source root tree' of a word. In my opinion special words often have 'meanings' beyond their own words. Orb: A three-dimensional extension of a word originally describing two-dimensional shapes... From Latin, orbem (nom. orbis) "circle, disk, ring," probably related to orbita "wheel track, rut," of unknown origin. Circa1420 (implied in orbicular), "sphere, globe," also "emblem of sovereignty," from Old French orbe (13th century) orbit, c 1392, "the eye socket." Now consider another etymology, this time for camera. Latin; camera obscura "dark chamber" (a black box with a lens that could project images of external objects), from Latin, camera "vaulted room," from Greek. kamara "vaulted chamber," from base *kam- "to arch." Contrasted with camera lucida (Latin; "light chamber"), which uses prisms to produce an image on paper beneath the instrument, which can be traced. Shortened to camera when modern photography began in 1840. And yet another, for our 'focus'... Latin, focus "hearth, fireplace," of unknown origin, used in post-classical times for "fire" itself. Scientist Kepler used it in 1604 in a mathematical sense for "point of convergence," perhaps on analogy of the burning point of a lens. Introduced into Eng. 1656 by Hobbes, "center of activity or energy" is first recorded 1796. Now after reviewing many photos I've taken at night, both of myself and others, I see over all those years in them NO ORBS. Many were taken in buggy areas, with aid of flash ... no orbs are to be seen anywhere... the ONLY thing I've ever seen that are even close to orbs were taken inside a remote cave inside the Gila Wilderness New Mexico ... and if one looks closely enough they appear to all have wings. One looks like a heart, glowing ... how very odd that cameras show no orbs ever around me? The 2 photos I show inside that cave are scanned here at 1600dpi and enlarged as you see. Why in all my wandering night's travels have I only photographed ONE huge ORB, maybe two (the Moon and Sun) following me? With all the bugs that have bitten me, the ashes from campfires flying too, yet to see no "spherical aberations", not even with 'bugs' as above for me captured only once, here in a remote cave at 7,000 feet elevation ... I wonder, how odd?
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 3, 2009 at 6:03am 
comment on Elders Agenda Page from Toltec! thank you 

Concerning the "fire ceremony" or "fire ritual"; I began practicing this per white Buffalo Calf Woman's recommendation.
After about a week I noticed a lessening of weight as if a load was removed from my shoulders. I interpret this to mean my vibratory rate has increased! I am much more at ease and at peace with the world. I highly recommend this exercise to all. I never want to go back to the way I was, since the peace is so much better than an automatic snarling mechanism.  
However, it seems I must now focus in another area since I no longer have the "snarling vibration" (which is almost a necessity in a big city) it seems I now appear to folks as an "easy" target. By increasing my vigilance and being more aware I hope to be able to build a defense so as not to be taken advantage of now that my "vibs" are softer. If anyone has ideas or suggestions about how to maintain the peaceful vib without becoming a sucker for those less moral to take advantage of please let me know.
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tab Sacred Rainbow Colors,

Belonging to the Sacred Hands, those who Pray all over the Land

The Rainbow Clan are the Sacred Multi-Colored Auras of the Blue in You and Me, our Relation or family. Each of us carry Four Sacred Directions. The Circle of Colors, the Rainbow reflects off the Ocean Blue. Born from these lights We are Perfect Children Within. Each of us carry a Dream seeking Love. The Path we follow are the Four Sacred Directions Written in our Garment of Lights. We belong to the Rainbow Clan. These unseen colors guide us towards our mission. This is written in your Sacred Garment of Lights, the Holy Temple, where Truth is written in the Book of Life! Only a Crystal Person can read this Book of Life with Truth. All others read this too, but always a reflection of this truth. We are all learning to know the truth, because we cannot hide this truth, from others all around the world, who can see or sea, the light and dark of thee.
Always Holiness David Running Eagle can rescue you, from your sorrow or your pain, just have to ask him to call upon them, who rush on in without your sin, but lay their hearts upon the dust where it blows in and creates a bust, and we are felt like giving up, just because they did not know about love! Just ask him any time of day or night, email or leave a comment with him, or ask for his Blessings and he will come to rescue us the knowing Wind, where Eagles fly, to catch the sacred dust and purify with fire to make it must, to drink it pure and laughing heart will make the one, who is not nearly full of sin. And you will be left feeling free again, and then you will start to bless everything! He is so happy to serve your true, because LOVE just busts out of his HEART for YOU!

Embracing and attaining spiritual knowledge(seeking)and allowing the directional flowing (ebb and flow) of the eternal ages Reveals Greatness, A Light From Within. We are the Reflection of our Blue oceans and sky. Water provide us with all that life which offers us in Unity! As Spiritual Warriors are born to be Perfect Blessings who RECEIVE the LOVE of others who serve thee (ONENESS). Graciousness and humility, these are the qualities of those who ask and receive!

There is a Returning happening all over the world as we are feeling a quickening within all of us. When the world is facing financial breakdowns and land control, how will we bring freedom home to our People around the world, even our own families? When you come home to be the Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy? Be blessed and help the world survive, learn to walk the sacred way. New tools for a new time, Heaven is upon us and now. How long will it take to get our street people into homes? When you come home to them as the time of Brotherhood greet our days, the travelers who will keep care of you....keepers Arise! Warriors of Prophecy are coming Home. Are your Ready? We are....listen up!

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Rainbow Colors of your Garment of Lights

This is an example of our Spiritual Leader, the Green Warrior, Gathering of Flowers Caroline! Come receive your blessings, by asking for your sacred four directions of the Rainbow! White Buffalo Calf woman, your Twin Deer Mother is here to sing, your heart of longing of the spring, the busting heart that needs set free, and this is how you begin in thee. Once you know your sacred colors deer (on the journey of life) then you can serve yourself from plight, because when you understand your ways, you will know how to compensate, to sacred holy sanctuary, the heart of the soul, who is purified! Ask inside the comment box or you can reach me anywhere, the point of reference will bring the light of everyone, who belongs to our LIGHT!

Gathering of Flowers,
Who have come home to know the river is flowing throughout the land, and we can open the doors to sea, the love of mountains inside of me. The many colors of the land will bring if we can see what majesty brings.

Your color of wisdom are green in thee, the love of flowers that grow in thee, the river of silence where all do flow is where your heart always grows. Then it is your who is really the leader of men, their souls that needs guidance the soul who needs relief. And all that flow goes inside of you, as the banks of the river is where all do go.

The next color of magic that you do claim in the heart of all, who are our men, the humanity of rivers that come to know the way, the blue of all, who is the heart to stay. And we are the reflection of all that shines, the great and the small that makes us blind, but we offer much if we look at what we do, when our hearts stay to the true.

What next you see, is Golden Deer (on the journey of brotherhood). And this is what makes all come close and near, the brotherhood of miracles that do bloom is where you call, and all does swim. It's the first of the colors that all do see, they don't know the darkness that lies in thee, the fountain of eternal is what the green and blue bring, the oceans and green grass does bloom.

Now we have a mighty open ocean out there, and we can't see but we are guided in their, and it's Grandmother, who we all share, the embrace of all space the spider does know. My granny does love you more than others who glow because you are fearless and because you show, how to bloom in the garden when others don't swim, you come to know gardens that shine in the sun.

My beloved, you have but so many oceans, to cross the river where you will be safe. And the time is perfect, that you come over here, the continent of rivers who will be safe. The middle of the country will be the best to be, where there is many who will not be safe indeed. And just in time God sent you to cross the breeze, so you could be safe, when the river of bloods shoots them (from the red sky that is coming to purify all the land).

Then you have someone who is special to thee, and I know you want to know if you could be, the heart of angels when you are with him, and I tell you true, the both of you could sing. Don't forget to look at his loving ways, does he blame you for everything, or does he gift you the hug. Because my darling men need to learn, how to be majestic as the Sun of God. You the woman need teach him that.

First rule to remember is the law of love, the two united hearts that sing. And then you can talk about everything, but not until the hug is given to me. It is the way, you must speak to him, to teach him to come home to your arms again, he needs tending and preening, to watch him fly, but you can teach anyone, how great they are.

Next when he does what you want him to, to bring his arms all around you, then you will be able to solve anything, when you teach him how to gather again. Don't forget the many blessings you need, to bless every hour of every day my love, for you the Green Grass needs everything, to bring us together to sing again.

My love trust all that you know, the yellow that knows the way, his heart will guide you to dreams as you let his light in, but you are the Golden One, who must lead his love through fearlessly. Now we greet the day of dawn, with so much love that's bound to come, and dreams will guide us all the way, when we trust our hearts display.

Sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother, who longs to say, my Gathering of Flowers who has come today, to ask for blessings to know her way, let the sunshine in and dreams come true, when you trust the heart of knowing you, the woman who brings the love inside of men, by using law, that guides us home. Put your foot down and make sure he brings, the arms of creation around of you and me, and when this happens, you will be sure, that God is hear and understood. The law of love is not easy my Deer, but it's the way of God (oneness) today. If we are devoted women with a heart, then we will make them show up smart (stinging) and when there is no love they carry, we need the hug, to go on to tarry, then we can be all we want to be, when love is here to guide divinity.

rainbow garment for Gathering of Flowers is Green, Blue, Golden, Gray
rainbow garment for Male that she loves is Yellow, Blue , Magenta, Gray

Replies to This Discussion At 7:24pm on September 10, 2009, White Buffalo Calf Woman said… Flies Through the Wind and Sets Himself Free (heavenly mission) Fly Wind Free the Light (abbreviated for others to understand) Come Down to Earth (earthly tools, teaching to be on the rolling hills) Earth Bound (abbreviated, understanding of man) No interpretation included above Ask from interpretation, for this will be another blessing! Rainbow Colors of the Four Sacred Directions Golden (Cosmic Father), Aqua (leader of men), Indigo (perfect soul warrior), Gray (grandmother space, we all dream, as all carry this, as this gifts the ability of illumination)   My Beloved Earth Bound, Of course my Cosmic Father you know the way. The Fearless who comes to say, that we need dream today. We need find the will to begin again. What if we didn't have you to lead the way, then new worlds would have no place to play. It is you who delivers us the dream of brotherhood, for when you call we come to your needs, of Oneness that shows the way. Tell me what can it be done if miracles don't abound, but you remind us all this day, that we can open our heart and say, "Yes, I know the way". We are servants to the world, that offers us dreams fulfilled, and if you don't show us how, then how will we find the way. It is you who must give us hope, to open doors and open hoops. And we depend on your fearlessness to gift the heart of openness.  Then Aqua is the next overlay, the color that leads the way, of simple existence of today, when we realize that it's my heart that says, " We need sustenance", the way of realizing all our dreams. There you flow where rivers go, and we just follow you to over there. But my love don't forget to look behind you to know the truth, we who follow you, and your dreams comes at a cost of embezzling (destruction comes before building dreams, like rivers flow who show the way, like torrential rains of today). The way of aquas everywhere who take and take when they know they should, look behind to see what lies in the hearts of all behind. You carry all our dreams, and we need you to look back at thee. For irrationality is part of you, and we need you to gift us this clue. To say, "I need you", when you leave. To remind us that you follow the dream, but we need know you dream for us, when you go out to bite the dust.  Now next is Indigo overlay, the heart of reflection of to all who say, "you don't know what you say, you're crazy this day", but we know that the eyes behold the truth to all who told, the spirit of the truth today, says, "start looking inside your head", for in your heart is truth untold, I can see, what you forbid. The Great Prophet stands in front of you, and you don't have any clue, of how I see your inside out, and you think you know whats to hide. But I say, you are the one who knows, the truth of all the Rainbows. And when you teach with arrows to the heart, remember they need your heart, for if you don't teach them this, then how will they find their way? You need to remember to gift and pray, to those who don't have much to say, for hearts are needed to remember inside, the Soul of Perfection, you seem to know! It takes a warrior to show the truth, but remember don't walk away. Make them leave with their hearts, while you gift the beloved smart (sting of the arrow of reflection to the heart).  Now what is left but greatest fold, is Grandmother who often holds, our heart our light, our deepest dreams, for if we have to travel, she is so bold. She is the way, we know the heart, of those who gift us so many smarts (stings). For when we are down, we remember to dream, inside the space where we always sing. She gifts us light, for she does hold, every single molecule that beholds, the radiance that brings us home, to lands untouched, the rolling hills. Here we fly to know the way, of hearts of dreams, and who does say, the catcher of us, when we fall, the heart of many open doors. It is Grandmother who offers us so much space, the running wells of untold dreams. She offers us new ways to be, when we allow all the breeze to flow inside of me to you, with Golden Light with so many views.  Lastly, you tell all the world, that White Buffalo Calf Woman has come to hold, to be the One who shares our hearts of living loving Rainbow Lights. And when you call all the relatives, you will be followed from all the realms, to bring the heart of everyone, here abounding among the stars. For so many of our relatives, who think it will be safe in Jupiter or on Mars will not live, but be destroyed. This is why you need to call, all who come to find a law, a rolling hills, where our hearts collide, down upon the Earth, we collide. For water will save us true, the heart of me, the heart of you. For relatives will need us all, not only the soul, but we will need our flesh to survive, to be united in Heaven and Earth. How my Brother my Father in light, how will we unite? We need your call to everyone, to be the perfect warrior that dreams the call...over rolling hills, the transmission of loving calls, to gather together, for it's the all. Welcome home Relatives who come near to thee, for you will offer more than they sea, but we know you can gift to the world, the call of me, the call of all. sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman (heavenly mission) your Twin Deer Mother (earthly tools)
Princess of the Wing , Dove who comes to Roost (heavenly name), Running Fox (earthly name), Star that Shines Lakota Sister sings her heart has come to ming , the west and the east comes my way, to be the perfect beloved way. The colors of the rainbow do bring to thee, the heart of loving company.  Violet: First we shed the song of hope, with a voice that's strong as a rope. This is the perfect violet, because it brings us to the rest. One voice of many hearts belts out and shouts. Here we come to be the way of angels if we sing. The strength of the song is loud indeed, especially when we run free. And now we need the strength of time to push us over into the other side. Evolution has come to roost, to be a perfect layer cake. Here we eat the sum of God, the devour it inside out. And when we finished with the bake, we find that we are sitting loud. Here we stand on mountain tops to envision valleys of Gardens clouds.  Magenta: Now we seek the vision clear, but we so many near. The greatest rainbow we have ever seen, is what we bring to the lights of thee. Like a circus going round and round, the play of action is not undone. Flowing going round and round, the hoops of magic is still undone. We think we are not a part, but we are the sacred loving heart. And in the palace fills the air I wonder who else might be in there. So many travelers do come home, just to bellow out their know. And when they speak out of turn, then I must help them turn. And when they look at the right door of life, they feel so satisfied. And when they look into the wind, their tears of sin are gone again. And we can feel what might be here, but what is here is magic filled. I want all to know inside, is part of you and part of the pie. And I need you as much as me, to be the heart of all the leaves. Travel my bridge to sea the other side, the distant shore that breathes alive. And when you seek the place you are, then you understand more than thar (needs).  Crystal: Life goes on and on and on, and what make us so damned proud. I think many could be so good, if they could only choose. We gift the lesson for all to be, the perfect loving harmony. But often they just walk away, from all that fuss and so much play. What can be done if they don't turn into the mountain that gave them so much room. I say this and they say that, but in the end, love is where it's at. But in the end, the time will speak, to hold and mutter for Goodness Sake. We need love to be a part of every single living tree. But so many think that God is not them, and they feel left out of the please. But it's they who bring the cherished gift, the heart of loving peaceful bliss. Which way do we go from here, when love could only fill the air. They are me and I am them, if only we could always sing.  Gray: Here my love we swim through time, to be a part of all the leaves. The tree of life that lets us in, is part of every living sun. And I wish Grandmother could be this way, the loving sacred breeze today. But I know she is not always satisfied, because the world is lost in their hides. But Grandmother she is what we need, the heart of loving in the breeze. The greatest teacher with so much patience, is her embrace inside the sun. Deep inside the mountain claims the rich and famous who never die. And we could be part of this sunshine, when we learn to shine from inside. Grandmother you lift me up, and fill my heart with loyal dust. Over rolling hills of time, you bring me closer to all that's thine. Grandmother you are part of me, even when I don't believe. You are my steady constant friend, because we don't have time to swim. Now we see the way of the wind, we speak of loving times again. But what can we do to make it clear that evolution is so darn near? Take the will of everyone and we have angry wasted fluff. But if ceremonies come to us, then we can find sacred dust. Grandmother and I come to you to pray to seek and devoted loyal way to keep, and when the sun peaks over head, then we know we have past the test. Deep within and down the road, Grandmother always shows, that we are the heart of everyone, when we choose the loving snow. Crystals and everything fills my heart of living loving sacred dust. Everything is clear to me, but I have so many sacred trees. Then I choose to be with God, the sacred Rainbow that always glows.  sung by white buffalo calf woman, your devoted twin deer mother
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tab Spirit Medicine (Soul Flight),

Spirit Medicine

Today, we live to be our Souls, we don't quite understand how this orients with our lives as we know it to be.  When we dream asleep, we think this is normal behavior.  And when we start to dream and vision while awake, we feel we are in a minority.  Yet, we know something is happening to us.  A change that is permeating the world.  Everything is spiritual and nothing is religious.  We feel separated from what was and what is to become of ourselves as beings of light.

It is the beginning of a new era.  While one world as we know it is falling apart.  Another world is starting to grow within.  And the powers.  It's uncanny, but I've known all my life, but just did not realize, the potential.  However, the greatness within me knows I must seek.  And as a Seeker, I must shine like a Sun from within. I consume desire to be, to journey into my dreams.  But how do I long for the stars and have my feet up Mother Earth?  I dream...

This Shaman above is dancing with deer horns.  And it is the deer (journey of our lives), that shows us the promise of the Great Migration of our Spirit.  It is the journey, that guides us along the path of Autumn Springs (third season, water carries our souls, gushing forth), where Golden Leaves (fall from the tree with harvest abundance) share righteousness (walk with truth), and believe in all they seek, as one arm and leg (united), to find a heart, that always gives. 

As we dance in the sun light, we hold the Rainbow Streams within our sights.  We journey to new realms, we have always known, but now it seem shown to us, in many extra ordinary ways.  And to my surprise each day, there seems to be more and more like me this way.  I soar, to know more.  I seek to find answers in my mind.  I am going to fly, through my minds eye.  My spirit will know the birth of my dreams.

White Buffalo Calf Woman takes spirit flights once a week with others, and she invites you to join by telephone conferencing.  But first email her at  Our events are recorded, in order that others may indulge in the experience of the Sacred Spirit Flight with our Souls.  Please visit, to get a general idea of what happens. Those who attend usually find a healing occurs during the journey.  And with a group, we experience soul flight together.  

It's very important, that when we dream we fly in space.  And it's natural.  Learning to act like this is normal experience is realization, that we exist because of each other.  And it's the oneness of God, that offers to us, the greatest experiences we could of even imagined. 

Many have dreams and visions, but interpretation is done by friends, professionals, guides or shaman.  However, it is the holy (wakan) person, who can offer you truth (versus fraud) to the world. The person who regards the spirit as part of the whole being, who walks and talks the path of unity between two realms, where the Golden Path lies is the follower of the eternal rules, bow like the rainbow and use love. Here we are journeying, you and I, to a new dimension of our spirit where Brotherhood begins, the eternal circle of ONE (two rainbow are one). 

These are the days, when the realm of flesh and light collide with soul and dark, to become the hero of tomorrow.  For this person, will know how to see with their eyes, but also to vision with their hearts regardless what the perils may lie.  This strength and knowledge seeks out heaven's door, with embracing arms, awaiting any surprise it may throw our way.  For its the Golden Age of Brotherhood, where we become beings of the Rainbow light.  And in each of these colors we radiate a Sun Dance. This illumination shares the hopes and dreams of all of us.  Those who learn to navigate with others, will gather, and wander over to the garden of paradise we dream.  First we practice.  Then we succeed. 

Join us and bring your friends, for an exhilarating spirit journey of your life. Traveling with White Buffalo Calf Woman ensures that the Law of Love is kept within reach of our journey as she and others vision and share alive by sound waves as well as our spirits.  We shall begin by taking the Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey (Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight). 

For Spirit Medicine for Relatives who are too ill to attend, you must only ask.

Please email

White Buffalo Calf Woman charges nothing for services, however she expects you to join the Great Give-A-Way, and share your gifts with others, while treating your Elders with respect. Visit

Gather a witness and follow your calling. Don't be invalid, to what you are knowing. Trust that your inside is stronger than you think, because I am waiting for you to bee free. It's my soul that dances lately.  It's my flesh that wanders forth, but how do I reckon with opposing forces. I must fly high to the sky, for that's where my soul will release.

One person walking and talking about you, telling you that I love all the lessons.  God gave me a mission to crawl upon the earth.  And I am going to realize, it's part of my girth. There is the sign.  There is a dream.  There I unfold what is blind.  I know I can realize, if only I start to find time, to meditate my life, into a heart, that doesn't lie.

Standing here like a tree, speaking my heart, with so much disease.  I want to release me but how do I get free?  Harmony isn't going to come out of me. I must dance tonight. I must pray to this fright, that I could treat others unkind.  And I will have to begin a new way, to learn to start and pray, blessing all along the way!  

I shall be free . . .forgiveness lives in the breeze! (forgiving each other)

Holiness David Running Eagle says, 
"You must consciously think about forgiveness." 
White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "Fire ceremonies please!"

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tab Great Give-A-Way and Agenda,

Great Give-A-Way

The Great Give-A-Way is about gifting to all who come toward us. This means we give all things away, and do not sell anything to others. When they learn to do this too, then none are without, as we all learn to give away.

We do need others to help set up the trading post, as this is where we will be putting a database up. And we are looking for travelers, truckers and whomever will be part of the give a way! This is not the way, our lives are used to, because we live in a world that is money based, but banks are going to be failing soon. And if you think we are going to stay this way, then you don't believe in prophecy. We are the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, and transforming ourselves for a new era, called the "Dawning" will not be easy. For even I, white buffalo calf woman (actually I don't but Holiness David does, my husband), goes into stores to buy items because not enough people know about the give-a-way.

You know the poorest man in a tribe used to be the Chief, because he gifted all he had to his people. Now a days, we need learn to give away, because it's the only way, the new phase of evolution we enter will be practical. It's hard for all of us to believe in this shifting ways, but when money stops playing a part of our lives, thing will change really rapidly.

Below are some of the things needed to serve others. All gifts you have, and everyone has gifts even the CRAZY people have gifts, then we ask that you contribute some of these gifts to the whole, especially to each other here at White Buffalo Calf Woman.Ning.Com, the place Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy will arise.

Doctors, especially dentists will be needed as many will be wounded as we start to begin the physical migration. We do need travelers to join us in the streets, to help all those who may need assistance in the coming years (2009 -2013). We are migrating into the next phase of evolution, Heaven and Earth, as we are only living in Earth now. Heaven is our numinous and providence, as we learn and claim all with blessings!

Medical Mobile Vehicles Traveling on the Streets
a. serving homeless and reservations around the world
Legal Team Traveling on the Streets in Motor Homes
a. legal battles for hate crimes
b. legal issues about homelessness
c. veteran issues
d. disability issues
e. freedom of speech issues
f. and what i didn't write about gift your skill
Native American Police Force on the Streets in Motor Homes
a. guiding city police agencies
b. resolving issues police cannot
a. what do you have, but do not use! give it away at your gathering
b. save glass jars to tools
c. clothing
d. you know what you don't need anymore!

this is only a beginning, just give it all away. we need a home, clothes, transportation and not a job or money. what we really need most is love and sanctuary. this is what we are working towards with showing the people their own hearts through teaching the vision quest and by showing up. showing up when others need us!

Joseph Charles Hollister III Comment by Joseph Charles Hollister III on June 10, 2010 at 10:10am
I am a grass farmer for the last forty years and will gladly share my experience ad knowledge with others, horses, cattle sheep and hogs in many geographical areas. The loving spirit bless us all
Letter to Relative...

White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on August 13, 2009 at 7:06pm
Greetings Relative,
No fire ceremony every day, but you said you were trained by the best. If you don't do this, that Medicine person did not do a very good job. Now a lot of Natives don't even understand, that smudging is a fire ceremony, which must be done once a day as a walk a bout, the space you wish to bless, and 4-5 day is better. But the blessings need be done every hour for the rest of your life. Red Road, is the law of love, and the law demands the fire ceremony, or you don't make it into the next phase of evolution.

Another thing, if you think anything is personal and you need to hide, then you are not a Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy. The shift is learning to share, because as we get more and more skills, we will all know what lies in others light and heart. If we start by hiding which most natives do, then you have not forgiven. And the only true freedom is when you hide nothing. Many frauds hide their email address and hide their feelings too. If you don't learn to speak with the heart, you will not survive. It is the Natives, the Red Man who walk the way of the Great Spirits which is pure and not hidden, will we be the seeds for tomorrow.

Too many natives hate, because what has been done to them, but if the heart knows the way, then you must trust the heart, but quite frankly they don't know this heart they own inside. It is the ones who suffer for the all of mankind, who practices love. Now the Natives are ordained from the highest to be the caretakers of all, even the ones which was hated. Many Natives adopt ceremony only to make the adoptee sit on the side lines, when this is the closer relation from heaven and our spirits.

Okay, but this should be understood by Native Americans, but I can see many do not understand this, the Great Give-A-Way. It is said that the Chief has the least because he is supposed to give it all away to the tribe and the one honored is often the one who is the Giver of the most. This is still practiced today at Pow Wows, but in 1960's, at Stanford University, California, the Elders and the Young Braves became violent quite an uproar, with each other and the Elders wanted the old way, the pure heart, but the Braves wanted a new way, and changed most all into money making schemes, which should not be done, not ever. the Pow Wow is a religious experience, and when money is there, we have just given insult to Great Spirit Mother. How can we break her heart? Now, I must walk into most Native's space and get into their faces and speak truth to their insults. Many will not make it over, as they will not take their place within the Oneness of all. You have made it here, with White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother who can answer all your questions. Please ask to receive, and of course your blessings!

A vision quest is specifically, the action (red road) withe the heart (blue road) cross and the yellow way or dream is received. Please read this page Many do not practice this, but soon, the sacred ceremonies will be up for all to see and use, to help them remember. Because so many have forgotten their hearts. The Quest is cross over, from the physical from stress to the soul to fly free. This is the way it has always been done. You must make a quest, not just with the mind, but with the full body and soul. Let us not get confused about these things. And ask questions.

Another thing if you refuse to be part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. Hiding who and what tribe, is not love, it is separation, and quite frankly won't be tolerated here. So you need pray and sing to find your way.

If we are one, then why do you hide. Quite a paradox, one over other, this is what the Red Man learned from the White Man. Let us forgive the white man, the father nation, and teach him how to come home instead. This year, I will need native warriors to return to take their place. Much will happen as many will be returning home this year, and we will Natives to be ready to assist them, the "keepers and twin heart of God need take their place.

If you are natural at dream time, then maybe you want to do a spirit flight with me, for you will learn more than you ever had, when traveling with me, for I can protect all who travel with me in the numinous space. Many medicine men have tried to kill me, just because they feared. They feared because there was not love and did not recognize me as a Relative. The first time, Great Father was outraged and I remember he, Great Father, told me to go home and I do fear for the man, who thought he was a Shaman. Now, let me be clear, Medicine is only delivered by a WOMAN, no man, can be medicine. A Medicine Person is always the Woman, and the attendees, who care for her and do her bidding is the Medicine Man. The Woman is in charge, and this will return soon, as we walk into the next rolling hill in time, down into the dark valleys where vision must come from the heart.

My beloved, ask for your gifts, and receive your blessings, then you will know more about who you are, and if you don't have a Earthly name, gifted to you, I can offer you the heavenly name (not given before me) as well as your Earthly name (tried to be gifted by the Native Peoples, but light overlays has prevented this truth) given before birth.

Alright, with this said, Welcome Home into my Heart.
your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother.
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter


Tab Heavenly Name,

What is a Heavenly Name?

Heavens Name Reading tell us the mission you chose before entering this body. The tools of light are picked to achieve the mission written within your name. We spirits fly through eons of evolution through the Soul body and descend as we learn our lessons. Each time we enter a new physical body, we agree to a New mission in life to achieve evolution. As we descend, our physical bodies become younger and younger until we learn to use instinct as does our animals, plants and rocks; learning to trust our Soul body who has everlasting life. When we learn to bridge (vision, knowing God, join together, unify) between one realm and into another; enlightenment is born within us all. We become the "Sage" and "Golden Warrior". In the other direction, the physical body reaches into the heavens to ascend towards the "Great Journey" as our children are born each and every day. Behind we leave the planted seed that carries the everlasting life in our children, in all our relations. We walk in the light (action) and in the dark (reflection) at different times. This influence during these transitional movement periods are felt (sounds like music), you must shift from action to reflection or vice versa. When in reflection, you must learn to utilize the dark numinous flow to become the creator. So set your heart to devotion and create something. And have fun.

The Heavens Name Reading tell us the mission you chose before entering this body. The tools of light are used to achieve and complete the mission in your life which is written in your book of life as your four sacred colors of direction. Your Heavenly name is written in the ancient storyteller's language. These gifts from God (numinous and luminous) help us recognize your perfection, maneuver and compensate towards realizing your unique gifts that you offer to this world. You are perfect and God knows it. Now it is time for you to know this too. You are perfect and what is not perfect does not belong to you. Therefore never defend one self, instead validate the words and the emotions, negotiate your rights with your voice, renegotiate and resolve. Those who do not resolve need only forgive. Embrace your brother and sister and use love.

September 2008-2009 Mother Earth. Heavenly name readings and Tools of Light blessings gifted from A Light From Within- Angel Services-Integrating the Great Give-A-Way. White Buffalo Calf Woman is a servant to this religious non-profit.

On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 2:21 PM, cyanbowen wrote:
75. cindy bowen

a. She is the difference of both night and day. The willed one! She belongs
to the whispering silence of the storm's embrace. She has many at her back
and call. Do not forge where none have gone unless you bring her with you.
She can cross mountains in a single bound. She can cross great rivers by her
breath (blowing away the chaff). She can build sky scrapers to reach into
the heavens and she can find your heart no matter where you hide. She is the
willed one, she is our prize stock bull. She is the seed of tommorrows
youth. She brings wisdom to the new time ahead. For she will will it upon
the people with her knowing attitude and bring barrier where no man dare to
roam. Do not go without her, or she will drag you down. As her strength has
the weight of the heart. Aho. I will call you "willed one whispering
silence". notcompleted

b. guardian animals or guides or ? notcomplete

c. Longest version: Heavens Name Reading – what is it?

Long version: Heavens Name Reading tell us the mission you chose before
entering this body. The tools of light are picked to achieve the mission
written within your name. We spirits fly through eons of evolution through
the Soul body and descend as we learn our lessons. Each time we enter a new
physical body, we agree to a New mission in life to achieve evolution. As
we descend, our physical bodies become younger and younger until we learn to
use instinct as does our animals, plants and rocks; learning to trust our
Soul body who has everlasting life. When we learn to bridge (vision,
knowing God, join together, unify) between one realm and into
another; enlightenment is born within us all. We become the "Sage" and
"Golden Warrior".

In the other direction, the physical body reaches into the heavens to ascend
towards the "Great Journey" as our children are born each and every day.
Behind we leave the planted seed that carries the everlasting life in our
children, in all our relations. We walk in the light (action) and in the
dark (reflection) at different times. This influence during these
transitional movement periods are felt (sounds like music), you must shift
from action to reflection or vice versa. When in reflection, you must learn
to utilize the dark numinous flow to become the creator. So set your heart
to devotion and create something. And have fun.

The Heavens Name Reading tell us the mission you chose before entering this body. The tools of light (Earth Native Name) are used to achieve and complete the mission in your life which is written in your book of life as your four sacred colors of direction. Your Heavenly name is written in the ancient storyteller's language. These gifts from God (numinous and luminous) help us recognize
your perfection, maneuver and compensate towards realizing your unique gifts
that you offer to this world. You are perfect and God knows it. Now it is
time for you to know this too. You are perfect and what is not perfect does
not belong to you. Therefore never defend one self, instead validate the
words and the emotions, negotiate your rights with your voice, renegotiate
and resolve. Those who do not resolve need only forgive. Embrace your
brother and sister and use love.
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on October 12, 2009 at 2:48pm song golden, yellow, and silver (rainbow), gray - read here! "the weasel of travels guides the light to the navel" (we fly with spirit to and fro from the navel, our spirits fly or aho) and she is going to get rid of them all, by taking the fall down to earth and this will alievate the most dreaded case of misguided ones who know all. we call her the "tail of the fall", and we need her to be such a call, because it's this fall to the knees that give us a breeze and all who come down and fall, will be lifted to heaven's door, her tools is the "list of the devil", and this means her love is over the evil, and when they don't need the heart of the breeze, she goes to the inside of the world to see evil, watch out the evil, for the weasel is coming to show you how dum you can be. "tail of the fall" heaven's mission upon the earth eternal return joy in the war dance Heavenly name: Eternal(War)DanceReturnsJoy Earthly tools: LoveofLawOvercomes(Evil) BuffaloTremblestheEarth (this is it) "list of the devil", earthly tools law overcomes or "Knower of Evil" baret (Sacred Four directions traveling with the heart, through dealings of conduct sheilded of God, as the prayer cloak is worn by the buffalo and the tuff at the head - double reinforcement, reminds us of how to treat others with awe, for "thou shalt tremble before the heavens") (Egyptian word meaning a "water-ox, moving with the heart, French béret, from French dialectal berret and from Old Provençal berret barat commerce, dealings, cap, both from Late Latin birrus, hooded cloak; see biretta. hooded with the sheild of god, those who tremble before the lord or king, jewish kappel, kippot, yarmulke, found in the talmud, cover your in order that the fear of heaven may be upon you, The Talmud says that the purpose of wearing a kippah is to remind us of God, who is the Higher Authority "above us" (Kiddushin 31a). External actions create internal awareness; wearing a symbolic, tangible "something above us" reinforces that idea that God is always watching. The kippah is a means to draw out one's inner sense of respect for God. Jewish consciousness is meant to pervade all aspects of our lives -- how we treat others, how we conduct business, and how we look at the world. Appropriately, the Yiddish word for head covering, "yarmulke," comes from the Aramaic, yira malka, which means "awe of the King.") Noun 1. weasel - a person who is regarded as treacherous or sneaky individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do" 2. weaselweasel - small carnivorous mammal with short legs and elongated body and neck mustelid, musteline, musteline mammal - fissiped fur-bearing carnivorous mammals genus Mustela, Mustela - type genus of the family Mustelidae: minks and weasels a tracked vehicle resembling a tractor, used in snow. wea·sel (wzl) n. 1. Any of various carnivorous mammals of the genus Mustela, having a long slender body, a long tail, short legs, and brownish fur that in many species turns white in winter. 2. A person regarded as sneaky or treacherous (good thing she is on our side, eh). intr.v. wea·seled also wea·selled, wea·sel·ing also wea·sel·ling, wea·sels also wea·sels To be evasive; equivocate. To back out of a situation in a sneaky manner. [Middle English wesele, from Old English wesle.] wesele merriment, the joy, Word Origin & History weasel O.E. weosule, wesle "weasel," from P.Gmc. *wisulon (cf. O.N. visla, M.Du. wesel, Du. wezel, O.H.G. wisula, Ger. Wiesel), probably related to P.Gmc. *wisand- "bison" (see bison), with a base sense of "stinking animal," because both animals have a foul, musky smell (cf. L. vissio "stench"). The verb "to deprive (a word or phrase) of its meaning" is first attested 1900, so used because the weasel sucks out the contents of eggs, leaving the shell intact; the sense of "extricate oneself (from a difficult place) like a weasel" is first recorded 1925; that of "to evade and equivocate" is from 1956. A John Wesilheued ("John Weaselhead") turns up on the Lincolnshire Assize Rolls for 1384, but the name seems not to have endured, for some reason. veronika lopez Notice how this War Dance Brings you Great Joy! 

White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 16, 2009 at 3:51am Running Bear Michael
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 12, 2009 at 6:08am Flys Through the Wind and Sets Himself Free (heavenly mission) Fly Wind Free the Light (abbreviated) Come Down to Earth (earthly tools, teaching to be on the rolling hills) Earth Bound (abbreviated) No interpretation included above Ask from interpretation, for this will be another blessing! Rainbow Colors of the Four Sacred Directions Golden (Cosmic Father), Aqua (leader of men), Indigo (perfect soul warrior), Gray (grandmother space, we all dream, as all carry this, as this gifts the ability of illumination) To see the balance of this blessings, visit
Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 12, 2009 at 5:51am Eddies Profile
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 10, 2009 at 7:58pm
  At 8:27pm on September 5, 2009, White Buffalo Calf Woman said… Hello My Beloved Eddy, the Sun Who Shines Below (heavenly name or mission in life), Thank you for featuring me here (Oh, you are Dakota), I welcome you into my heart, and hope that you will come to receive your blessings. Chief Little Toe (the one who is balanced, Unega Waya) is here and am happy to see him with us. Have had some problems with Medicine Man and hate crimes, and looking forward to loving others who can receive my love. I see you wrote about the Pipe Ceremony, and it makes me very proud of you, for teaching this to the people, as this is the job of the native peoples who are willing to be in ceremony. Soon we will be offering the nine sacred ceremonies to all, and when this happens I would be so happy for you to contribute, as I will let you know when the time comes. Holiness David Running Eagle, my husband is a Vietnam Vet and like all vets the feds are taking away valid claims. I have see vets yell at the top of their lungs at the hospitals because no one will help them. We have been in the streets for the last 5 years helping the people as we live in a motor home. We started with a truck, then a camper, then a motor home. And now, we need the Warriors of Prophecy to come home. But so many don't know I am here as there is many frauds in the world (trying to help the women who claim such, as no one else will, I guess they can't read the Rainbow Lights like I can). But after a blessing (receiving your rainbow colors), you will understand (your soul will be validated), the truth of who you are. Unega Ways has not come for blessings, but if you make the first walk towards me, then maybe you can encourage him too, as I know he has a good heart. Also, I tend to break into Song at any time, and this flows without thinking, and for me, the easiest to share with all. Everyday, your soul sings a different song, and I will leave one for you. Also, would you please pray for the Wolve Haters and Hunters and maybe share this philosophy with others, I know you will I can feel your good heart. I cried for almost an hour for my Brother Wolves. If you have time, please read this article Your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother loves you, elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter. Eddy, the Sun Who Shines Below Heart Song (for you have done good works) It is my life to shine from above, to sing to the wind, and let my heart growl. And when I am done, I know that I have done, the work that God sent me here to find my welcome. I do want to be, in the heart of the Breeze. I do want to be, the heart of my song, and when it's all done and said, I say, could I come home, to the heavens that sent me, where I belong from. But while I am here, I will show all who fail, what Great Spirits can be, when we pray to thee, and I know that God (oneness) is what I believe, oh when will I find all my family. The day will come home, to all that do roam, and when the song leaves, to be in the wind, I hope that they will know that I pray to the glow, the wisdom of tomorrow, from all yesterdays sorrow. But I will be strong, and I will be free, I will fly in the wisdom of flowers that grow. My heart will blossom to all who will glisten, as I am the Warrior who sent me to you. My heart knows the way, I trust it everyday. I believe in the truth, that gifts only you, but if you walk away, then I will only pray to teach you and love you, to start your new day. sung by white buffalo calf woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 5, 2009 at 6:28pm Beloved Uganawa Adanvdo (Carrol Bradley), the "Counting of ages, has come home"! This reminds me of the old calender of days, when the four images would speak the story of all the directions. So many forgot this way. I can see, the rolling hills are inside your heart. Please my deer (on a journey), come to receive your blessings. I await your journey into my arms. your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother, elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter So happy to see you here. For you, the "Song of Ages" from your heart (Uganawa Adanvdo (Carrol Bradley), the "Counting of ages, has come home") Take the will of One(ness) and gift the sky to us. And I will walk along the Blue Road (the heart of heaven) and bring it to the rolling hills (the red road, the law of love our flesh of earth) and it will be said that the rising sun will find our way, when we become this star to shine for all ages in time. I will be the one who comes when you are down, and I will hold your hand and I will be there to be the one (ness) to speak the holy call, the call of the wind (blue, the relatives) and we will sing together and we will live in harmony, because we pray together, to be the shining sun. My heart will sing whispers to you and the wind, and I will be mountains who come to be seen. The way of the valleys will lead us home, when all my relatives come home to me again. I await the setting sun and wait for you to return, and my love will be sent to you, forever in the wind. And when you do not see me, I will be there even in your heart, because I will know when you need me and prayers will be sent your way! sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 3, 2009 at 3:07pm At 8:29pm on August 25, 2009, White Buffalo Calf Woman said… My beloved Star that Shines Lakota Sister, I have not had any time, just looking at my mail for the week, and it's going to take me a long time. But in Scotland, you do keep, my heart warm as you sleep. And my heart is never away from you, because we are related and with a view. We will wait for others to come home, for the Rainbow Warriors are going home. We have only one thing to do, is yell, we are RELATED, and we have a VIEW. our hearts are open and our doors are clear to see inside our hearts so free, but even thou others walk away from us, we shall just have to pass this test. The Red Sky is coming and we can't deny how we will all are going to survive, but we must trust the Great Spirits, deer (journey of life), because at some point I think you will all have to come here. England and Scotland will be under ground and water will be the land, and when that time comes we will know, because you'll be on a ship that sails. love you more than words can say, but I know that you will keep the faith. Just remember to get Georgie Holiness a drum and he must beat if for everyone. 20 minutes a day, and all the blessings, for he has much to learn. I wondered who the intimate would be, then all of the sudden I did see. You and your husband are Keepers of the Gate, the Holiness, you delivered to the world. Please start calling him Holiness each day, because he must learn the sacred way. Until I can come back to speak to your heart, don't forget to bless the pipe. Look for one, the kind you need, I think God will send it to you in the breeze. Let us keep faith for everyone, and yell your heart out, for it's about time. We are going home this way, the beloved and devoted way. My heart is so happy to see, that you are here and devoted to me. This i know is a heart that's pure, the kind of relative, we all need deer. I, your beloved wakan iyeshka, holy one who comes in clouds. So many are having visions of whitebuffalo calf woman, don't know how to reach them all, but God has given me all I need, and when it's time, we all will be in the breeze. Evolution is coming deer, and nothing can stop it , not even the Sun. I want to talk with you soon, but don't have a number for Scotland dear. This week I will get my calls figured out, then we can chat above the clouds, technology is so great, if we could all just live instead of hate. We must teach all to bless each hour, then maybe we could all survive the tales. Please if I can't get to you so soon, go around and ask others if they need you. For you are ordained Lakota deer, and we need you to show us the way. Love you, until we pray, then our hearts will be okay. My song I gift you each and every day, I will sea you in the wind, while I sing this day! your devoted calf woman is here to say, that Great Spirits are coming home, HOORAY!
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on August 21, 2009 at 5:08am
  Beloved Princess of the Wing , Dove who comes to Roost, Gillian, This image I found and gifted it to Grandmother Going Places, and he liked it very much, but glad to see it in it's original form photograph. Now I can take this image and color it, but green is pretty great choice as this is the green grass, the house of God, or Oneness. your devoted servant, calf woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on August 20, 2009 at 12:48pm
  date Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 12:39 PM subject Re: Hello....White Buffalo Calf Woman sends greetings! My Beloved Golden Angel Kreemly Buffalo Man Greets the Sun (magenta, green, violet, gray), The sun has found you and it radiates the gold, the magenta is what you see, but gold comes out of thee. But we are here to show, that the rainbow does glow. And at the horizon, does this light glow. You have the sight and sound, but it does turn around, and this means that it comes and goes, just like the wind. It's because there is one way, to find the distant shore, that means they must flow over you, the bridge with all the keys. Now you must guide the show, the living and afterglow, it's your job to teach the world, how to put the soul with the flesh. You need do this first, you need to dance and sing. In almost everything, you do in this world. You are the Great Caretaker, My GRACE this is your blessed. And if we need you to go, to reach into the Sun. You will be there to sing, to show the world, it's come, the day of liberty, when we all find our souls. But the truth is you are Magenta, where all the colors do shed, and you know more than you speak, but you don't know who to trust. But now you are home at last. People who will know you're blessed. And we shall hold you deer, because you finally came home. Now the next is green that's clear, the color of all that's near. The green grass and the trees, gift you the color of the embrace. The Green is the reflective crystal, the color that must hold the world. Crystal must divide the light, but green must make them all flow as one. This give you knowing deer. You know if someone is true. But often you trick your way, to find what you need. But this color is elder deer, and it's a wonderful tool, but it's to lead the way, for Green is truly the color that leads. It's important then, to realize that the embrace must find, not only the good out there, but even the bad. For they too are part of us, they just need to have the blessed. You'd be surprised to find, so many fear the blessings that come. Now if they can't receive me deer, then they will receive your sun, because you are the Great Caretaker who has all the right words. And then you have the right to speak with all your might, for you have violet, the color of the high priest. And we are here to be, the most of all the leaves, the voice that leads the way, when all have much to say. But often they will not speak, but you have a heart of a beast, the lion who will roar your way, into the world today. And if you don't remember deer, it's important when you feel the pressure, that the seed is ready to bust, from your heart to share. This is hard to be, for many don't understand the leaf, who does not sing, but complain, about all the things that go wrong. But if the power of God, doesn't say what's wrong how will we know what to do, if the Violet don't ring the truth. The word has so much to say, and they will need strength to display, to open doors and lead the way, the violet does show the truth. But you must remember that humbleness always wins, and huge egos will be the doomed, if you don't let others in too. They will need your strength to start, but then let them finish what you start, for you are teaching them, how to be divine. Now the last color is Grandmother Gray who sings, to us in our dreams and holds us in our light and waking hours. You see Grandmother is space, the space we walk about, and they are real people who are here right now. They often walk with Elders, of the souls, who are Flesh children, and like Grandmother who walks this way, she takes care of the young. But what does this have to do with you, it has to do with everything, for Grandmother is the doors to destiny, the many doors you guide them to. You may have the key, but she is there to bleed (law of love) to show others how to be, when they choose a way. She is in our dreams, awake or asleep you see, no matter where we be, she is standing there with us, this day. The darkness we must collide, in order for our lights to shine. She gifts us liberty, to shine our lights upon the sky. We are a reality, because Grandmother holds us near, to the heaven that we came from, to know the way of the sun. One thing I did see, is you asked for your mission, and this is how to be, the song upon the shoulder that comes home. Your heavenly name is this. the cow who comes to bless, the one who drives them home, the wayward and the impure. (mission of your life). Your Earthly tools are this, you need to open and bless (tools of light), this is the truth to you, you are the living tool, you have the will of some, will of those who rise, to greet the sun inside, this is your living gift of life. Okay, light of sacred directions are magenta, green and violet sure. Your heavenly name is: the cow who comes to bless, the one who drives them home. Your tools of light read this, that you are the will of those who rise to greet the sun inside. I gift you this name it is the Greeting Buffalo Man who Greets the Sun. Your job is to teach the blessings, the fire and the sacred four directions, for Buffalo know the way, of blessings today. You did not carry the lavender overlay, but the violet who must take care of the holy one, Holiness around you. You not only carry the Red, the Magenta in your head, but you carry the Violet too, both caretakers to Holiness (lavender). Your rage is probably, from those around you deer. Someone who doesn't know, how to manage their space for sure. You have much to learn to serve the king that comes, the Lavender who are Kings, who will need your help to succeed. Now, there is much to ask, and I will try my best, but love I need for you, to read the fire ceremony and get good at it. This you must teach everyone, for this is your chore, upon this earth and way, to lead them home this day. We don't have much time. And we don't have many who will climb but if the ordained show their face to find a way. Then we can heal the hearts, at least those who climb the rungs (steps of evolution) and now it's time to say. I will talk with you another day. your devoted is here, with so many who are coming this year. I will need you to show them the way, the Warriors of Prophecy who come. Many will claim to be, but who will stay and achieve the knowledge that you need to show others the way home. white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother who has come to hold your hand today, and show you we are going to have better days. But you have lots to learn, start with creating a friend with Holiness David, he can show you much you need to learn, to help you know Holiness along the way. You might want to join, for we have much to do, to set up for the Jews.
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on July 16, 2009 at 3:40am 
Micheal Running Bear,
Welcome Home my Brother who endures, for love...
the Stars (relatives in brotherhood) are coming home my beloved.
We are going home...
White Buffalo Calf Woman
your devoted Twin Deer Mother
Elder Crystal person

White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on July 3, 2009 at 3:57pm
Delete Comment Hello Shining Bird Crystal Heart, just wanted to tell you, that light refracts at the horizon, where light of many colors burst into streams of the rainbow. This is what a Crystal person like me does. When light enters us, we are able to divide it and read this part of all beings. I can see why you feel fond of this name Crystal Heart, it is where light floods into and out of, like the horizon. But my love, you are much more than a Crystal heart, you are the Shining Bird who flies into the Brightest Light fearlessly. Like an Army of God, you are, the Violet Person who's voice speaks for the Masses. Your flight teaches us that we can all be together if trust and do not fear the light of God, which lies within and goes without. Aho, your devoted, (White Buffalo) "Calf woman", your Twin Deer Mother From Helen Salzmann to White Buffalo C... Sent Jun 8 So is that to be my name "Shining Bird Rising Sun" ? I do identify with the Star People and certainly with the image of fire. But I had grown rather attached to the name Crystalheart. Although Shining Bird Rising Sun has many of the same qualities. The image of a crystal heart always had meaning for me. It reflects light and if it breaks it creates more light reflection from the increased surface area of the broken pieces. I have always felt I am to do something important but that it has been hidden until the right time so I would not grow afraid of my mission. I currently feel compelled to teach workshops and classes on Peace. To teach specific ways of resolving conflicts and learning to honor and respect others and the Earth Mother. What else I will be called to do, I do not know, only I desire to be obedient to the call. I am very pleased to have found this group and I am looking forward to learning much! Peace and Love, Helen Crystalheart