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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tab Great Give-A-Way and Agenda,

Great Give-A-Way

The Great Give-A-Way is about gifting to all who come toward us. This means we give all things away, and do not sell anything to others. When they learn to do this too, then none are without, as we all learn to give away.

We do need others to help set up the trading post, as this is where we will be putting a database up. And we are looking for travelers, truckers and whomever will be part of the give a way! This is not the way, our lives are used to, because we live in a world that is money based, but banks are going to be failing soon. And if you think we are going to stay this way, then you don't believe in prophecy. We are the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, and transforming ourselves for a new era, called the "Dawning" will not be easy. For even I, white buffalo calf woman (actually I don't but Holiness David does, my husband), goes into stores to buy items because not enough people know about the give-a-way.

You know the poorest man in a tribe used to be the Chief, because he gifted all he had to his people. Now a days, we need learn to give away, because it's the only way, the new phase of evolution we enter will be practical. It's hard for all of us to believe in this shifting ways, but when money stops playing a part of our lives, thing will change really rapidly.

Below are some of the things needed to serve others. All gifts you have, and everyone has gifts even the CRAZY people have gifts, then we ask that you contribute some of these gifts to the whole, especially to each other here at White Buffalo Calf Woman.Ning.Com, the place Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy will arise.

Doctors, especially dentists will be needed as many will be wounded as we start to begin the physical migration. We do need travelers to join us in the streets, to help all those who may need assistance in the coming years (2009 -2013). We are migrating into the next phase of evolution, Heaven and Earth, as we are only living in Earth now. Heaven is our numinous and providence, as we learn and claim all with blessings!

Medical Mobile Vehicles Traveling on the Streets
a. serving homeless and reservations around the world
Legal Team Traveling on the Streets in Motor Homes
a. legal battles for hate crimes
b. legal issues about homelessness
c. veteran issues
d. disability issues
e. freedom of speech issues
f. and what i didn't write about gift your skill
Native American Police Force on the Streets in Motor Homes
a. guiding city police agencies
b. resolving issues police cannot
a. what do you have, but do not use! give it away at your gathering
b. save glass jars to tools
c. clothing
d. you know what you don't need anymore!

this is only a beginning, just give it all away. we need a home, clothes, transportation and not a job or money. what we really need most is love and sanctuary. this is what we are working towards with showing the people their own hearts through teaching the vision quest and by showing up. showing up when others need us!

Joseph Charles Hollister III Comment by Joseph Charles Hollister III on June 10, 2010 at 10:10am
I am a grass farmer for the last forty years and will gladly share my experience ad knowledge with others, horses, cattle sheep and hogs in many geographical areas. The loving spirit bless us all
Letter to Relative...

White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on August 13, 2009 at 7:06pm
Greetings Relative,
No fire ceremony every day, but you said you were trained by the best. If you don't do this, that Medicine person did not do a very good job. Now a lot of Natives don't even understand, that smudging is a fire ceremony, which must be done once a day as a walk a bout, the space you wish to bless, and 4-5 day is better. But the blessings need be done every hour for the rest of your life. Red Road, is the law of love, and the law demands the fire ceremony, or you don't make it into the next phase of evolution.

Another thing, if you think anything is personal and you need to hide, then you are not a Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy. The shift is learning to share, because as we get more and more skills, we will all know what lies in others light and heart. If we start by hiding which most natives do, then you have not forgiven. And the only true freedom is when you hide nothing. Many frauds hide their email address and hide their feelings too. If you don't learn to speak with the heart, you will not survive. It is the Natives, the Red Man who walk the way of the Great Spirits which is pure and not hidden, will we be the seeds for tomorrow.

Too many natives hate, because what has been done to them, but if the heart knows the way, then you must trust the heart, but quite frankly they don't know this heart they own inside. It is the ones who suffer for the all of mankind, who practices love. Now the Natives are ordained from the highest to be the caretakers of all, even the ones which was hated. Many Natives adopt ceremony only to make the adoptee sit on the side lines, when this is the closer relation from heaven and our spirits.

Okay, but this should be understood by Native Americans, but I can see many do not understand this, the Great Give-A-Way. It is said that the Chief has the least because he is supposed to give it all away to the tribe and the one honored is often the one who is the Giver of the most. This is still practiced today at Pow Wows, but in 1960's, at Stanford University, California, the Elders and the Young Braves became violent quite an uproar, with each other and the Elders wanted the old way, the pure heart, but the Braves wanted a new way, and changed most all into money making schemes, which should not be done, not ever. the Pow Wow is a religious experience, and when money is there, we have just given insult to Great Spirit Mother. How can we break her heart? Now, I must walk into most Native's space and get into their faces and speak truth to their insults. Many will not make it over, as they will not take their place within the Oneness of all. You have made it here, with White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother who can answer all your questions. Please ask to receive, and of course your blessings!

A vision quest is specifically, the action (red road) withe the heart (blue road) cross and the yellow way or dream is received. Please read this page Many do not practice this, but soon, the sacred ceremonies will be up for all to see and use, to help them remember. Because so many have forgotten their hearts. The Quest is cross over, from the physical from stress to the soul to fly free. This is the way it has always been done. You must make a quest, not just with the mind, but with the full body and soul. Let us not get confused about these things. And ask questions.

Another thing if you refuse to be part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. Hiding who and what tribe, is not love, it is separation, and quite frankly won't be tolerated here. So you need pray and sing to find your way.

If we are one, then why do you hide. Quite a paradox, one over other, this is what the Red Man learned from the White Man. Let us forgive the white man, the father nation, and teach him how to come home instead. This year, I will need native warriors to return to take their place. Much will happen as many will be returning home this year, and we will Natives to be ready to assist them, the "keepers and twin heart of God need take their place.

If you are natural at dream time, then maybe you want to do a spirit flight with me, for you will learn more than you ever had, when traveling with me, for I can protect all who travel with me in the numinous space. Many medicine men have tried to kill me, just because they feared. They feared because there was not love and did not recognize me as a Relative. The first time, Great Father was outraged and I remember he, Great Father, told me to go home and I do fear for the man, who thought he was a Shaman. Now, let me be clear, Medicine is only delivered by a WOMAN, no man, can be medicine. A Medicine Person is always the Woman, and the attendees, who care for her and do her bidding is the Medicine Man. The Woman is in charge, and this will return soon, as we walk into the next rolling hill in time, down into the dark valleys where vision must come from the heart.

My beloved, ask for your gifts, and receive your blessings, then you will know more about who you are, and if you don't have a Earthly name, gifted to you, I can offer you the heavenly name (not given before me) as well as your Earthly name (tried to be gifted by the Native Peoples, but light overlays has prevented this truth) given before birth.

Alright, with this said, Welcome Home into my Heart.
your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother.
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter


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