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Saturday, May 15, 2010

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We have moved WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com to Archives at
This is the Table of Contents Tab Manager Page.  Please look below for links to all contents.

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Elders, Vision Interpretation, Interpretation of Rainbow colors, holy questions
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 Out of Country please leave your telephone number with Calf Woman and she will check to see if you are on our international plan. We will be gathering Internationally with other multi-media options. Thanks for scheduling for your appointment, Blessings! (All gatherings and appointments are a gift, service to the Rainbow Warriors.)

All My Relatives, White (father), Black (mother), Yellow (child), Red (twin child keeper),

2012 Prophecy We are in the Dreaming Stage of our own Video. In process of team building for Radio, Video, Broadcast Feeds. Also Educational Blogs are on the rise, WELCOME HOME RAINBOW WARRIORS OF PROPHECY teachers AND Elders of the new world, the yellow rolling hill.

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Table of Contents

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Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand, Elder Lavender Person
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, Elder Crystal Person
Crystal Indigo Children (Blog, Rainbow Colors)
Going Places, Gray Person
VeroniKAHolyFlight, White Person
Lisping Wise One, Blue Person 
White Willow Trumpets the Call, Magenta Person

Warriors of the Rainbow
Constant Looking Glass, Indigo Person
Cup of God, Magenta Person
Willed One, Magenta Person
Blossoming Petals, Aqua Person
Southern Season, Green Person
Buffalo Magic Rumble Roar, Violet Person

  1.  How to Handle Hate Crimes, Like a Warrior Should!
  2.  Killing Eagles Our Brothers
  1. Fire the Grid Video and Shelley Yates 
  1. Native American Questions
  2. Channeling What is it? "Spirit Channelers" or Spirit Medium"
  3. Spiritual Visit to Cleanse Home and Area
  1. White Buffalo Calf Woman, Holiness David, Elder and Warrior Access
  1. Lakota Ethnoastronomy  Celestial Imagery 
  1. For your Heart, Twin Deer Mother
  2. From my Heart, Grandmother Going Places
  3. Freedom, J. Krishnamurti
  4. Heaven's Letters, Gloria Wendroff

  • Videos about Mother Earth

    3 members Latest Activity: Oct. 10, 2009 In a time when others are learning to care for Mother Earth, there are many who do not know her. Bring your videos here regarding Planet Earth!

  • Native Crimes

    Native Crimes

    2 members Latest Activity: Oct. 24, 2009 I know you have forgotten my Brother...

  • Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

    3 members Latest Activity: Jun 16 Questions, you think all would like to know about anything pertinent to Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy or Evolutionary Changes! This is a very good plac…

  • Share Warrior Telephone Contact

    Share Warrior Telephone Contact

    3 members Latest Activity: Oct. 28, 2009 Sharing Telephone and Addresses so others may call or write to you off line. Also, at times our Brothers and Sisters may not have internet connection…

  • Book Access Online

    Book Access Online

    3 members Latest Activity: Sep. 10, 2009 Access E-Books or Books Online free for all!

  • The Heart of Oneness

    The Heart of Oneness

    4 members Latest Activity: Oct. 7, 2009 The Heart of Oneness is coming home to us all, Heaven and Earth rise inside of me!

  • Favorite Recipes for the Rainbow Clan

    Favorite Recipes for the Rainbow Clan

    4 members Latest Activity: Aug. 19, 2009 Michaelangelo's Flatbread Company A place for our favorite recipes

  • Lakota, Nakota, Dakota

    Lakota, Nakota, Dakota

    4 members Latest Activity: Aug. 12, 2009 Spirit of the Lake People Traditions and Ceremony

  • Words of Wisdom

    Words of Wisdom

    10 members Latest Activity: Oct. 11, 2009 Holiness David (Running Eagle Shooting Star) says, "Keep it simple" Listen to your heart and speak from your own wisdom. Here you will find the sac…

  • Extrasensory Skills

    6 members Latest Activity: Apr 4 Our awareness has risen to know the Dream inside our Hearts and our Souls. Each of us have Extrasensory Perception, but we often do not recognize our…

  • Peltier, our Native Brother

    4 members Latest Activity: Apr 4 Native Brother who needs our help as a Prisoner of War. Let us gift him our love. Aho, pray for our Brothers and Sisters in PRISONS especially here…

  • Dance Native Style

    3 members Latest Activity: Apr 4 Dancing Native Style or from Around the World

  • Beading

    2 members Latest Activity: Aug. 12, 2009 What can our Group Create, but a foundation of How To's for our Relatives who want to learn to bead. Let us find patterns and supply houses, and let…

  • Prayer Circle

    5 members Latest Activity: Sep. 4, 2009 Help each other in prayer!

  • Dance From Around the World

    2 members Latest Activity: Apr 26 Dance other then Native as this is a separate group. With so many forms of dance, let us post the ones we love to share with each other. Looking for…

  • Medicine

    5 members Latest Activity: Apr 4 Natural Medicines, which all medicine comes from. We like to have communication from the Plant. Let us start a listing that is river for others to us…

  • Native Apparell

    4 members Latest Activity: Aug. 12, 2009 Whether Moccasins or Medicine Bag, let us see what is to be carried with you, while migrating. Natural resources are used to conserve the land. Than…

  • Images: Crop Circles, Petroglyphs, and more

    4 members Latest Activity: Sep. 30, 2009 Images come from Heaven as our Aliens Brothers or From our own Hearts, these images all have a story. Calf Woman will interpret your images when left…

  • Human Rights Violation

    3 members Latest Activity: Sep. 30, 2009 Kanehsatake Mohawks: We Were Invaded by Mercenaries, Arrested and Given Unfair Trial. Describing last month's trial as "a sham" breaking U.S. laws an…

  • Music, Songs and the Beat!

    4 members Latest Activity: Oct. 3, 2009 Bring your Music here. And many songs are from Relatives, who could use some music put to words. Looking for new artists, music and songs. Let us s…

  • Animals and Pets

    2 members Latest Activity: Oct. 14, 2009 My Guppies had babies and they are so cute, just like all babies. Our animals teach us so much as they are our Elders of the World.

  • Radio Program Development

    3 members Latest Activity: Aug. 25, 2009 Page Blog

  • Visions of Relatives

    4 members Latest Activity: Oct. 6, 2009 Relatives, Please put your visions here. Express supporting documentation is always great. And if you see a vision that crosses yours and you have a…

  • Native Spirits

    4 members Latest Activity: Sep. 5, 2009 Spirit Life...

  • Roots of Africa Mother Nation Our Heart

    2 members Latest Activity: Sep. 12, 2009 Bring the Ancient Songs of the Heartbeat. Did you know there is a language in the drum, even to speak of everyday things, like please go get me a drin…

  • Magenta Wisdom

    3 members Latest Activity: Sep. 4, 2009 Magenta persons represent the HORIZON, beings of all light cross over between realms ability to read the cover of the book us.the LIBRARIAN. organize…

  • Sacred Blessing Song and Rainbow Colors

    5 members Latest Activity: Jun 17 Leave your request here and Holiness Running Eagle will send love that will purify. Ask and you shall receive from any of the leaves, warriors who's h…

  • Maintain your Computer for Free

    2 members Latest Activity: Sep. 13, 2009 Relatives, So many need help, and since most of you here, don't realize that I can help you for free, even hold your hand, I have created this group!…

  • The Great Migration

    5 members Latest Activity: Oct. 17, 2009 Traveling from second phase of evolution (earth) in which we are in right now until 2012, then we enter the third phase of evolution (heaven and

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