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Monday, July 19, 2010

Group, Favorite Recipes for the Rainbow Clan, WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com Archives

Image: Apple Orchard

Beloved Deeper I Go, (Z.Monkey, Rainbow person),
Changed the name of the Group Monkey Chow to Favorite Recipes for the Rainbow Clan, so others may understand and join us. Thank you for starting this Group. We are so excited to share the wealth of the earth and sky! Those who love to cook, revel to feed others in delight. Salute.
your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman
Elder Crystal person

Hello Members to this Group,
We abide by the laws that Heaven has already sent to us, written in the Bible and in Judaism. This means, beef and milk are never eaten at the same meal, because we do not want to eat Mother and Child at the Same sitting, for Great Spirit Mother.

The Ladies of Israel will help us with these efforts. But in the meantime, NO pork, blood, inards, bugs, shell fish, split hoof and more. Okay with Great Spirit Father, scales of the sea and birds on the earth and sky, except carrion, beasts that roam. Just read your Bible...Leviticus 11. Also, we respect life. This means we ask before we even cut the plant, animal or rock if we can use it. Bless it for gifting its life force. Then receive in the name of God within, the "I am".

By the way, don't forget to bless all the hands that made it possible to be in front of you, this beautiful food. From the sun and earth, to the planter of the seed, the tender who sings to growth and the harvest. Processing, packaging, shipping, loading, shelving, cashier and bagger. Now that's alot of people, and to mention the Spirit Beings who dance all the night and day long. The Administration and Garden planners. And to the construction family who make all things possible for us to realize our food in front of our plates.

Now, I say the Most important honor we gift to the chef, who makes it possible to enjoy nourishment each day. And, last, but not least our devoted truck drivers and delivery people who make the world go round.

Enjoy abundant blessings!Twin Deer Mother and Elders

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White Buffalo Calf Woman Adds her Recipe:
Fry Bread that is Healthy Nutrition for our Family!

Starting with Organic Foods and following Written Laws of Heaven.

HEALTHY, nourishing delights of Fry Bread (Flat Bread). Never has anyone not like this bread. It's to live for!

Flour: High gluten organic white. Can use half white flour and the rest another grain. But to make the lightest and most delicate of breads, use organic high gluten white flour. When you have a hearty meal to prepare, use other grains. In fact I often use Nut flour and Organic Shredded Coconut. These make nutritious yummy treats for the whole family. In the frying pan why not put two together and melt some chocolate or nut butter in between. Eat warm or cold. I often add cheese and cooked vegetables and melt in the frying pan, turning over once. Great tasting every time.

Butter: Never used as an Ingredient, as this should be eaten as a live food (if you have margarine, throw it out, this is hydrogenated fat which your body has no idea how to get rid of it and it can pool as Cancer in the Cells. Thus butter should be eaten without cooking of any kind. In our house, we use organic unsalted butter, serve cold and put on hot bread. Let it melt and to live for... the famous tradition of Fry Bread.

Oil: Organic Coconut Oil. This fluid from the Gods can tolerate high temperatures without destroying the oil or tasting rancid. When oil is cooked at a "too high of heat", it will deplete all nourishment. The value of sustaining your own life is diminished, while increasing your risk of other health hazards. Coconut oil has other benefits as well. It is anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-bacterial and what is greatest you can use it all over your body to feel repaired including internally to restore intestinal flora, the good bacteria. Peanut oil tolerates high temperatures and is unique to this. It can be used over and over again, because rarely does the oil become rancid from the high temperatures. It, Peanut Oil, tolerates heat well, even boiling. Canola, Olive oil or other vegetable oils, if you have nothing else, need be used once only and is good as one of the ingredients, if called for, but not for the use of deep frying. I would not even use canola or any other vegetable oils, especially corn oil for frying because they do not tolerate heat and become valueless, where taste and nutrition is given up. Corn Oils are the liqueurs of the Gods and should be used as raw as possible and served cold. No light should ever touch the essence of any oils used. Oil is best stored in a tin can or glass jar way in back of the refrigerator, where there is no light touching it. Oil is best bought in large metal containers, where no light diminishes it's richness of flavor and essence of the Gods.

Lard: Needs to be organic, which means no harm to animal, but not blessed. The Jews and Islam follow strict laws according to Heaven, that a Cow must be killed without fear or knowing. Because there is a chemical release that toughens the meat when fear is known. Death is quick and the blades are kept as Sacred Instruments of God. The main artery is removed from the chest to the hind quarters. In the USA, most grocery stores are Christians who have not yet learned this Heavenly standard from brothers around the world. So, what do you do when you have little option...choose the the upper chest. Chuck can be used, which comes from two different areas. You need to make sure it is from the shoulder or chest, the most upper front quadrant of the body. Prime Rib, which is expensive is best area, meaning clean but not blessed. Now, the Chuck I am speaking of is next to the Prime Rib and tastes the same, but 1/3 the price. Beware there is a higher and lower cut of Chuck, be sure to get the highest part, which may be a few cents more.

Here we are. We still have more options, but have we chosen the cow which is organically fed or herded naturally and raised. This is an important ingredient of eating cow meat. Sacred blessings and respect for all life begins when understanding love, comes from suffering for others and gifting reduced suffering for the ones we heal. Be a Healer, give your cow respect and honor. Bless your food.Okay, back to lard. Ask your butcher what he can do to help you out, but I would cut out the fat from the Chuck Roast and use as Lard or Cooking Oil. This is much better than vegetable oil as it can be used more than once (having nourishment) with the exception of Coconut Oil. Melt your fat in a pan, cook until done. Drain into a heat proof container and use when needed. You can store it in the refrigerator for longer life.

Salt: Sea Salt or Lake bed salt. high mineral content. This is necessary for your improvements of rising the dough without synthetic agents, for there is a small and natural amount of bi-carbonate soda (baking soda) within good quality salts. Now, how can this be enough bi-carbonate soda? Well if you think about other rising qualities, high gluten flour, hot water.

Water: High mineral spring water will increase your rising ability too! What is easily available across the USA is Crystal Geyser water. Many bottled waters are only cleansed of impurities. We are seeking a quality water to begin with, where added minerals are gifted from the Highest of the Mountain top. Now, I have to say, the best water I have ever tasted came from a well in Idaho, for the greatest aquifer is the pureness of the cleansing of layers lived many thousands of gentle years. The Rocks are the Eldest Spiritual Beings in the World. This water is no longer on the market, but there is good quality waters around the world. This is your key ingredient to purity. And don't forget to bless the water! The tears that flow, we gift to know, the trail that gifts us life...dream brotherhood. Where pure waters go is true to our sacred flow.

Baking Powder is: Tartaric Acid, Cream of Tarter
High in grapes, bananas

Baking Soda is: Sodium Bi-Carbonate
High in minerals, dried up salt water lake beds.

Note: Make sure you have no preservatives in your ingredients for your household foods. We understand that if we do not use organic ingredients for babies, then babies get sick. All baby food is organic. This is necessary for life. Let us continue to keep this standard as we grow up. Just common sense really. Don't we deserve whole nourishing foods too? Aren't we big kids? Can we save a lot of money for our own pockets when we stop paying for unnecessary chemicals at the grocery stores. We need the laws of heaven and earth to show us the way. All we must do is follow our hearts.


2 cups flour (high gluten, remember is the best, puffy and flaky, like using a rising agent)
(nut flour or coconut flakes are part of this sum, depending on your likeness, especially when making double batches.)

1/2 tsp salt (high mineral content assists rising)

1/4 cup oil (coconut oil is creamy like lard. blessed buffalo/cow fat is a very good substitute)

1/2 cup hot water (blessed, heat and high mineral content to assist rising)

Directions: Add all ingredients except the water. I like to hand blend the oil and flour together like flakes. Make sure all your ingredients add up to the sum above. I often double the mix to last longer than one day or if adding other ingredients like almond flour or coconut flakes (flour like). But if you have a family, they will always ask, "When you making (fry or flat) bread again." Now it is time to add the hot water. I boil the water, then let it rest for a few minutes, blessing the water all along the way. Add hot water directly into the mixture. Mix with wooden or large handled spoon. Let set in a warm place, when loaf is finished. After resting divide into 8 small balls. Roll out on a smooth surface round circle, like a hoop. No flour needed. There is sufficient oil to roll them out and it will feel elastic. Fry in your oiled (once) pan, fry for extra richness (beef or chicken fat or even spicy seasoned oils) or deep fry to make Fry Bread. Turn over in a hot griddle. Bread is a Complete meal when adding extra ingredients. Grain provides complex carbohydrates, lard or coconut oil provides fat, nut flour provides protein, shredded coconut provides, fruit simple carbohydrates (carbs).

Add vegetable, chicken and cheese between two pieces and fry together. Add all your other favorite ingredients. And if you like chocolate, melt between two pieces and serve cold or hot, dip in whipped cream.
Let your imagination get the best of you. Holiness David loves it hot with dripping butter and honey!

Enjoy life with healthy and hearty fry bread.

Posted by at 5/24/2009
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Biscuit Pudding
eftover Biscuit Pudding
December 8, 2008

It never happens. There are never leftover biscuits. Never. And yet there they are: stale biscuits. In my defense, I’ve been alone in the house, and really not home much so there were almost a dozen biscuits that went uneaten. I figured I’d just take them to my meet-up group and something would happen to them then. But no. So they came back home with me.

I thought to myself, “I’ll just make bread pudding with them.” By golly it was tasty. It might even be worth, dare I say it, letting biscuits go stale. (Huh, lightning actually didn’t strike me dead just then.)

Kris Hase
Also, known as Mrs. Marv.

Biscuit Bread Pudding

9 small biscuits, broken up
1/3 c dried fruit – apricots, chopped or golden raisins (if you got them/want them)
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 c sugar
1/2 c cream
2 c milk
1 T vanilla
2 T brandy
1/2 t cinnamon

1/2 cream
1 1/2 T sugar

maple syrup

Preheat oven to 325°f.
Put biscuits with dried fruit mixed in in a loaf pan. Mix together the rest of the ingredients in a bowl. Pour over the biscuits and dunk down the pieces that are sticking up. Place pan into a larger pan. Put into oven, pour enough water into the larger pan to make it half way up the bread pan.

Cook for 45 min to 1 hour, pudding is done when liquid stuff has solidified and looses it’s shine. When it’s done, take bread pan out of the water and place it on a wire rack. Let cool for 30 minutes to an hour. Whip cream and sugar together until the cream stands in hard peaks. Slice up slices of the pudding, drizzle with maple syrup and dollop with whipped cream. Enjoy!

Love always, MrsMarv

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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