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Monday, July 19, 2010

Discussion, Channeling What Is It? "Spirit Channelers" or "Spirit Medium", WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com Archives

Channeling what is it? "Spirit Channelers" or "Spirit Medium"

On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 2:21 PM, cyanbowen wrote:
I am curious what you do or consider as channeling? I do a bit of automatic writing myself and consider it a form of channeling, but you seem to have a clearer insight into what's really happening. Please clarify and share your knowledge.

Thanks! Cindy "Willed One"

--- In "Warrior Training", "white buffalo calf woman (twin deer mother)" wrote:

Thank you my beloved Cindy for asking this question about Channeling, which is listed below. My beloved, "willed one whispering silence" this is how you got to the front of the line for the Heavenly Name Readings!
Below a heavenly name gift for you...all one must do is ASK, the voice is the soul's heart beat song. "Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened."

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Channeling and What is it?

*In the world today many are called "spirit channelers" or "spirit medium". But what does this word mean to channel?*

We broadcast TV and Radio, on frequency spectrum transmission to communicate or express our voices own diplomatic channels or graphic design. A channel is for drainage or tubular passageway for transmission, like thru bedrock, land (shorelines) or water. It can be a geographical strip of water separating land, according to depth or course of a stream, river or canal. Electronics travel a path along a electrical current signal sending online website updating information automatically. The groove, trench or furrow in architecture or sculpture is also called a channel. A channel directs something along a specific route or goal like channeling energy into
volunteer work. In Latin "canalis" means "groove". Many people even say, "Get the grove on." In French "channel" it means "the way". And in Asia, "the way" is considered the natural course of all life, which we should all be a part of. We even have a perfume named "Chanel", after this very important course of action along a wave motion.

Now a medium who receives messages from the spirit world is called a para psychological medium which is transitive and intransitive for an immediate display or viewing on request.

How do some have this ability and some do not? Well it has to do with how well you receive and act like a channel or receptacle for the data transmission. And everyone is different. You see everyone has light. And
this very light is varying within us all. This light or many call this light, auras, but we call it the "Sacred Four Directions of your Garment of Lights". And this is why we are called the Rainbow Clan. Each of us have
these various colors of lights surrounding us.

These four directions give us a house. The Green person represents the fourth position, the breath. Here the four walls of a house, which allows us to breath. By the way, many call breath the vehicle or merkaba. This is
why the breath is so very important in our lives. It contains the rhythm to our house or four sacred directions. The house holds fast and still, like our skin which holds us together, but the breath moves undulating along a path or channel. This channel is what receives information. We all have this access. All we must do is enter the "vision quest". But many do not understand that this heartbeat motion or dream is "soul action" and the body motion is "physical action" or "gifting to another". The soul receives the current, the body does something with the receiving information, whether it be love or hate or even what kind of foods will you have today.

Every action we take in life is governed by our very auric bodies our sacred garments of light. We turn this or that way or that because we vibrate similarly with another relationship or related object. This light which
governs our lives is what makes us all perfect, just like a flower turns its face to greet the sunshine. And how we deal with these conflicts of light is how we will solve our issues all around us. Do we act kindly to others
or do we blame them for what we are misgiven? Do we even remember the actions against you or do you only remember the hatred? If we feel pain over something, it is because we have felt we have received an injustice.
This feeling is what is needed to be addressed, always. We must learn to speak from the heart. When we deal with heart issues, we validate the feelings and we solve problems. We learn about each other and start to
listen to the stories of age old time.

It is a Channeler or Spirit Medium, one who is more understanding of these feelings, because they are acting from the heart. The heart is what drives our souls. Remember it is the action along a channel, or the wave along a path. This is the same with a Channeler. When we are able to do this, we become one with God. Melchizedek Priests all must be able to Channel. This is the very requirement of knowing God. We think this ability is only for the few, but no. It is not for only the ones who call themselves "Channelers", but available to everyone every night they close their eyes, they dream. When we dream we become Channelers who join the spirit world and fly by the way we dream day or night! Some fly more than others depending on who they are in the oneness of God, but none the less, this very motion and body are part of perfection, which is the image of God in everyone and everything. This is why we call ourselves "all the related". We are related to everything and everyone because our light bodies are all interconnected by channels. These channels are what we are learning about when we listen to our family.

Since we all can channel and are learning how, what make the difference between a good channeler or spirit medium better than the next? First we must look at our light. If my light "the reader", channeler or spirit
medium, has four colors and the "light of the book" or the person being channeled has another four colors. That is eight colors, the number associated with unity, or holiness. [This is the color lavender which generated red, the law of love(blessed purification or sacred) or hatred (not blessed or not sacred).] Now if we practice loving kindness, we learn about the other and receive information, if we do not practice loving kindness, we are not able to receive this data of the heart. The good channeler knows how to open the heart. When the heart is open to receive then information is flowing and we can create various forms of action to get
this communication across. But still what about the colors?

It is the Color of the lights which give us all the answers. When you have eight different colors of lights reflecting back and forth, it can get all very confusing. This is why we get confused because of the colors of the lights, even those who are color blind, because these motions are the waves of the song of the soul and body of the house of breath, the book of life. When your light says one thing and the others says another, then you can get an interpretation conflict. now this is what happens all the time, with everyone. Now if your color is close to the vibrations of the other person then you are more apt to understand where they are coming from just like colors that line up with the Rainbow. But this is only the light, what about the flowing of that light. Those who are loving have more even tempered flowing patterns and even higher signals. Those who are not understanding of love have infrequent tempers or flowing love signals. So we must consider both the body or channel and the flowing the rate or beat of cycle of our heart.

When a Channeler, from Earth, receives a being from the other realm, from Heaven, they become the house where the signal transmission can pass through. And depending on the colors read this information can be translated to the world. Now this is where all the confusion belongs. It is only the Crystal person who can give you TRUTH, all other is a Reflection of the Truth depending on the combination of Information both from the Receiver and the the Received. This is called a Story or the Book. It is the Crystal person who can read the Book of Life because they hold light and can separate it perfectly. This gives them the ability to know TRUTH. None of the other colors can do this, but all of the Colors of the Rainbow Clan can be a Channeler or a Spirit Medium. We must only practice our skills and learn how to receive with the Heart!

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman (twin deer mother)
elder crystal person (iyeshka or interpreter)

ps. *"the way" (i ching) to knowing God or having Channeled God, is the ability in knowing our Dreams. When we know and follow our dreams we are happy. but often our dreams seem to be taken from us, we must rekindle this dream out into the world to bring the Golden light of Brotherhood in our Actions, the way we use incoming information, from Knowing our Sisterhood of the Heart, the rhythm of the our souls song.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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