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Monday, July 19, 2010

Discussion, How to Handle Hate Crimes, Like a Warrior Should!, WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com Archives

White Buffalo Calf Woman

How to Handle Hate Crimes, Like a Warrior Should!

 Send Love to Hate Crimes. Your Greatest Weapon!

2009/10/20 Crow Dog
Is this the White Buffalo Calk Woman??

Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 21:25:29 -0700
Subject: Re: Hello
To: ccrowdog

Yes my beloved Crow Dog,
What can I do for you? Did you want a blessing?

Calk is bottom of a shoe to prevent slipping, or water tight, or law of love over rolling hills
also the sound of cock, which is the rooster, which is the four directions of the wind
calf is the four directions of the people, the rolling hills of time.

you can visit to listen to many songs, as well as some small songs with the player on site. and for sacred rainbow four directions visit to see many other readings of the book of life.
your devoted servant,
the white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
elder crystal person,
wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter

2009/10/21 Crow Dog

Hell No I don't need a blessing, not from you! What makes you think you are the White Buffalo Calf Woman?! My devoted servant?-You aren't anything to me. I say this with as much respect that I can for someone who thinks they are as holy and sacred as the REAL Pte San Win. I will pray for you and I pray that you get your head straight!!

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 06:02:02 -0700
Subject: Re: Hate is not love, in fact a crime both by God and Man

To: ccrowdog

Hate is not love!

You are orange, rainbow, yellow, and gray in your four directions, this means you have much to forgive. You carry much fire, and I will read your book of life, and will know you, because you have come towards me.

The song of love is not going along, the orange is the one who comes to plant the seeds of love, not hate this day, but you don't know your way, because you have not learned how to pray. You have many lessons, because you vibrate to all the children, and then you hold a dream, the one you do believe. you don't realize, but family you and I, that makes you come to me, but you don't believe. And when you have to run over rolling hills in the sun, you need to walk the way of true love to show you the day. for the rising sun, is here to know, the law of love, not hate my dove.

You are not crow dog, for crows do fly, and if you hate me and stab my heart, then you do not know, the willows flow, but you are not the one who knows. You are not practicing your sacred ceremonies, and when you choose, to be all that you could, then you would know, my love would grow, to be with you, inside the flow.

Forgive my child, forgive the wiles, for many are frauds, I know I call. I too am in their face, but you must only know their grace, if they hurt anyone, or if they show the sun.

Your devoted servant, is white buffalo calf woman, who sings your song, when you ask for blessing to get along. I know your heart, and I know your ways, and You cannot hide, nor hurt my pride. You will have to forgive, because you have hid, the love you have, the eternal dove.

Remember the prophecy, the one who does wrong, will be eaten up, by impure thoughts, and those who show respect, find love that lasts, and loves the one, who comes like a sun.

2009/10/21 Crow Dog

Oh hell no, Im not Crow Dog? Excuse me, but do you know who the Crow Dog's are? I assure you, you obviously don't! You are right I dont practice the Sacred Ceremonies. I conduct them. I know what I'm doing. So there is no need for me to 'practice'. You hit that one right on the head!

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 06:09:43 -0700
Subject: Re: Hate is not love, in fact a crime both by God and Man
To: ccrowdog
conducting hate is not love but hate!

you have no right to conduct this passage, and i will be with you, to show the truth, because you come to learn the way!

find out when others walk, not when they talk, and you will see, that all is leaves!

your devoted servant, will always love you, you don't even remember the song of the journey. for crow dogs would know the sacred flow!

2009/10/21 Crow Dog

My brother was right, you are an IMPOSTER!
I said nothing about conducting hate-quit acting like you know everything! You just talk and talk to beat around the bushes.

Crow Dogs would know the sacred flow?? explain

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 06:16:35 -0700
Subject: Re: Hate is not love, in fact a crime both by God and Man
To: ccrowdog

You are so funny, that I am laughing, because you ask, while you only blast, and imposter i am then why do you come, to ask such questions, to know your way!

2009/10/21 Crow Dog

I know the way. Your the one who sits back just talking and talking..your words have no meaning, You must have no respect for the real Pte San Win. I have asked you many questions and you have no answered them. It all good I supposed, because in the end, its going to come back 10 fold on you. For all those mislead people-if any-that believe you..I'm sorry for them. I "came" to confront you!

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 06:27:37 -0700

Subject: Re: Hate is not love, in fact a crime both by God and Man
To: ccrowdog

confront you have and now you blast, my love is great, and those you hate, then do not know the love that grows, because you fuel my love, to show you the dove.

you can't even sing the song, the heavenly language, and you have lost your way, because hate fills your days, I will be with you, because you knew once in your heart, once in the views.

my love will be with you always, in the song of tomorrow, and will bring you home again, in the sun and in the wind, and I know you are lost, because you stab my heart, but this is what you feel, and I will forgive you. this is your pain, so much terrible shame, and this is truth, because you use, only hate with me instead of love, not teaching me, but showing only hate.

you cannot hurt me, but the others who need thee, you deliver your pain, because you think you gain. but only love will teach the sun, and until that day, you need go some other place, because I can continue to ramble and glisten, until you give up, that is my way.

I am more fierce than you can imagine, and I will love you, the greatest weapon!

your devoted servant, will suffer for love, and I will be with you until the end of days
white buffalo calf woman is here in person, and the children know me, they grow inside me!

2009/10/21 Crow Dog

you think you are Pte San Win..transform back to her...
why don't u just answer my questions and I'll be done with you!

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 06:39:15 -0700
Subject: Re: Hate is not love, in fact a crime both by God and Man
To: ccrowdog

I know you need me, you keep coming back to me!

2009/10/21 Crow Dog

Aye, dont get your hopes up! Im not blind. I know when the blind is leading the blind. I know my purpose on this Unci Maka. May Tunkasila watch over you. It really makes my heart heavy because of the people you are misleading and feeding their minds with b/s. They know no better..but I infact do. This way is my life, and to see people like you disgrace it, really hurts my heart..So, this is it..Toksa ake

from Twin Deer Mother
to Crow Dog
date Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 6:48 AM
subject Re: Hate is not love, in fact a crime both by God and Man

I will be your imposter who will always love you, and I know you hurt, and I will hurt with you. I will look after you, forever and ever, and you should for what is right, I know you should, but elder soul to me you are, for I am the child, from heaven who knows.

my beloved, I am sorry, you have such misery and so many have disgraced you, and so many relatives. I cry everyday, because I know your ways, and I know you hurt, I will hurt with you.

forever and ever, I will always love you, and teach the ways of a child who stays.

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, who can interpret any sound, any heart beat and can turn around and feel your pain, I will not leave you not now or ever, and I will always be here, to be your twin deer mother!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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