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Monday, July 19, 2010

Discussion, Spiritual Visit to Cleanse Home and Area, WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com Archives

Spiritual Visit to Cleanse Home and Area

Visit to Blossoming Petals (aqua adult) and Dimple Time's (crystal child)

cw. calf woman
little girl: mirror looker and mirror holder (crystal child, madeline dimple time)
them. before feather thunder speaks
mouse in corner.
ft. feather thunder
db. donny boy leprechaun
fa. fairy Sheila
dark being. deepening wide (protector of crystal child)
dw. dark being (same as the above, who was knighted by calf woman)
old man. hobbit
spiderman. benjamin

White Buffalo Calf Woman

My beloved family,
the story to the players of this spiritual visit to blossoming petals house and how three doorways open can create much havoc in the world around this family.

your devoted servant,
calf woman (twin deer mother)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: white buffalo calf woman
Date: Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 10:23 PM
Subject: Visit to your house.
To: Blossoming Petals

Will share after a day or so with the group as they will also like to know what has happened. love calf woman

Home of Blossoming Petals 10/27/08 06:31:06 PM

landing on a walk way a neighborhood the street is long and it is dark already. . This is your house on the right. Its a upper middle class neighborhood. The houses look like it was all built by the same developer. The street curves to the left as your house is to the right same side I am walking down.

This the walk way. It is a driveway first, the walkway up to the left a walkway to the front door.. There is a slight overhang over the porch area. What do I feel? A bit of nothing. No motion. So animals., no wind, no motion.

I am going in now. :

screams of terror, beings on the roof ceilings a front room, ghosts clinging to the walls. Dark beings all over the walls in the living area, clinging to the walls as dark wisps of matter. Living room to the right past down a hall. Doorway to right. They don't want to let me in. the door is locked. I am sorry. I have to look now, I am blessing, I am coming, I love you. It is alright now. No one is going to get hurt now. I'm going in the door now. They think of attacking me, but I turn and tell them to think about it first, No one is going to get hurt. Everyone understand. They back away back along the walls. As wisps of black smoke. We ready now. Some one streaks at me very ferociously, tries to attack me. . Please honey, I embrace her., my love, she shatters into oblivion. I'm sorry, She did that. Please, my love I do not want to hurt anyone, do not attack me, I will not hurt anyone. Everyone understand. Silence.

The door again. Everyone understand now. Blessing the door. Okay, the room its a little girl, she is playing, many darkness around her.

cw. What are you trying to teach her.

Them:We have come to show her the way. We are teaching her many things.

cw. what is the girl doing (crystal child),

them: she has a mirror she is seeing hatred.

cw. why are you showing this to her?

Them: we want her to know us, because later she has much to do.

cw. What is your name please, the one speaking.

ft. I am known as feather thunder, We have spoken to her. We are told it is okay to be here.

cw. why is the girl spilling water on her bed?

ft. we are teaching her to purify her space. She is having trouble understanding this message. (confusion) We do not know how to teach her this.

cw. okay, I am listening. He knows I am here. "awareness from child" It is I calf woman I have come. It is okay, I am here. Your mother asked me to come do you understand? She looks into the mirror.

ft. we are told that you would not interfere.

cw. who told you this?

ft. it is the elders of the council.

cw. I am listening. But this child is not learning her way with the dark ones as well as you would like. She has not made the conscious choice to unite. This is not the way, the times have changes and so are the rules my friend.

ft. what are we to do then.

cw. so much darkness, yes she is strength, but my lord, if you give her too much she shall break. The ones around her do not understand what you are teaching her. We must limit it so all can receive, not just her and those who teach her. There must be negotiation for all concerned.

ft. okay, what do we do then?

cw. the lesson is water, is it not? what is it you want her to .learn?

ft. we want her to understand she can stay below the water level that she can swim as the fish do. We want her to understand the the wind against her face is the same as the flowing water she lies with in her dreams. We seem to be after her after her, but she is getting wet instead. We are a little frustrated. Her fairy friends play and make riddles., but she sees the flowers in stead of the riddles. We want her to see the riddles. And to make stories with them. She want to wander in amazement.

cw. is not the garden of god, for this purpose, she would teach you all a lesson in strolling. This the great spirits remind me very often and every day. We are together now. We can help on this side too. Okay.

ft. thank you,

cw. this is what I see. You want her to learn to bless water, and all of it, all of the time. You want her to understand that water is key in the blessing? And you want her to understand that when the darkness is upon her, she can use water to bless others and keep her pure as well as others. Yes.

ft. yes, yes. And yes. We are fortunate you have come. I am sorry you had to be attacked by the darkness.

cw. this is not okay. What is not okay, is dark beings who go through her without her permission. If she calls, yes come. But if she doesn't it is not right to allow any dark being to pass through her as a test. Life offers this to her every day, as her lessons shall unravel. We thank you for teaching her. We want you to stay., but I will not allow, the dark spirits outside this room to stay any longer, When I leave, they will have to leave this house and this place forever. I will come back and I will leave a team behind to alert me. And if any of my soldiers are hurt, I will return to this place. And I will vanquish even you feather thunder. Do you understand me?

ft. oh my. What can we say. We will move the dark beings to other locations. WE will leave a minimal team behind to teach her. We will leave the mirror for her to gaze into. (confusion)

cw. feather thunder, listen honey. We are here together, we need darkness, this is certain. This family is going to be doing much for the one family of god. We will work together. I know this is what you thought would help you, in order for her to learn about the dark beings. But I tell you now. That we shall change just a little, and we will move forward as we enter the seventh (dark space reaching into the light, like a seed), no the yellow rolling hill in time. Heaven and Earth come together. We are sharing space and you and I have to learn to work together. This little girl does not know how to speak to you as I do yet. But we shall make sure that when her time comes she will be able to talk with you as much as I am. Do you understand.?

ft. Yes. I have sent the dark ones away. Some will not leave.

cw. did you warn them.

ft. no, I will do that now.

cw. alright, I am here again, I am going to look into the room now. Little girl looking at the mirror she is looking and sitting against the bed on the floor near the end. The dark beings she see are hideous. The bed looks like metal brass or something like this . Or rounded, with bars going downward like the shape of a rainbow with slats. To the left is shelves with toys, below is shoes and other items. In the corner a kitchen play set with some knick knacks decorations on the wall ceiling or near the ceiling a pink an blue flower border , the back wall, back in time now. A sink with flowing water. It flows all the time. Not a fountain, but from somewhere else. It comes from where?

Now in time. I step back. Above the water is a rainbow it flows to the right into a body of water. Its a lake a forest around it. The birds are flying by. The bears on the shore looking back. The butterflies yonder against my cheek. I see the sky and the stars at the same time. Backing out from there in the room now. . to the right of this wall, there is an indentation as part of the room is cut off or made smaller because of the construction of the house. To the right of that and above where the girl is against the wall. The wall opens up a window, but it seems false like there used to be window, but now, it is covered. the corner, past the corner and a window, then bed stand, then bed.. On the floor along the window and bed stand is a mouse. He runs away. Its okay little guy. I wont hurt you. He peaks his head. He cleans his whiskers. I go my way. I am compelled to look under that bed. A dark hole My goodness, is this why she is pouring water on her bed. What have you done to her, Feather thunder.?

ft. we didn't know we are trying to teach her. We thought we couldn't hurt her. She is pure. We did not understand. What can we do now. The hole is there.

cw. I will look again. Did you want a place to enter and go.

ft. yes

cw. this is going to stop too. Do you understand?

ft. yes. We do. Because if we do not you will stop it.

cw. this is right. But mostly, my beloved, it is for the well being of everyone, including you and the child. And including entrances and exits. We must make sure this point of darkness is moved to another site that is safe okay. So for right now. We shall leave this hole open and here. She will be moving her bed to the other wall by the door way and not opposite the door way. The entry can exist in the center of the room and she will bless every day for now with water the whole space. Is this agreeable until we can devise a perfect solution, or maybe this will be the solution. Every one must be safe. Do you understand.

ft. wow. This is good.. yes we understand and this is agreeable to everyone.

cw. now I haven't looked at the rear of the room or the rest of the house, do I need to do this?

Ft yes. Not everyone will leave , I have warned them too.

cw. Okay, I will look further and will bless(total purification of house later until after I look more).

ft. thank you for your kindness. We love you.

cw. why thank you, I really appreciate it.

cw. looking at the rest of the house now..taking a break now his holiness and I as he has been sending love and beating th drum to unite our hearts.

She is the door, she has got to learn to be the door way for the darkness and the light. His holiness always makes light out of our confusion.

8 minutes later

cw. ready again. First is there anyone in this room that would like to speak up before I leave. Yes there is one, a little fairy. Okay, she spit on me. Okay. Anyone else. She is paying you back, because you are ending the play, now who is talking to me.

db. Iam known as the leprechaun. The wisp of smoke, I can appear and disappear when needed. Now I am needed. The fairy doesn't like you at all. This is to be sure. She is a busy one, swiping one direction and then the other. She is a bit of a pest at times, none the less she is one of my dandies. And she is part of my kingdom with the faeries and the leprechauns..

cw. your name is Donny boy.

db. now how'd you know that, sitting crossed legged with a pipe in his hand with a wisp of smoke. (looked like a little leprechaun)

cw. I am twin deer mother, and I give names to the children who have forgotten. I remembered your name. I just listened for it. Really you told me.

db. you say now. I'll be sure to reckon with this in the future. Well be dandy, it's time to wander by. So what shall it be, a snake charm or a rainbow with a pot of gold. Tell me what shall you want today.

cw. I thank you for your gift my love, but I say, it is you that is the gift to me. For it is you who gave his voice to let me be with thee. If you tarry along and leave a gift for me, I shall receive it and gladly. But if you wish not to know the way of thee, then tell me surely it is thee who gifts to me. (double talk, does he leave a gift for me or not?)

db. I couldn't of said it better myself.

cw. because you did say, what your heart spoke I twin deer mother spoke, my beloved wisping smoke of Donny boy. (he has a cockney accent)

db. yes ,farewell to thee. Then until we meet again. Tarry along with thee. Disappear did he.

cw. hands typing, tired hands. . Okay, next, we look at th back of room and then out the door into the hallway. Although we did not really understand the spitting fairy. Let me talk with her again.

cw. little fairy who spits, she hides. Come out and tell me why your are angry with me. I will not hurt you it it is okay. She comes froward with her hands behind her. She has her head down. She is about 10 inches high. What is your name dear?

fa. Sheila, I m always here playing with her in the garden. Why are taking the garden away.?

cw. you think I am taking the garden away, what makes you think that.

fa. well you are going to take the black hole away, where can we play if you change the doorway.

cw. my love, we are not moving the door. We are moving the bed, she will be only be about six feet away from the dark hole door. She is (thinking how to say this) a door way, the child mirror, But the mirror she holds in her hand is mirror and the dark hole is a mirror. Now that is three mirrors. This is too many for her and the family to handle right now. We are trying to help. The mirrors will be near each other, but not on top of each other, do you understand.

fa. yes, what a relief. We thought you were going to take the mirrors away. I understand now. Thank you for helping. I am so glad you came. I am sorry I spit on you. I am sorry. Will you forgive me. Please. Please forgive me.

cw. it is okay little one. It is okay. We will work together and yes you are forgiven the moment you spit on me. At least you did, you spoke up. Next time maybe you will use your voice, I know the sputum has water that blesses. But could you use your voice, I will listen as does Dimple of Time.

fa. yes we will help. Thank you again, she steps back into the crowd of objects of live beingness.

cw. looking to the back of the room now. I knew something was there. A blackbird spirit being wisping darkness that is up at the ceiling. Like the ones in the front room. This one waits to attack. What can I do. His face is fierce and threatening. I repeat, what can I do for you, do you have a question. Or what do you want and what are you here for.

dark being: He dives through me. Again.

cw. what are you trying to do

dark being: when I'' be. It doesn't do a thing to you. I can't hurt you. Who are you.

cw. I am white bu, no, I am twin deer mother. I have come home for you my love. What can I do for you.

Being of darkness: well it has me befuddled (he clings to the wall at the ceiling) I am teaching the girl too. I am here to help her.

cw. Okay, I am listening, but why do you have to attack me first, couldn't you just say so.

Being of darkness: Okay, you got me. I don't usually have this problem. I can pretty much take care of anyone who comes to harm the child. I am here to protect her. Do you understand.

cw. Yes, I am listening. And what makes you think that I am harming the child.

dark being: Being of darkness: Well you come in here and you tell everyone what to do. What am I to expect. You don't give us many alternatives. This is not how god works you know.

cw. thank you for mentioning this. But in the oneness we use our voice first to negotiate. If you do not do this, then you have chosen hate over love. Love allows others in. We listen to their voice. We allow their voice to ring first, if this furthers the threat, then we can protect ourselves, but we do not attack first and then ask questions. We must offer our hearts first, then we must be ravage to the wrath of the great spirit mother. First she flows love. My child remember, I have come home to you, to help you remember. Now, If you are here to stay, then, please we must try to follow these rules. We shall walk together as one family not many families against one another. We shall stand united.

Being of darkness. Yes it has been awhile. Yes it has. We are welcoming in this new time. There has been so much darkness to attend to. It has been difficult to keep the pure from the impure.

cw. that is why I am here, and this is why the family wants to help too. So you are not alone anymore. And let us help you to keep the door ways safe for the all. Okay my love, deepening wide.

dw. you know my name. How did you know my name.

cw. I am your twin deer mother, I gave you your name, my love, you have forgotten me. Welcome home. He flies into my being and hugs me with every cell.

dw. I have missed you so much. Embracing one minute. Let me look at you. Oh my. How come it took you so long to come. We have been waiting.

cw. there is so much to do my love. The girl is moving now. She is going into the bathroom to pour water everywhere, she is a little lost. Go to her and embrace her,my love, She needs you. I will go and look around some more. I will come back another time

dw. he wants me to come back before I leave the house.

cw. please my love, I will come back another time, I must check the house and purify. Welcome the wave that shall come. For I shall purify, the space okay. I am sorry. Yes I can bless you. Please step near me. My sword touches your shoulder, I knight thee my son, you protect her as a true warrior can. Now fly. I will return.

cw. Anyone else before I leave this room. Yes.

Old man: comes forward, he looks like a hobbit. Rolly-polly, kinda rodent like upright like a man and dressed sophisticated with a suit. And glasses like in a fairy tale. He comes forward.

Old man: I say my fellow. You sure are creating a storm dust around here. We were wondering if we could stay around awhile. Is this okay.

cw. Of course this is okay, I will just be blessing is all. Just expect a wave of blessing, it will feel like a wave, just ride the wave and hang on. It will pass and the unpure will be blessed. Okay, everyone is welcome, as long as they understand we are blessing. If blessing is what they fear, they will have to move on. Do you understand?

Oldman: clearing his throat. So If I am to say this right. We can stay as long as we can ride the wave of the blessing.

cw. yes. This is correct.

Oldman. Hip hip hooray. Well the chaps will be so happy to know this. We will be ready for the wave. Oh yes, could you tell me my name?

cw. yes, love. They rush in line (so many little fairies and such). I'm sorry I cannot read everyone today. Maybe I can teach Madeline Dimple of time to sing your songs for you. What do you think

many say yes. Many fairies and little ones are already in line.

cw. I'm sorry right now, we have to wait, and as I said I will return, maybe we can read some of you next time. And we can start teaching her, but she has much to learn and I think that right now, well , I can see she can handle it. I will start as fast as I can. Please all of you do not talk with me all at once. It is hurting me (third eye). Please. Please wait okay. Thank you I am sorry. I will not forget. Okay. The little girl has come back now, she is sitting on the bed now moves to the floor again. Picks up the mirror. Please love put the mirror down for a little while. No, then close your eyes and fly with me. And you will see and be free. No more sunshines that is endlessly, now the darkness will find the inside of me. I can wish upon rainbows and so can you. So my beloved, child sister, I am with you. I am with you. I am with you. I will come back later. (shes a little confused)

cw. I have to go now, I am really tired, I will come back and I love you. I will talk with your mommy and we will all work together. I have to go now and look around some more and then I will purify. Okay, so you know it will be me and help your brother if he becomes afraid, okay.

(she understands but doesn't validate)

cw. leaving the room again. I am sorry I can not talk with anyone anymore in this room, just know I will be back and I will be purifying this space. I love you.

Going out the door into the hall way. Bathroom to the left hallway. room at right that what feather thunder wanted me to see the end of the hall way at the ceiling. It is a spider web of dark beingness. It traps dark beings and devours it. It is sort of a protector. Alright. We look at each other. He, a spider at the top of the web nods his head.

cw. I am going to bless this house do you understand. Talking to the spider.

Spiderman: he nods his head and licks his lips. Face muscles move and twitch. He is ready.

cw. Okay, I will be turning back, and the spider attacks me. His holiness sent love, his feet are burned away from my body. Fell to the floor and climbs the web. Now that wasn't nice. What are you doing? Is this what you do everyday. Please, this is what feather thunder wanted me to notice. What are you doing by attacking me. I am not trapped in your web. I have not given my life to you. What do you need from me?

Spiderman: he sits in the corner of the web. Hoovers on his web, does not speak with me.

cw. Look, you do not have the right to pounce on anyone , especially if you hurt others. Now do you want me to pounce on you. I jump onto his back and have my jaws ready to strike into him.? Now how do you like it?

Spiderman: don't hurt me. Please.

cw. do you think I am that naive. That when I release you, you will not strike back at me again. Please. We will wait a moment to bind you in your own web. I spin him inside his own web. Now how does that feel.

Spiderman: he is not happy at all. He want out so he can attack me.

cw. now if you persist, I will have to burn you out. Is this what you want?

Spiderman: no, he shakes his head no.

cw. you will stay in this cocoon for awhile and when I bless this house your web will burn but you will not. But if I hear of you attacking first, I will return and purify your body. Do you understand.

Spiderman: he shakes his head in understanding. He cannot move he is spun in his own trap.

cw. now, let us review what your purpose is. You do not have to answer since I know your heart. First the web is for direction my love, you are here to direct the flow by giving us direction and choice to go. If we do not know our way, you divert us to move another flow. Your attacks have been vicious because others often take advantage of the grandmother space that you weave as our spider. Thank you for your beingness. We also have to realize that we are learning to allow everything even the impure to have a voice. Tell them first that you will bless them, give them warning. Then attack those who do not follow the laws to divert them but not to destroy them my love. WE are entering this dark space together, united. If you continue to attack me, I am resorted to attacking you. I am playing a defensive posture. This is what you must learn to revert to. I have come to help you. You are not alone anymore. I will bless and I will teach and I will visit again. And I will leave yellow warriors, if you need anything when I depart, you can tell a yellow warrior and he will come back to me and report. I will come back or at least answer you. So my beloved, I am sorry I have had to put you in a cocoon, but this was the only way. I will be blessing and the wave will set you free. I love. You,

spider man : seems to understand, but is leary of motives. He does not trust. As can be expected with all this darkness around this space.

cw. I must leave you, I love you, and I will come back to you, my child Benjamin.

Spiderman: His eyes wake up, he wonders how! (do I know his name)

cw. final blessing in the hallway. too many dark ones flying around me. Vision dark above and white below. Heaven and earth has switched places.

Singing to this house hold and neighbors of all our relations: My song I give to you be fore I go away My song I give to you before I go away. Here I am, here to stay, there I am there I stay. Here I go, there I am, we are one together. I love you, and you love me. We together is eternity. So my friend my family come close to me. Hold my heart for an eternity. I love you and I know you love me too. So my friend I bless you..

With each breath, it extended out side the house into the earth and into the sky. The water ways below the house were blessed and the water vapor in the sky was blessed, these two flows the flow together in breath of Mother Earth, has been blessed. This vessels of motion has been blessed from this point in space and shall have an eternal stamp of blessing upon this place.

bless the water that flows eternally. Peaceful wave. It blesses eternally. We will cleanse it again and again. His Holiness gifts his heart (ashes of purification) with his drumming and his love. WE the house of David bid our children come home, and good night. WE love you. Aho.

09:09:01 PM End

now to correct and send off.

Blossoming Petals you must move the bed. When you enter the room, the head of her bed must be on the same wall the door is on. Place a lamp on her night stand near the doorway. This needs to be done right now.

Cover mirrors up at night, turn hand mirrors over, cover tv and computer screens, these act as mirrors. Until we can control the situation, alright.

Teach her to bless all water all the time, Water is inside of us and flows to purify. Get a water sprayer and she can bless with this, and spray water on anything she wishes to bless. Tell her it don't need very much. Don't spray anything that is plugged into the wall. She can only spray things without electricity, because electricity will creates sparks and possible fire to purify. Some purification is good, too much is dangerous. This is happening at this house. To many mirrors and crystals sending messages. This is why we must slow down the mirrors. A little at a time.

Teach her that when water or anything is blessed especially water, it turns into a crystalline form which is clear and purified. This is then transmitted as holiness and our bodies receive the blessings.

Love, calf woman and his holiness david.

52 yellow spirit soldiers have been sent to assist with the darkness of the unpure. I bless you and let me know if you need me. I love you as they fly away.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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