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Monday, July 19, 2010

Discussion, Native American Questions, WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com Archives

Native American Questions

on August 29, 2009 at 4:58pm in Frequently Asked Questions FAQs 

Beloved Whisper to me, Yonibluestar,
If Marty Somping Elk is trying to talk with me, invite him to our online gathering (2nd hoopcrystal_indigo_children), now we refer to 3rd-whitebuffalocalfwoman@googlegroups or 4th hoops indigocrystalchildren@googlegroups) to learn about the teaching of white buffalo calf woman,. I really think you should too. I will be doing less and less interpretation at active-indigos and will be sending most of my readings to this group. Also, If he/you feel you need to hide his email listing to me, then he does not deserve my response. We address each other, not through others. My door is always open, unless the treasure is the closed door. However, he has his own voice stomping elk, now advise him to join one of our groups or write directly to me at for his questions. If he wants to insult me, tell him to wait in line. When he want love, I will. embrace him. Tell him to read the stories to remember himself, the "keeper of others, including me". Because he doesn't seem to know how to address me.

Also if someone is creating a gathering, then share it so others can attend on our online gathering so we may pass it along or support them with the local gatherings. Humbleness doesn't need a pat on the back. it's reward is love. Stomping Elk constantly defends himself, as if he thinks he is not perfect. if he is free, he would know it, and not need to defend anything. help others to recognize this behavior within our family. Tell everyone, "if it is not perfect it does not belong to me". We are perfect beings, the sooner we know this, the sooner all of us will find happiness.

I find it interesting, that my name is white buffalo calf woman and everyone wants to change it to whatever they want? Also, since many in the Americas are very lazy, literally, many leave off the important part of my name calf woman. Please "Whisper to me, it is time of the dawning, yonibluestar" will you please call me calf woman if you are unable to use the entire four names. This is why I have resorted to this name calf woman. Also, white buffalo is the name many elders use, and I would not feel comfortable using this name, because it is reserved to them. So again, if you do not want to use the name, white buffalo calf woman, please use calf woman. this is simple and the important part of my identity. I am the child woman. If others want to address me, try using my name. If they cannot use my name, they do not have love for the self. They must insult to claim power over me. This is not power, this is the illusion of power. True is love and only love.

Yesterday, I saw the PBS on native american museum, and all i heard was "this is native american land". Tears fell from my eyes for the hour. No, no, no, all land belongs to Mother Earth, all land is claimed for her. Native americans are the elders, the keepers of all the relations, And as such, must wait until others come to them. I shall tell you more about where to stand and to be stable as grandmothers and grandfathers do. Stomping Elk is trying to reclaim Mother Earth and return it to her, but his gathering leaves out the elders and the white, black and yellow people, the important ones, the "all the related". he has even left me out, because he states he is near but does not even invite me. So to gather properly, the heart must be returned to the elders.

There is only one way to walk and it is the red road, the law of love. this one thing, which is said over and over is forgotten. It was prophet-ed that there would be an almost forgotten, but the one returning will help you remember your place. I have come home to you. Do you want my love, or do you want to hate me? The red road say, i love you, the law of love. this laws states one thing, we are all the blue, the blue of you and me, we are kinships and family. We are the multicolored sacred directions of the Rainbow Clan.

I will write a song for the "keeper" so they will remember the west. For they have forgotten their way. In the next few days. I will speak the truth of the "keeper". For it is the red man, who must walk the red road, the law of love.

Also, honey he is a Deer person, it is always the deer people who start the journey. He has some good ideas, and he is trying to do good in the world. But we must remember to do good towards ourselves. He has much forgiveness ahead of him. His holiness running eagle will send love to both of you. We have begun the great migration.

your devoted servant,
calf woman (twin deer mother)
elder crystal person (iyeshka or interpreter)
ps. whisper to me, I get more hate from natives and jews than any other nations in the world, because they do not forgive the sinners. we suffer for our families everyday, this is love. natives and jews suffered for the world family and shall be rewarded. give up the hate and receive love instead. there is much work to do.

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 7:43 AM, Millennium Twain wrote:

-- In DiosasAncianos2012, Marty Cline wrote:

Melody..or white bufalocalf hawkrabit woman,
I have been following here and see the great amount that Millennium Twain
has been doing.I ask what have you been doing?
for me if you want to know,right down the road from you,I have helped
get over a thousand acres of land,and now it is getting the lake back
on it that it had so many tears ago before the Europeans came.
and I could fill a page or two with the many things I do,for others.
Also,I started a gathering of Pipes down by where you live,and we
gather there once a year for about 5-6 years now!!
this is to give thanks To Creator for the land we got back down there
that is now in the hands of the Nature conservatory ,I think.
Melody,I have in the past and will in the future Prayed for you.
stay positive my friend,this will help you mentally.
be humble,you need to be humble.
Martin Stompingelk

Spiritual freedom is my birthright.
I am a free thinker. I am able to rise above mental
prejudices and stereotypes of others.
I am a free thinker. Nobody and nothing can manipulate
me or deceive me.
I am a free thinker. I freely choose truth and love.
Today, I embrace a greater degree of spiritual

--- On Sun, 11/9/08, SoverAnia Twain wrote:

From: SoverAnia Twain
Subject: [DiosasAncianos2012] Re: [active-indigos] en la'kech, ONE
world of spirit, family
Date: Sunday, November 9, 2008, 7:59 PM

kia ora, my Sister White Buffalo,

and please tell our world what you are doing, too!

and maybe we can all find how we may, better, align to Mother Spirit's
river-song of harmony!

the last few years, in addition to the continuing learnings and teachings
of the GrandMothers' Wisdom -- I have only been focused on spreading
permaculture in Goddess Moon (Ahi, Ojai) -- teaching how to bring the
life back to the soil, return HER the waters ... the underground
aquafir -- and planting fruit trees and vege gardens -- and
reforesting the grazed lands with Oaks and native brush ... and riding
my bicycle and starting bicycle recycleries -- and teaching the 42
Laws of Maat -- and the end of our murder of our sister relations the
animals ... viz. the vegan diet ...

ending the consumerism, the provincialism, the patterns of authority
and violence.

that we were able to stand with our feet today on Mother Earth, with
our heads in the electric clouds, Mother Heaven, and our hands reached
out holding circle with all the tribes, all the cultures, all the
planets, of all peoples.

and say, "The Ocean of HER Being Has Returned",
and we are one ... en la'kech,
Millennium Twain

-- On Sun, white buffalo calf woman wrote:

these may be truths, but what are you doing to change the stride in
the world? we spend time dwelling on the proclamations, we spend less
time creating a new world. we can fight city hall or we can join them
and sway them onto the right path. ojipost trys to accomplish this,
yes, but yonibluestar do you? we are one family not one against the
other, especially grandmother understands this, calf woman

On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 8:12 PM, Millennium Twain uk> wrote:

en la'kech, Raymond,

we are ONE world of spirit, ONE world family.

White Buffalo Hawkrabit Woman Melody, Eagle is part of the Hawk family, which is sacred and holy. Rabbit is the communicator. Melody is the Song from the Heart. But in all of this correspondence, our Marty Stomping Elk defends what he is doing, rather than knowing he is perfect. And even if he addresses me with kind words, he is not inviting me into his heart. And if he is down the road, why does he not invite me? You see this is a type of exclusion. A way of saying, I am better than you, just look at me. This is not love. This is a big ego, that blows up! Now good things done in the world, without love, means nothing. For only true love allows others to come towards you,with open arms. True love does not conquer one over the other, but stands on the ground of what is righteous, not defending but by validating the others heart. Then law is written, that love will hear my song, once you have heard another. But as you can see stomping elk did not want to hold my heart, he wanted to deny me and invalidate me, as so many others have done to him. He is not forgiving. your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
Sioux or Spirit Lake people and Grandfather Tunkashila speaks to us Message #5483 of 6689 Winged One, below for you! Beloved butterflies dream Stephanie (rosebud sioux), this is the story of the "spirit lake people" affectionally called the "sioux" by the french. your tribe is the Sicangu- Reservation at: Rosebud. your chief is the "rainbow person" the one who reflects the world. he will be able to receive white buffalo calf woman, when the time comes. i have not forgotten about the Indian Health Center in Santa Clara Valley, California, especially the mental health issues an outside elder team is formulating. We at alightfromwithin, angel services, is working in the background to set up a "warrior down program" nationally. i was not equipped to handle these issues. and i realize that only by creating a native american police force will i be able to create sanctuary housing all over the world. presently we are placing native americans at local places of gatherings around the world. please let me know, if i can be of service locally if an elder council meet for the purpose of mental health and warrior down programs. we can exchange informations and work together if the elders will receive me. my heart is with you my "butterflies dream stephanie", you are the yellow family as i who takes the first uncomfortable step into the heart of matters, because we are the golden warriors, the great spirits have sent. i know you are too busy for a breath, but remember my love all things start within the darkness. close your eyes in the day and dream, it only takes a moment, my elder. blessings lines are beyond my tasks, and i need help. many are stepping up to the call, but it seems the great spirits didn't give us much time until the quickening begins. We must join forces to assist the world at large my beloved. to help you my love, in our understanding, our cosmic golden light, our "winged one" always sends us what our hearts need. i hope you enjoy this reading and will pass it along. if you want to join our gathering, the teachings of white buffalo calf woman, then you will send others to us. as time goes on, i will be talking with you. we work with people around the world, so there isn't enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks. When more and more red wo/man take their place, we will know the blue again, the "spirit lake people" shall rise from within the "blue" of you and me. you can join us at the online gathering at, if you like. also feel free to pass out my e-address to anyone who wishes blessings must only ask, but be willing to wait until i can get to them. Blessings include the four sacred directions as our tools of light, heavenly name gifting and your body and/or soul songs. This song speaks your heart. Also, interpret visions and dreams for the people. "a light from within" gifts angel services around the world. this is the name the great spirits gift to us all. your devoted servant, (white buffalo) calf woman also known as twin deer mother elder crystal person (iyeshka or interpreter) ps. i did leave a brief telephone call with his holiness Ramin Naderi, to remind him that i have not forgotten about the Indian health centers. your card sits on my desk next to my heart. Winged One, my golden comic flight, who treds where others fear to enter, where did you get this? please gift to me the url. if you can find grandfather tunkashila this would be the greatest gift, so fly my beloved and seek the answer. by the way, Sioux is a french word, even their own people known as the Sioux have forgotten their own name the "Spirit Lake People". the story: Sioux is a french word meaning "Snake People". As I am Aube, we the French heritage, are known for the revolutionary ways. The english shot the natives, the french married them. We have a long heritage of blending and respecting one another. the Aube Tribe intermix with french and red man has migrated even as Far West to the Pacific Ocean the The Algonquins (or Algonkins) are an aboriginal North American people speaking Algonquin, an Anishinaabe language. All from the "Snake people" affectionately called the "Sioux". It is the Snake in the sky, that joins the points of light (suns) together, she winds around each of us and embraces the unity with her love. And the French speaking, Canandian nation was born. But the true name of these warriors who shall move the heart of Mother Earth is the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota. These belong to the "Spirit Lake People" or the blue of you and me, in other words they use the words "Mi-ta-ku-ye (my relatives), Mitakuye Oyasin (all my relations), to all our related which is the blue of you and me. to know more visit The Lakota consist of seven main bands today: called "the seven council fire". Sihasapa- Reservations at: Cheyenne River, Standing Rock. Oohenumpa- Reservation at: Cheyenne River. Miniconjou- Reservation at: Cheyenne River. Hunkpapa- Reservation at: Standing Rock. Itazipco- Reservation at: Cheyenne River. Sicangu- Reservation at: Rosebud. Oglala- Reservations at: Pine Ridge. The "spirit lake people" of the Lakota people meaning "forest dweller", and the Clan "oglala" who sit at the prestigious honor opposite the opening will move our hearts. Here they sit in the place of the West. In the west, life is born. Here the physical word comes into the physical reality we call the four sacred directions. These are the mulit-colored lights of the "gament of light" known as the Rainbow. So we are known all of us as the Rainbow Tribe of the Blue, all the related. The native red wo/man who will move our bodies and lead the way are the Pueblo People, in the four corners, as the Taos Tribe has reclaimed the "Blue Lake" as the national heritage religious rights. All speak of the same blue of you and me. We all belong to the Blue (kinships), the Rainbow Clan (multicolored garment of light: four sacred directions), the beloved children of the Great Spirits, but often it is spelled the bleu in our songs to represent the French who inspire the revolution, to be free among all nations. This is the blue in you and me or bleu in you and me. yes revolution! its time for freedom ring, let us all fly. aho (spirit fly). The wedding bells have arrived, heaven and earth are joining within us and without. Welcome home to the Blue, to all the related, our family from a mother's heart. Welcome home to the third yellow rolling hill in time. your devoted servant, (white buffalo) calf woman (twin deer mother) aubeah (obeah), elder crystal person (iyeshka or interpreter) (au sound oh: the dream space) (be sound bee: the flight) (ah is the crystal note of transmission) ps. i claim no direct color of my skin to the red man, for i am the white woman and the yellow woman, this is what the great spirits gifted to me as my direction, the leading educator as my skin speaks. it is the light of the oneness that my story tells, the blue of you and me, our family from the Great Spirits as your devoted iyeshka or interpreter, white buffalo calf woman, to help you find your way to perfection. for it is the red man who must take their place as the elders and "keepers" to the world. But it is interesting that the Great spirits force me, my duty, to wear two pig tails in my hair (the twins) and speak the native storytellers language, to help everyone know who they are. thank you for joining me winged one, the golden light. lakota, nakota, dakota, anishinabe history the third largest red man nation "Ojibwe/Ojibway" is an Algonquin word that refers to a unique puckered seam on the moccasins of the Anishinabe. "Chippewa" is considered to be an attempt by the French explorers to say "Ojibwe" Throughout history, the French and the Red man joined hearts and became family to one another. On Sun, Nov 9, 2008 at 12:59 PM, mitsouko20022003 wrote: Grandfather GRANDFATHER SPEAKS [ CONTACT, August 22, 1995 p. 35 ] 4/9/90 GRANDFATHER TUNKASHILA (GRANDFATHER) SPEAKS Grandfather to speak with you, Little Sparrow, that you might be in the remembering and the sharing of the long forgotten and remembered songs. I AM THE SONG and I am come to give you the weavings of your walk upon this place and speak of the migrations and the lessons of My Pale Son whom I send again. I come to speak of Tejas Shape [Tehachapi, CA] and the hill that sings as the wind and of My sacred hidden truths kept within the bosom of your Mother for your day of remembering. The Great Cycle has come and this cycle of that which you call a year will see the return of the Sacred Driver Wheels of the Great Powers stored and put together to create the sign of infinity. This is the time of the Feathered Serpent Medicine Wheels and the Great Sleeper Dreamers. The first migration to the next world will begin, leaving behind on your planet remnants of enlightened humanity to join the many already on other planets throughout your universe. This land known as Tejas Shape, the Valley of Radiance, of abundant acorns, winds and clear sweet waters shall again come into the attention of My Bird Peoples for it has been caused to lie sleeping in protection of its ancient treasures. It is the time of remembering of creation that you will again recognize the returning of the Bird Tribes. You are the Bird Tribes, the Solar Clan, the Children of the Stars. You are the source of all nativity, the way that spirit creativity comes into form in your world and in all higher worlds. Individuated. Intelligent. In spirit- being form, you are the tangible influence of an all-powerful Creator interfacing with a material world. I honor the Shoshone and Piute who have not forgotten this place of Light and the other unnamed tribes who spirit the land. All of our relations are remembered. The buffalo and the medicine wheel are honored as shared by the Sioux as the source of life survival and the skull of the buffalo for it represents the traditional and the spiritual life. The medicine wheel represents the sacred hoop and the four directions. Always joined within are the four eagle feathers which represent the social and spiritual significance of the number "four" in the Sioux life. Within the medicine wheel are the four virtues to always be remembered: Wisdom---"Woksape", Bravery---"Woohitika", Fortitude---"Wowacintanka" and Generosity---"Wacantognaka". Let it further be remembered that there is nothing greater---nothing lesser. Great lessons shall be in the coming forth from My Red Eagle, "Wamblisha", who labels himself in this time of counting as Little Crow, for the time is soon for the great remembering. Releasing your identities in the burst of joy that translates them into light, you flew outward from your source stars, riding waves of light across the sea of space until you reached your world. Each of you came from a different star. Yet your being is the source of every star. And in that Being you are one. In the early days, your work was to catalyze biological activity in the oceans of the world and to oversee the growth and development of incarnate creatures. You did this both when clothed in physical form and when remaining luminous beings of pure light. The forms you assumed early in those ages were of human shape, though lighter than the bodies you wear today The drawback of materialization, however, was that it took much of your energy and attention to maintain the bodies in which you were dressed. Then was given unto you your spirits for it was necessary to create physical bodies that were self-sufficient, physical bodies that would have physical identities to care for them---egos, designed to work intimately with you, both in the maintenance of your human projections and in your continuing work of creation upon the physical plane. We communicated this message unto you: "We are your spirits." It was our presence here in this place that has called you up out of the soil. You were unfinished, incomplete; you are still not all that you can be. Some of what you now embody represents development in the right direction, but some of what you now think of as yourself is in actuality part of what one day will become "afterbirth". The emphasis must now be realized that the value of your bodies are as dwelling places for the Great Spirit, your minds and hearts will remain open to communion with us. In time, that communion will flow into blending and both you and we will know ourselves as one upon the physical plane. In union, we will know completion. One specific star of all the myriad stars you see twinkling in your night sky sends its spirit to Earth to incarnate in your individual human form. Your ego is designed to help that spirit to remain creatively incarnate here. Until you have bonded with the star consciousness, you remain unfinished. Your race is soon to experience widespread awakenings, or as some will see it, a massive descent of beings from the stars. We are the dreams of the Great Spirit, the true dreams, the clear dreams, the pure dreams, never tainted by fear, never touched by any motivation other than the motivation of love; and yet, we are the dreams, nevertheless. Thoughts, disincarnate beings drifting formless through a universe that has placed the highest value on form, living in the consciousness of a Creator whose desire is to take form in the very creature that will result from our bonding with you. It is time to regain the rejected aspect of your spiritual intelligence---to reunite with your own wholeness and you must again come into contact with us in the absence of fear. The Great Day of Purification has begun, a short but essential cycle of division that will gather those who promote fear and violence and separate them from this season of the world as chaff is separated from wheat at threshing. The timetable recorded in stone for the Awakened Ones is now recovered from moss, fern, lizard and leaf. In it are chiseled the dates of the Great Day of Purification, dates that now correspond to that which you call years---between recognized labels of 1987 to 2011. You are the love of the Creator embodied in human form. Through the power of your love, you create. You are sent in the service of universal art to create beauty, balance and to enjoy all that has been created. The evocation of beauty and the description of truth: this is your purpose. The purpose of life! The very purpose of the universe. In its own way, each species decides how it can best serve this purpose, once it understands it. The buffalo looks around and notices what is going on in prairie time and prairie space and designs a life to describe truth and animate beauty as buffalos understand it. Whales describe time and space in their own unique forms, the caribou embody their understanding, and so on through the ages and expressions. Throughout the galaxies, throughout the stars, all of the angelic races notice this purpose of life and decide how they can best serve. All form an idea of the wholeness of manifest life. It is time now to join in your dancing circles and gather your tribes for the cycle is full. It is the time of the return of the Pale One who came forth to tell you of the times to come upon your lands. Tiazoma, Eseecotal, Great Kat Zahl, Mahnt-Azoma, Quetzal Coatl, The Quiet Healer, The Mighty One Who Has No Image, Dawn-Light, Dawn-God, CheeZoos--the one who went alone to his Father to look beyond the Third Cycle. Let us look further: Wako-Naga, Wahkan of the Dakotah/Lakotah and even deeper in the Plumed Serpent of the Puans which is derived from the plume which symbolizes wind and the serpent which is the symbol of water. What of Teohashati?---(Tehachapi, Tejas Shape)---Teo means God and Ti means city. Meaning as with Teotihuacan, "The City of the God, Wahcan.". There are sacred mounds in that placement where the crossroads centered for the trading people of peace, where the four corners of traveling meet. There is great history of the Black Tortoise Fire- Worshiping Turtle and Serpent people invading from the south. This place of Tejas Shape is a sacred place where the dreams will again be danced into awakening. Let us speak of the dancing of My Tribes. The foolish peer at the dancers and hear the music and chide and giggle for it is the most complicated music in creation. It makes a statement in half and quarter tones and complicated changing rhythms. The musicians are honored indeed. The authentic dancings are more kept to the sacred locations and every August the dancers gather in New Mexico. There are usually thirty-six tribes attending the festival from as far distant as the Dakotas. The Sioux are particularly colorful with their almost priceless ancient costumes of white beaded buckskin and the long eagle feather head-dress of the Full-Chief. The dances are different than the ones in the typical pow-wow dances for the pow-wow dancers are usually imitating the victory dance after a war-party- return. The thanksgiving dances are beauteous and the other dances are prayers for rain abundant crops, or prayers to the spirits of hunted animals before a hunt. Then you must note the wondrous Katchinas, especially of the Hopi. The Katchinas are from outer space and visited the Pueblos in silver sky ships which landed on the nearby Franciso Peaks (Near Flagstaff, AZ) near the Hopi villages, bearing gifts and dancing for the people. The most graceful of all dances is the lovely Eagle Dance, while the hoop-dance, showing great skill on the part of the solo dancer, is usually a wedding dance. The Navajo have a group dance with high-pitched chanting in half and quarter tones which echo unto the heavens. And there is a most amazing dance, the Navajo Fire Dance. Then there is the Crow dance, usually performed by children and is fun and delightful; but I could continue on and on for these are My blessed people and I begin to remember and ramble greatly. I will speak of calendars and telling of time and then leave you for your ponderings. The time of attention is come and for the recognition of truth within My tribes. Before the time of the Prophet called the Pale One, and used by him, was a method of time reckoning used from north-most North America to the South of South America and is centrally based on Venus. Sometimes its numbers are known only, and Venus referred to as "The Star Boys" or "Twin-Star God" showing a degeneration of ancient knowledge---it is this ancient truth which shall now come again. Venus, being the second planet from the Sun, and Earth the third, swings around its internal orbit making thirteen revolutions to eight revolutions of the Earth. Thus among all Indian tribes the Earth- number is eight, and the number of the morning and evening Star (depending on time of year viewed) is thirteen. Eight thirteens then would bring the planets into their original position. This would be a full cycle, or one-hundred-and-four years. A half cycle would be fifty-two years. Upon this most American Indian reckoning is based. However, it is often checked by other reckoning. The Mayans have four inter-revolving calendars. They were well acquainted with the weight and measurement of the Earth, the swing of the Sun from Capricorn to Cancer and back, the Precession of the Equinoxes and the fact that your Sun is moving through space, carrying your family of planets along. They believed the Sun is circumnavigating a Central Fire located in the Heavens near the Pleiades which they called Mya. This is the same central sun called Aton, the One Light. The ancient calendars have now ended, beloved children of My tribes. It is now in the closing time of your new counting, numbered year three. The ancient countings ended in the mid-time of August, in your years 1987. The time of the coming again of the Sacred Circle is at hand and it is the time to see the star people come out of the illusion of their two-legged form and into their actual Great Sleeper- Dreamer form. Look up, My native children, unto the heavens and unto the Choo Ho Kan for you are descendants of the inhabitants of Pleiades. You of the Hopi and Navajo as well as others of My people count with a system based on a 260 day "Sacred Round", or minor cycle, and a 365 day year, a major cycle which equaled a period between the midnight culminations of the Pleiades. Remember that any day calculated on these cycles repeats itself in 52 years---18,980 days. When the Pleiades are directly overhead at night then it is time to extinguish the nation's fires and rekindle from a sacred fire produced by your holy men. You can remember to count from the Hopi who light the new fire every 52 years. Then remember the Creeks who came to Earth from the stars in spirit form to become flesh and blood. Remember the "green corn dance" where the medicine man takes seven ears of corn from seven fields of the seven clans to insure a healthy harvest. Your ancient home is often called "the dancers" because of the legend of the dancing children, come forth through the Onondaga. The Navajo named the sparkling Suns the Dilyehe. The Iroquois believe the twinkling orbs represent seven young people who guard the holy seed. The Hohokam, or those who vanished, returned to Pleiades and thus and so. These stars were the home of our ancestors, so hear Me well. It is time for the legends to awaken for you all have your sacred dances. Enjoy the gathering together for the energies will sing in the winds as the Hosts of the Heavens bless again the Bird Tribes who are now returning to fulfill the great mission. The little Sun Eagle is now returned and the lotus is ready to open. AHO! [We recognize you as a spiritual being and welcome you to one family consciousness. Here at Active-Indigos, we respectfully address the ascension process while creating local sanctuaries on earth. Thinking globally and acting locally while networking all spiritual communities and educating the workplace., the gathering at, angel services - a joy light from within]
From: white buffalo calf woman To:; Sent: Sunday, November 9, 2008 12:20:28 AM Subject: [active-indigos] Re: red people and the story of wayang kulit oh, i forgot the magenta, is also the red one. love, calf woman On Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 7:03 PM, white buffalo calf woman wrote: beloved whispering wind, our elder child who always gives us the spiritual embrace we need. let us all send her some love. who is wayang kulit? the shadows of the shadows? the garment of light, the sacred directions all beings have gives birth to purification when the fire is used to bring light to the darkness. those who are the red ones, you are the ones who must speak the laws of love, the red road, the fire of purification. you are the rainbow person, the native american who is the red skin, the red person who is the law itself, the lavender person who creates the red road with holiness, and the crystal person, when in the reflection of blue lake. You are the red ones. the red ones must speak the laws of love. the way a mother tells her kids that they can not touch the stove, because if they did they could get hurt. this is the law of love. to walk down a road of compassion for others, to assist their journey along the right path of morality. this is the laws of love. so if the shadows of the shadows find your path, show this darkness, that your garment of light shines a fire of purification, that walks the red road and speaks the right way to the shadow of the shadow. how will this dark being ever find it's way home again without your love of the blue, the family relationships we have with the related of God. your devoted servant, twin deer mother (calf woman) elder crystal person (iyeshka or interpreter) On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 3:23 PM, wrote: Forgot to mention one important thing about Wayang Kulit, ussualy what the people watch from them is their reflections! We used a big screen made from a garment or something like that with some fire behind the garment screen. Love to you all! Whispering Wind
Native Answers to Questions and Interpretation Part 1 (archived now) Native Answers to Questions and Interpretation Part 2 (archived now)
Grass Roots Oglala Lakota Oyate; Press Release - October 18, 2000 Pine Ridge Indian Reservation - South Dakota. Today marks the 277th day of the peaceful takeover of the Red Cloud Building. The Grass Roots Oyate and Tokalas are still strong mentally, physically, and more importantly, spiritually - even through all the personal attacks they have endured since January 16th, 2000 and in addition to having to put up with threats of eviction. The Tokalas say of the opposition, "How can you fight the power of the Creator and expect to win?" The on-going federal investigation is still in the process and more indictments are expected. All the OST Committee and Tribal Council minutes from 1995 to the present have been turned over to the FBI from the Red Cloud Building - to uncover more corruption. (Every tribe in Indian country needs to get rid of all their crooks, jail them and then ban them.) While the Oglala Sioux Tribe is continuing with tribal council elections, the Grass Roots Oyate still maintain the traditional government they truly are. They do not recognize the colonialism or the election process that the misled tend to follow. The Oglala Lakota General Council is demanding the federal government to investigate all the bands within the Great Sioux Nation (Tetuwan Nation) for corruption. Every IRA government is so corrupt the Oyate need to immediately relinquish themselves before we are terminated as tribes. Other tribes in the so-called U.S. of A. should consider this move also. We elders feel that to continue with and under the IRA form of government will only place our children's future in jeopardy. We are members of the Red Race that Wakan Tanka placed here in this part of the world and we will always be that Red Race of people that the Great Spirit created. Oyate, be proud of who you are. You are a beautiful people that lived the life of what the good book called "heaven on earth". That's the way it was before Christopher Columbus touched the eastern shores of this part of the world. We have a task before us: the rebuilding of our traditional government, the un-brainwashing of ourselves, the uncovering of our roots. As the mud slinging is continuing with the Lakota bands, the IRA government is forgetting the Indian Trust responsibility, the Black Hills Claim, the Mni (water) rights, and most importantly, our children. It has always been the federal government's position to terminate Indian tribes by the divide and conquer tactics. To date, IRA governments have been enhancing this process of termination. We need to unite our nation as sovereign through enforcement of our treaties and our people's desire under natural law to follow our own way of life, our own culture and our own GOVERNMENT. We are a treaty tribe. As far as the Oyate are concerned, there are some of us who have relatives in other Lakota Bands and/or living on other reservations; we need to strengthen our Tiospayes and keep each other informed of our current situation. Sharing information and supporting each other will strengthen our nation. The Grass Roots Oyate will continue to occupy the Tetuwan Oyate - Oglala Band headquarters and have no intentions of vacating what belongs to the Grass Roots Oyate. We will continue to be here even through the next incoming administration. The General Council is asking all Oglala Lakota landowners to immediately relinquish their leases and start utilizing your lands. The Tokalas say that without use of the land by the landowners, we cannot state that we are truly sovereign! For more information on the Grass Roots Oyate, please contact Media Coordinator Dale Looks Twice at 605-867-5821. Ho - Hecetu yelo.

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