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Monday, July 19, 2010

Group, Lakota, Nakota, Dakota, WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com Archives

Song for the Pipe #1
(when we smoke the pipe, it is really important everyone understands the pipe. it belongs to the heaven and everyone on the journey of the sacred pipe ceremony.)

take your way, take your (breath away, inhale), take your breath (exhale), take your breath and fly away. feel your heart come inside of me, take your flight and fly away. know the way of eternity will fly inside of you, the sacred way, when all the smoke arises from you, comes when the sacred fire burns the way, when the pipe comes in your heart and knows where Mother is then we will fly to the heavens and see where God begins, so reach in your heart and find the way, just reach in your heart and sing. Speak all the ones who are elder and true, find their way find their heart that is blue, when we know the song of all the waters that are pure, and the song of all the breathers that flow. and when smoke that arises from mother bosoms heart, bless the sacred space that always knows the way, so heaven when we mistake each other, when we don't know our sacred way, let us help to receive our brothers and our sisters who are pure. let them know that each other is only if you both walk on inside your heart is where we sang upon the road, let us remember this heart we stand, let us remember this one we make our way. let us remember god 's mighty hand and the sacred way of the fire pure, of the sacred way of the blue that's pure of the tears that flow for our bounty knows the way.

Elders of Heaven and Earth,
Sow, my beloved help those children. Not only hurting are these two children (young adults who came to the door, violet persons both) but Lisping Wise One's daughter and all the teenagers of all the world and for all the children (even adult children of the Great Spirits) who don't understand the sacred medicines and sacred ways that will be coming upon them. For there is no right and there is no wrong there is only oneness.

Sow (this thought). We belong to one another and I know this, helps us all to know it together.

Prayer to Heaven and Earth,
May the waters go to all the edges of the world and may all the edges of the world come back and return to the waters. For our Lisping Wise One is here (Elder Blue Person), may her voice sing true to all the world. May she remember who she is and may Holiness remember who he is and may all those who gather in Heaven remember who you are, for you must sing your song loud too. It is not only I who must sing loud. It must be for all of us, all of us must sing loud. For if we do not all sing how will we know our way home? We must all sing loud. Aho!
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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