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Monday, July 19, 2010

Discussion, For Your Heart, Twin Deer Mother, WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com Archives

For your heart, Twin Deer Mother Sings for You

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Speaking to Red Family Members of the Rainbow Clan, I believe today is Memorial day (May 25, 2009) in the United States. This is White Buffalo Calf Woman, also called Twin Deer Mother. I twin your heart. I read your book of life, I know your way. Holiness David is beating the drum for you today. He is also known as Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star and he flys between our heart beats and weaves us together. Today, I give you this Song Red Man, because Yesterday I heard a story that my Brethren was killing an Eagle so it could dance inside the Dancer. (I fell over and cryed and asked Holiness Running Eagle to help me. He held me and so many tears came out that I could not breath anymore. Finally about 20 minutes later, I stopped crying, but my body couldn't. I could see the outside of my body, in the dark space - spiritually. The body cavity, no extremities, had many holes with water flowing out of them all at the same time. My tears in my body could not stop, even though my mind tryed. And rivers I cryed for you. Finally, I got myself together. Slept early, I was exhausted and dreamt of Brother Elephants as we watched all the land as far as we could see, was ablaze. Fire and smoke everywhere and it was Red. The sky was Red, the land was Red. It was all I could see standing with my Relative, the Elephant. I awoke in knowing the purification is about to come and how will we save the elephants? Holiness Running Eagle reminded me that Noah, on his ark took care of Elephants, so can we! In the morning, after singing and prayers for Great Spirit Mother. My heart was bursting in so much pain. That I had to clutch my heart and hold it. All I knew is that I had to sing to you, the Red Man. I stopped what I was doing. Writing sacred pipe songs. And asked Holiness Running Eagle to drum for me. This is the Lullaby from my heart and the Beat of Sacredness from Holiness Running Eagle's heart, we gift to you, our children.) Great Spirit Mother crys and weeps. And many tell me of the story of only an eagle may gift you, it's feathers. my red man, you stand between the man or the being that wants to kill the sacred feather, the sacred eagle, the twin hearts, the twin flames, the twin beat, the oneness of all creation. You stand true to who you are, the protector the keeper, the one who shows the way, you are the eldest soul and yes, I know your body has forgotten. Will may the song help you remember. And if you don't remember email me. Email me and ask me what your Song is and I will sing it for you. And I will send it back to you. And if you don't' have an Email address, go get a free one. There is millions of free email addresses. Even if you can't get it until you get to the local library, you leave it there for you. You may contact His Holiness at You may contact White Buffalo Calf Woman (Twin Deer Mother) at It's simple as asking. Have you forgotten your song,ask you song, we will sing it for you. We will help you remember who you are. And soon we will have the sacred ceremonies for you so you shall remember. Come visit us at
www.whitebuffalocalfwoman.organd And soon and if you want to be a real warrior. Come to the heart of where the Great Spirits speak. Train with us and be the real warrior. Come know what family is, meaning to take care of the body and the soul. Learn to gather, learn to teach others how to come home. You are ordained my Red Man to be the keeper and the soul that moves the way of the sacred breath. and all you must do is go to your internet and type in Here you will find the entrance to the warriors. The Light from Within, the Light from Within. From there is a Joy that comes is the Dream. A Joy Light From Within. The Great Spirits ask us to call the Oneness of all the four sacred directions. And For YOU, we gift our very lives. We have come home to you today as the Great Star in the sky (Star of David). And our lives are dedicated to your knowing your own true heart. Walk along the Red road means to follow the law of love. And love means to know your brother and your sister as your relative. To know the rocks are the river of love. sow I will see you planting seeds along the way to paradise, the rolling hill, the yellow hill that we all been dreaming about. Start dreaming my relative, my beloved family. Aho, which means may your spirit fly. Aho.
Four Sacred Directions -Red (Twin Child, keeper), Yellow (Child, teacher), White (Father, a brave), Blue (or black. Mother, fire tender)
Twin Deer Mother and Holiness Running Eagle HolinessPeace Heart Song - Lullaby for the Twin Child Red Relatives Drumbeat Everyday, you'll go away, and you forget that I was here. Everyday you go to sleep and you dream that you aren't here. And if we are to find our way, the sacred breath that keeps us safe. Remember the heart that beats the way. The one inside who wants to play. Drumbeat Sow my children plant the seeds. Let joy come in all you see. The vision when you walk your way. And when you dream you see paradise upon the hill. And so my children plant your seed. And let your brother sister know you come home to me, and the truth is I will always be, the love of you and me. Sow my children, plant the seeds. Offer a smile in the breeze. Look at the wonders that you see. All the visions you bring home to you and me. Enjoy your treasure each day wherever you are. If the sky is above you listen from afar. but If your heart says I miss you. then all you must do is close your eyes and dream. dream of paradise upon the hill. the sacred place your heart knows that your coming too. The place you come and plant your seed and watch it grow upon the hill. And as you trek along your way upon the highest mighty inn, there lies within a treasure deep inside. It's white the light that all collides, where rainbows dream and skys provide the stars of magic in the night. Sow my children plant the seeds, give hope in all you dream. Today we come we watch over you, it's heaven that stands upon the hill. We shed our shroud of love upon you and know your love is still. Reach in your heart and you can see, the dream you've always longed for. The paradise upon the hill, the seeds that you sow. As I see the corn, grow it's mighty leaves and the stalks of heaven bleeds. And inside the fruit of all your corn, the magic for your thoughts that plant the seed. And wonderment that shrouded in form that you planted with all your seeds. Just remember to step along the hill and look for paradise in what you see. We Dream, we walk along the sacred path. A dream we call our home. Just reach inside and you will see paradise in your hearts dream. Drumbeat Just skip along and learn to play. No matter what the day will bring and suffering is what we do when we are in love with the blue. the reflection of our heart is shown in our relative around us, shed no more blood my brother sister unless we ask for blessings pure. receive your love of divinity to you. gift all you have, receive the love, that god gives to you. Do not take what is gifted, you need only ask. The willing to give you all you need today. my children it's all a gift for you, just remember to plant the seed. and along the way the corn will grow and show you the sacred way, just step and sow your seeds of time while the eagle flys overhead, it tells you time has come again to unify the soul. my heart speaks truth, when i walk the step, the sacred breath i breathe. my heart knows pure, when I trust my dreams, just give the law for sure. I tell you stop and show your brother sister and let them know you've come to show them the way. Don't walk away, walk toward them instead And you will see the sacred way. Learn how to find your heart in love and only walk this way, for hoops are only to and fro when we are here to grow. Drumbeat Take my spirit and show me how. show me how to be the sacred way, tell me what i am doing wrong and tell me how to be the right way. i forget you know i need your hand your smile your love you've come to me. just remember i'm your relative, the one (breathless) who loves your heart. I dream of paradise upon the hill, but i may not know my sacred way, sow my relative my red brother sister lead the way, show me how to breath. show me how to walk, don't turn away from me, your relative. I'm the bird in the sky, I'm the rock in the stream, I'm the heart that bleeds inside. and I know you forget i'm here, but i tell you I'm clear for you to see. just open your heart and look in the dreams you see, the ones you look at everyday, the sky above, the deer that play, the rabbit that hops along it's way. the smile my sister gives to me, the warrior who is brave and I tell you the one who plants the seed, is the one who knows the sacred way. Drumbeat White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness David's HolinessPeace Heart Song to Red Relatives Ends
White Buffalo Calf Woman
May 30 (1 day ago) Twin Deer Mother to Warriors and Elders Beloved Family, Today is our Peaceful Wisdom Prayer for our Global family. Please remember to send your love out towards the universe, our relations. His Holiness David and I have been extremely busy with the new gathering and attempts at creating an Army from Heaven. At the Elders Agenda meeting, Creation of Glory came from Heaven and spoke. She brought the story of the corn. Heaven asking, "Sing a song for her". She is from the Cherokee nation, this is her Song "Melting Pot Creation of Glory" Cherokee nation you are my hand of time. Cherokee nation you are my brother that shines. and my sister (Lakota) who comes to me in the west she says offers me the pipe to sing instead and i say, hey, i am the day and she said hey i am the night. and sisters and brothers we will be. and related a family. we will blossom together and shine all the days. we'll remember the flowing of yesterday. and the nights that bring us wisdom so we shine in the day, when we greet the morning star when it displays. I give you my heart, the heart of my life. the song that lives in the sky. And when I need my home I do not need to roam. I just look deep within me, inside. There the morning star lives inside of me. I can be free, a warrior I can be , when I know my family waits for me out there. I come home to rest with family in here. The Cherokee Nation is to lead the Army of Heaven. Lakota (highest honor-west) is the Heart of the World, leading the soul. Blue Lake, Taos People are the physical leaders of the world, leading the migration. This is the information I have gotten so far from the Oneness of God. I realize that many of you have to trust me, I hope as much as I trust you. I know some of you are having a difficult time, but if you have time, please read our Peaceful Wisdom Prayers over and over again. This is a learning process for all of us. Active-Indigos are Elders of the Rainbow Clan who support the Prophets of the World, the Indigo people, let us learn to keep our space blessed, as the impure winds of others flow through us. Let us pray today for them. I just want you to know, we send love to you, when you are in need. My heart always knows your need, even though we cannot always communicate through emails. I am here knowing you need love, and Holiness David sends it to you when you are in need, for I let him know. He is our foundation of love that unites all the renegades of the world who have walked alone, who now can walk united as the Holy Army of Heaven, the Rainbow warriors of prophecy. We have created the foundation of many domains and blogs as well as network groups. But this last two months really has been dedicated to the Sacred Ceremonies of the Sioux People which belong to the world. We the Elders have been very busy creating the unity of the four directions. Since today is a Prayer day, we will be sharing in prayer with our Advocate City partners in Palo Alto today. There is much to do to set up an army of Heaven, and now we are on the next rung, the radio and tv broadcasting. We have just bought four more domains to support the networking of native americans and relative of israel.,,,, We own these already:,,,,, and they eventually all lead to which lead back to (warrior and sanctuary) and (elders and purehearts) Remember anyone wants to talk, join us the number is on the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer each week, biweekly or monthly the way it is going. There are so many new RSS feeds to keep up with, but Saturday is always our heart path, the sacred day of prayer for the world. Reach in your heart and remember to spend time in reflection today. Spread the word, Saturday is the Sacred Day around the World. I love you so much I cannot even begin to explain, and I know there is so much for you to learn. The Native people are ordained to lead us as the Twin Child, the "keepers" of the other three directions. And as Elders, the Natives will lead us homeward, to knowing the sacred path. As the mother or heaven, Natives people the western shore at the horizon and father of heaven at the eastern shore the Sons of Israel. This is what the Oneness of creation requests, now let us all pray and share our visions and our dreams with each other. your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman, your twin deermother (flesh) elder crystal person "iyeshka or interpreter" eldest sun in the house of God
a song for you my beloved family today, now i hear your total song crystal-indigo-children and active-indigos, where does the music go, when i listen to a song? where can i find the path to run, when there seems no place beneath my ground? where can the sky turn green (sun rise is green sun, the embrace of one) when the sun is so blind? i can't find my way to you, but hey i want to stay? where when will the whipper will blow to sing the song again? I want to find my heart today, if I can only sing. I want to stay alive today. I want to know the sacred way. but it seems i am not going the way, i want to be this day, but if I keep taking my stand, and keep making my hand, the device of love that lends the heart of man whos gone overrun. Let me pick up my heart, and let me pray to sing. let me know my brother and sister again. what will it take me to understand the vision inside me is always at hand, just trusting myself can be all that I can stand, sow a seed today for the day again tomorrow, it's gonna rain all day, to bring the sun back to me and you. let us pray today, we find the loving way. let us play in time, let us find the time. let us pray all day. let us be sacred in our ways, let us be loving and kind, if i could only find my mind. sow the seeds i will but tomorrow will show the till, the bringing of harvest the place of dreams the golden path, the dream in me. sow i pick up my voice today, i sing and let all know that i am here again. i will walk and enjoy the trees and i will realize that they belong to me, the story of relative that long to be the heart of you and me is a dream. let our prophets lift up their stance and let their voices ring throughout the land, and willing to be the the hand of god, the one we pray the one we long for, and here we come together and unite in brotherhood,and our hearts will long to sing together when we know the sacred breath, until then, i will lift my cup to thee, i will set my sister to roam free, i will let my family come to me and i will gift my hand to thee. come home to us and know the sacred well, the light of love that dwells inside the head, just bless all you do and say and we will know our sacred way. let us rise and know today, it' takes only a prayer to know the way, for god is only the united one of us, the part that's divine the part that's us. and we are not alone, when heaven holds our hands and understands that we are here to lead, the family of god, the one in need. Loving you, aho may your spirit fly your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman (holiness david is sending you love)
Shavu'ot Jewish Year 5769: sunset May 28, 2009 - nightfall May 30, 2009 * Posted by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 30, 2009 at 8:00am Shavu'ot (in Hebrew) Understanding Shavu'ot Level: Basic You shall count for yourselves -- from the day after the Shabbat, from the day when you bring the Omer of the waving -- seven Shabbats, they shall be complete. Until the day after the seventh sabbath you shall count, fifty days... You shall convoke on this very day -- there shall be a holy convocation for yourselves -- you shall do no laborious work; it is an eternal decree in your dwelling places for your generations. -Leviticus 21:15-16, 21 Shavu'ot, the Festival of Weeks, is the second of the three major festivals with both historical and agricultural significance (the other two are Passover and Sukkot). Agriculturally, it commemorates the time when the first fruits were harvested and brought to the Temple, and is known as Hag ha-Bikkurim (the Festival of the First Fruits). Historically, it celebrates the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, and is also known as Hag Matan Torateinu (the Festival of the Giving of Our Torah). The period from Passover to Shavu'ot is a time of great anticipation. We count each of the days from the second day of Passover to the day before Shavu'ot, 49 days or 7 full weeks, hence the name of the festival. See The Counting of the Omer. The counting reminds us of the important connection between Passover and Shavu'ot: Passover freed us physically from bondage, but the giving of the Torah on Shavu'ot redeemed us spiritually from our bondage to idolatry and immorality. Shavu'ot is also known as Pentecost, because it falls on the 50th day; however, Shavu'ot has no particular similarity to the Christian holiday of Pentecost, which occurs 50 days after their Spring holiday. It is noteworthy that the holiday is called the time of the giving of the Torah, rather than the time of the receiving of the Torah. The sages point out that we are constantly in the process of receiving the Torah, that we receive it every day, but it was first given at this time. Thus it is the giving, not the receiving, that makes this holiday significant. Shavu'ot is not tied to a particular calendar date, but to a counting from Passover. Because the length of the months used to be variable, determined by observation (see Jewish Calendar), and there are two new moons between Passover and Shavu'ot, Shavu'ot could occur on the 5th or 6th of Sivan. However, now that we have a mathematically determined calendar, and the months between Passover and Shavu'ot do not change length on the mathematical calendar, Shavu'ot is always on the 6th of Sivan (the 6th and 7th outside of Israel. See Extra Day of Holidays.) Work is not permitted during Shavu'ot. It is customary to stay up the entire first night of Shavu'ot and study Torah, then pray as early as possible in the morning. It is customary to eat a dairy meal at least once during Shavu'ot. There are varying opinions as to why this is done. Some say it is a reminder of the promise regarding the land of Israel, a land flowing with "milk and honey." According to another view, it is because our ancestors had just received the Torah (and the dietary laws therein), and did not have both meat and dairy dishes available. See Separation of Meat and Dairy. The book of Ruth is read at this time. Again, there are varying reasons given for this custom, and none seems to be definitive. List of Dates Shavu'ot will occur on the following days of the Gregorian calendar: * Jewish Year 5769: sunset May 28, 2009 - nightfall May 30, 2009 * Jewish Year 5770: sunset May 18, 2010 - nightfall May 20, 2010 * Jewish Year 5771: sunset June 7, 2011 - nightfall June 9, 2011 * Jewish Year 5772: sunset May 26, 2012 - nightfall May 28, 2012 * Jewish Year 5773: sunset May 14, 2013 - nightfall May 16, 2013 For additional holiday dates, see Links to Jewish Calendars. © Copyright 5756-5767 (1995-2007), Tracey R Rich
Holiness Peace Prayer Song 08162009Title: We are going home! (half of the song) , Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, Drumbeat by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star
And then we are here, in time and space we are here, and I am here to speak the wind to you. My heart is telling me to say, that miracles are on the way, and if you could only believe it's true then you could live inside the blue. But if we try to see, the blue, the heart of you and me could be, the righteousness of truth today, when we all sing and show display. We are rainbow colors that are pure, and I say, that God lives inside your shore, to see to sea, from shining sea, the heart of loving you and me. The days of miracles are coming soon, but we will have to choose the blue, and when we walk the other way, then Oneness says, why don't you come to play. We are the gardens of Love, we are the willing from above, we are the blue of true, and the love that new, the place of heaven that's come home to you. My heart is loving you, but you cannot see the truth of how you planned your day, not trusting god today. You chose the know your way, the way, man's choose this day. And when you walk away from love, you make your choice from above. Separation is not love you see, how could you think it's in the breeze, but you forget to bless, the wind that goes across your face at night. And when the day, hits you blind as light, what makes you turn from love? What makes you think that man knows more than God? What makes you feel you have no heart inside of you? We are all apart of this great majesty, the display of all that's great, the land of my mistakes (perfection knows). And I want you to know, that's Gods living glow, and we must forgive them true, to know the way of loving you! We are four colors true, we are the loving that's coming home to you, the seasons of time you know, the heart of your living glow. Instead stop expecting the worse, Start looking for God' truth, and you will find your way, when you choose love today! Not rules but a heart instead, a loving gesture that's sent, the will of your heart inside, the truth of you, where you collide, the darkness and the light, is heaven and earth inside and you must choose love's sake, or you will be left behind, How could I leave you there? How could I leave you there, when you need my Love today, to take you all away, to paradise that's waiting for you, you just have to see the view, the place that lives inside, the glory of magic that we hide. Now lift your voice and sing? Now lift your heart and bring, the love that's deep inside, the love that's here to collide. We know the truth you and me, when love is free and loving thee, for we do not search for threats, we receive the love God gifts. And when you depend on the false, the money that's all of man, the light that brought us this way, but now, we must escape and learn a new way. For we are here to be, the love of you and me, and heaven has come home to us, where we collide and learn to trust. For love comes only when, we can accept the wind, the place of blessing need, the song of heart that you can give. Now lift your voice today, and sing I love god's grace, the hope of magic that's pure, the heart of love in all my family deer, my journey is one with you, you are not apart (separation) of me that true. You are part of me, and now you come home to believe.
That paradise is waiting for you, and I know that god is pure, it's love and you and me that place I dreamed this night and day with thee. Now all you have to do, is come home to the truth that lies inside your heart, when you dream inside the dark. The luminous flowing in you, the numinous flowing in you, the place I long to be, united true and blue, the royal family is here, they are called Rainbow Clan it's true, the ones who are the Warriors for you, who will fight tooth and nail to save you. For they will die for you, for they will live for you, for they choose love each day, and speak their hearts display. And when the anger come's home, just hold her in your arms, and say, I'm sorry dear, I love you more this day, it's true. I'm here to bring my heart, to you, your gift the smart (sting), but I will be with you too, when you walk away from the blue. But we say, we pray for your feet, that touches the ground that you keep, the place of rolling hills, the place you shed your tears, and if you hold it inside, you suffer more and collide, for you deny your heart. The truth of heavens that's sent home to you. Our heaven is tears you know, it's tears of joy to explore, the tears of sadness we bring home, the tears of joy, we explode. The glory of God, today, the glory of Gods display, did you look out your window today, didn't you see, glory in the day? The sun above did shine, the moon and stars did climb, to all the stories we tell, of hardships and loving tales. And we are glory to be, and we are glory in yesterday that's true, for we made it here don't you see, the heart of you and me. But now it's heaven sent, evolution is not waiting for you, we must walk with God right now, the fires light that gifts us clouds. The sky is turning red, and we must start a new way, the way of loving it's true, but we all have to trust the view, when you don't have money anymore, the coin you use, will be the coin of Gold, the one that's true inside, the coin of brotherhood. Will you gift love today? Will you walk and turn away, or will you receive Gods love, when they stand right in front of thee? I tell you truly my deers (journey), you need the child who hears, the song of yesterday, the song of now we play, let us go and have a party today, and let us have all of God's display. Let us have a good old time, let us have a picnic and have so me fun. And all you must do in your heart, is invite all the colors of the Rainbow, it's true! Start with blue (black), white and yellow and red, then you can begin to shed, the love of you and me, the love of God you see, the love of receiving thee, the love of brotherhood in me, and when I reach that place, my heart will know the race, the race of men who climb the mountains of all the time.
We call this evolution, the sacred direction that come, to live inside of us, to express the light and the dust. Now we must choose our hearts, for we have no choice but to start, to trust God's family, they call themselves Rainbow will you please, the colors of all that's sent. The colors of Warriors from each shore that's met, the places where we go, who gift us safe passage to the other shore. When we meet these folks, then we need know God has spoke, for we are loving thee, the family God sent home to me. And I am here to be, a part of loving thee, and now, we go our way, to show that God is here to stay. And we shall learn to bless, the fire and the walk about, when we light a candle today, or incense that leads the way, for blessing do keep us safe, from evil we call this day, but surely you can see the way, that darkness is pure when you bless the space. The numinous of God is here, the Heaven we adore! Just keep it safe for thee, and bless eternally, for when we bless the hour, we bless the wind and smile, for we gift love this day Just bless the wind, each hour of the day. And we can go home to thee, where Love is magic in thee, the place of God's home in thee, the place we dream about and where it's free. Speaking, speaking to the heart, speaking speaking to the heart, speaking , speaking to the heart, of knowing Love this way. oh, I do say.
We are going home, We are going home, We are going home to Heaven that's sent our way, here today. We are going home today, We are going home today, We are going to heaven 's sent. We are going to the darkness that is safe. Sanctuary is here, the heaven that states "I love you deer", the place of know God is here, when we show our hand so clear. Don' t fear the love that's sent. Instead, bless the numinous (flowing) that sent your way, just say, they've lost their way, and now I must save their day. I will bless them true, I will bless their feet to know, that God the great has come light a fire that saves thee way, the heart of loving thee, the heart of loving me. The heart of trust yourself, the heart of loving all God sent. I must only bless and embrace those who must walk away, but we shall come home when god Sends the fire to burn their blood. For fire and blessing pure will send them home for sure and I must embrace my family for more are coming home to me. And each day I walk with you, I walk and talk with you, I speak my heart to you, the child from heaven that's true..........................ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (talking) Will you say, "I knew what you were going to do", then you display, all that God sends not in your heart, but in your mind instead. You don't look past the gate and into paradise you see. You don't trust that maybe that yelling and screaming could come from there inside of thee. The paradise is when you choose that all that God gives to you is the hope of heaven's love that you choose love instead of walking away, just put your arms around those you don't understand and maybe they can teach a few things. The things you have been longing to know, but if you walk away, then you will not learn today. You will think that God did send, only hatred instead of the wind, for I learn each and everyday. From the actions that you display, your heart with wrenching pain and I know that God is here, but you don't look this way, and I have to bless the day, when you come back to my arm when you choose God again. But until that day you see, you will will have to suffer and bleed and we shall be the true, who walk along side of you. We will be true neighbors, the ones who come when called, but will only stay if you choose, the road of love and all that it use. But if you continue to be, unrighteous to me, then law you will hear, from my heart that knows the truth.
At 3:41pm on September 2, 2009, White Buffalo Calf Woman said… Beloved Mike, Sorry I had to delete your photo of armwrestling between Jesus and the Devil. Jesus is a Crystal Person and the Devil as many think of him is the right hand of God, they do not fight each other, but take care of each other. We need embrace the darkness, not oppose it. For darkness is our heaven, the evil is from inside of us, as we bring the numinous flowing of heaven home inside of our souls. This image would never happen, no even in playtime. There is much for all the family to do, but oppose one another is not unity of ONENESS. It is not easy to embrace the darkness, but how else will we bring it home. Darkness need only blessings, if they refuse a blessing and run away, then they are not by your side. But if we refuse their presence and do not offer blessings, then you shall be cast of them into a living hell of suffering. The Oneness calls this "chained to the railings" because they are not free to fly as they are stuck completing their karmic debts, until they choose love and unity, none come home. The last phase of evolution did not include the darkness or heaven or our souls. And now to claim our souls, we need claim the darkness of heaven. When the darkness is not always pure or light is not always pure these days too, we need only bless every hour of each day, to be safe. But to bless, is what many are fearful of. This will alleviate us, the sacred unity of the blessings. Trust the blessings, and come to receive yours, your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother. if you have questions, please pose them, how else will we know the answer. I may have the answer as a Crystal Person, but often I don't have the right questions, this is what I need my family for.
Beloved VeroniKA,
Very happy you came to be with us. Now about starchildren yahoo group (will have to check if I am a member), did I write something or did someone else share my writings? If you remember, that would be nice, however it really don't matter. We all have four sacred directions of the Rainbow Colors, this is why we are called Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. Many claim, but do not live up to this ideal. Three are colors that radiate light, but not necessarily, because sometimes some people will carry two dark points, instead of one, which is called Grandmother, our dark space, which is really white-dark-white-dark-continually and this color is GRAY. Now if we have three points of light, this offers us a reflection or light that goes towards a direction, like when light hits a side of something, but if there is four points like a piece of paper, a reflection does not occur. So we tend to have three points of light, to express who we are, and one point of darkness to hold us in place. This space is center space within, called Grandmother. All and I mean ALL beings upon Earth that we see, have Grandmother GRAY including animals, plants and rocks. All life has breath including rocks and we share Grandmother space with all being luminous and numinous. The sound ka, from the Crow, represents Grandmother space. When I hear a Crow nearby, I always welcome Grandmother into my heart. And we have Grandmother people, like Grandmother Going Places Richard Harris. Once a Grandmother person Adam had a person take his picture and it was as if he was invisible. Now for me this was understandable, while others were perplexed about the whole thing. Grandmother Space is the embrace of all atoms (adam) and as a Grandmother does, care for all the children. Grandmother is from heaven who is descended onto earth. We fly from our belly button, and not from our third eye as many new agers think. Look how Native (eldest souls) people stand, they tend to relax shoulders and allow the tummy to protrude, as this is where we fly from and to other spaces. We are all bound by Grandmother space. Within all the many colors, the very middle color is yellow often seen as strands or ropes of light which is often seen by true Indigo People who are prophets and great teachers, but all of them have all of society to forgive as they society wanted to tell them they were crazy and forced drugs upon them because they can see truth in the light realm, while people like me Crystals see truth in the dark realm. Grandmother space belongs to all of us. And the recent native, Imaitaki Thunder Walks, a green person, Rainbow Colors blessings of his soul tells us this: Gray: I am with Grandmother each and every day, I am with holiness and it's display, the heart of envelopes that hold me close, for I can worship all the truths. Days and nights, hold me near. Have my heart close to yours. When the shadows come to me, I will bless them all set free. But when they seek to hide from me, the many doors into the breeze and I can say I love you more, because it's Gods open doors. The spider who weaves our destiny, is here to hold us in the breeze and when we come home to be with God upon the rolling hills and up above. It's grandmother! It's grandmother, its more than I can bear with her. She must endure all that's unkept, for she must open the nasty nest. Grandmother, Grandmother, come hold my heart and let me rest. Let me weave inside of you, and we can hold all the views. Grandmother, Grandmother, hold my head up Grandmother. Keep the heart of everyone, all together under the sun, Grandmother Grandmother, you often send crows to hawk at us. We can offer you more than love for you endure all from above. Grandmother, Grandmother, I love you more than words can spell. Grandmother, Grandmother, I have come home to your love. Brother Shawnee, a blue person, says this with his blessings: The last of the colors we all share inside, this is the way, that we can survive. This allows us to be the perfect royalty, when we listen to Grandmother (grey) who walks around us outside this day. These people are part of everyone, because they are the open and darkness of the sun. The tender of fires that lie inside the dark, is where we all go to open up and dream. The Grandmother is the space where we all collide, and Blue is the Color where the heart is felt. Sister Gathering of Flowers, a green person, with her blessings: Now we have a mighty open ocean out there, and we can't see but we are guided in their, and it's Grandmother, who we all share, the embrace of all space the spider does know. My granny does love you more than others who glow because you are fearless and because you show, how to bloom in the garden when others don't swim, you come to know gardens that shine in the sun. Brother Earth Bound, a golden person, with his blessings Now what is left but greatest fold, is Grandmother who often holds, our heart our light, our deepest dreams, for if we have to travel, she is so bold. She is the way, we know the heart, of those who gift us so many smarts (stings). For when we are down, we remember to dream, inside the space where we always sing. She gifts us light, for she does hold, every single molecule that beholds, the radiance that brings us home, to lands untouched, the rolling hills. Here we fly to know the way, of hearts of dreams, and who does say, the catcher of us, when we fall, the heart of many open doors. It is Grandmother who offers us so much space, the running wells of untold dreams. She offers us new ways to be, when we allow all the breeze to flow inside of me to you, with Golden Light with so many views. Brother Buffalo Man, a magenta person, with his blessings Now the last color is Grandmother Gray who sings, to us in our dreams and holds us in our light and waking hours. You see Grandmother is space, the space we walk about, and they are real people who are here right now. They often walk with Elders, of the souls, who are Flesh children, and like Grandmother who walks this way, she takes care of the young. But what does this have to do with you, it has to do with everything, for Grandmother is the doors to destiny, the many doors you guide them to. You may have the key, but she is there to bleed (law of love) to show others how to be, when they choose a way. She is in our dreams, awake or asleep you see, no matter where we be, she is standing there with us, this day. The darkness we must collide, in order for our lights to shine. She gifts us liberty, to shine our lights upon the sky. We are a reality, because Grandmother holds us near, to the heaven that we came from, to know the way of the sun. These are all examples left on as well as real meanings of Indigo and Crystal terms, as the world has everything lopsided because we tend not to listen to other but speak at them usually like most groups do. So it is refreshing to really speak to someone, rather than someone speaking at you. It's like they are too lazy to read or receive. And I know they have not learned how, and that is why I am here to clarify all who do not understand truth. For the many white calves mean the many crystal people who bring laws of heaven to earth, as this is evolution unfolding, as we enter the third phase of evolution, and not the fifth as there is no fifth phase, however this understanding is really the knowing of the blue of me and you, where water goes is where hearts flow, the reflection of all related or relatives. Einstein called it relativity, and expressed that space folds and bends, which is truth as he is a Crystal (christal) person who knows truth, like Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, Moses and others too. These people will be despised and not loved in their time, like I am, because I bring truth, which many do not want to hear. The only other Crystal who has spiritual written works is Moses, and he left law unto the peoples called the Torah. I am the only other who writes and speaks truth about spiritual life. Now Einstein is a crystal and left scientific works, which is truth, but he did not trust himself, but his calculations did not fail him. Even today, we are proving what he said was truth. He created a new type of math resulting in relativity. And there is a spiritual deity called Manjushri, which is the expression of a Crystal person. They call Manjushri the master of science. The Oneness of God gifted to me the mathematical calculations of all of space and time, which shall be kept with the Suns of Israel as ordained by God. I am only the keeper as Holiness David and I are the House of the Beloved Children (star of david). However, the most important fact here is this, these calculations will take years to understand, and I am not supposed to speak to anyone or share with anyone until the Purehearts of the Jews come home. But in the meantime, I can speak the Rainbow Colors and the Native American storytelling language, the star language, to all who come near me. Jews ordained on eastern shore. Natives ordained on the western shore. All the rest of us, are part of the eternal circle of ONENESS we call God. I offer blessings speaking the truth in the star languages. I can interpret any image, language by sound, and any questions of spirit, and the most important fact is that I am a gift and servant to the people, and I give it all away. Holiness David and I live on the streets in a motorhome helping all who come into contact with us, as we follow the migration homeward as the star of David. And take instruction from everyone and everything, no exclusions. Grandmother is part of Heaven upon Earth and like a Grandmother who is pure, we feel loved. This can fill some with peace, like being rocked which is joyful. I once had a Grandmother visit me and embraced me from Tunisia, where I was totally rocked like a baby in space. It was wonderful, but only felt this once from a Grandmother. He must have been a true medicine man, who knew love and forgiveness. But to be truthful, only a Crystal person can bring peace to any soul, by purification, allowing the soul to be free, as we gift the treasure, the lesson, some call karmic lesson, and this is why people always blame us for everything. By the way, we have another Crystal sister, her name is Tonkunee which means Blue Dove. Blessings come in every shape and form, yet I am the only person who can offer you Rainbow Blessings of your sacred four directions and it seems, sing your songs from your souls heart and colors breath. When you ask, you learn to receive. And if you learn to receive you can allow others to come into your lives with their hearts song or comments or anger or whatever their feelings are. Joining the Great Give-A-Way is to learn how to RECEIVE. For heaven is receiving (blue road) and earth is giving (red road) and when we cross these roads, the heart (blue road, dark) and breath (red road, light) , we glow the rising star within, the wisdom of the yellow way. Blue, red, yellow are the only colors of light in the world, all other colors are generated by these three colors. When we use the voice spoken from the heart and use the flesh to do good brotherly works then we tend to do what we say. Haven't you noticed that people don't do what they say? This is because they walk two roads, and are not united within, to know the yellow way of wisdom. Blessings are examples and heart songs Try looking at for internal teachings and for external teachings. A blessings is when we receive others with a spiritual purification like when you go to a priest to get a blessings or even by a friend who offers you blessings. It uses the words, "I bless you". Any of us can bless anyone or anything. This is what we are teaching others to learn, how to constantly bless to keep space purified and the use of fire is total purification and cleansing. We clean our houses without, now we need learn to cleanse our spiritual house within daily too! We all have six directions in the perfection like the star of David or a crystal snowflake (no two are alike but each have six sides). Four belong to us like a house has four sides and two which flow like the wind to and fro, like water of tears, through our house. This flowing is how everyone travels Grandmother space the heart of our souls which fly to and fro. This is what needs cleansing everyday, others come into our house without our even knowing, and we need cleanse our spiritual house so we don't feel bad like others do. Often we claim what others feel as our own, and when you do daily blessings, you are cleaning your house and don't feel bad anymore. Blessings cleanses our Souls, the tears of knowing of years of flowing, the river of God in the wind. Great to hear you are a teacher to our young minds, who are starving for truth and as you learn more being around me, you will be able to tell them truth too. Truth validates us, and make us whole, like our kids want. They know the world is a farce, and they want change. This reminds me of a teenager who asked about the New World Order to his teacher. Now his teacher denied it existed and so did all the other teachers and parents, but when he opened his history book up, it said exactly these words, New World Order. They are not dummies our kids and we need treat them as intelligent and feeling beings they are. One of the things the Oneness has requested is going to schools, so anytime you want to set something up for the kids, we can arrange it. But let us work together for awhile. We support Frienet Education or Free like the Natives used to teach this way and even the white man today still do it, called internships. The kids decide what to learn and we give them the tools to accomplish this. Many Colleges around the States offer this type of education now. Difficult kids are often the brightest and most intelligent, because they simply don't want to conform, like most true Indigo children. And as we are changing in evolution, so are our kids. What is different is that Parents and Educators are noticing our children but our kids have known for quite awhile. Many are writing about Crystal and Indigos as just coming in, this is just not so, we have always been here, but now, we are only recognizing the evolutionary changes in our children. So many are making money off our children, and this is just wrong, this is called slavery. Selling our kids for money and speaking false words, just for a buck. Making our kids ginny pigs to their experiments, just like we do to animals who are innocent and helpless. I say to kids, when in doubt, check it out. I do understand about time (groups), but we are relatives not just another group. We help others and our children and will help you anyway we can in the physical realm and not with just empty words. This is what makes a Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy as they are learning to do what they say and being responsible for their space and others around them, being servants to others before self. You know, Holiness and I were going to counseling when we got married at a local church, as this was what I wanted for Holiness David and I. The whole time, the minister told us to not stay married and that it would never work. Well he just didn't know how to help a Lavender person like Holiness David nor could he handle a Crystal person like me who only spoke truth. When we started on the streets as missionaries, we asked for some help. He wrote a paper saying that "we had no business helping others when we couldn't help ourselves" and at the time we never said we were helping others. He just made the whole thing up, just to speak against us and put himself in the limelight, just like a Magenta person as he is. He did not keep his word with us nor did he help us. He was not a nice person, but there were other reasons for this meeting later down the road ordained by God. We are servants to others and the most nicest people I know have been those who had nothing to offer but their love. Helping others is first according to God, and not second regardless of what one owns or does not own and this is called Brotherhood. All things belong to God anyway and we are only caretakers. I get furious with people when they sell religion. This is a gift from Heaven and not of man, and it's always free, just like love is. I can help you learn skills for the difficult kids with the law of love. And it's not easy, but if you really love these kids, then you will try to be a good role model while teaching them life long skills. The blessings teach one to manage the dark space. And you can teach about science this way too. Giving birth to twins girls and then twin boys looks like God wanted to teach you something. You see we are all called Twin Hearts, this is why we act like others. Twin children show us this really well. However, this doesn't mean their rainbow sacred colors are the same, as you know your own children. This is why even identical twins have different personalities, but similiar behaviors. I am called Twin Deer Mother, because I Twin the Heart of Others, and this is how I know what they feel inside of them. We all have some ability to do this, we call a sixth sense as it blows in the wind.
Awesome you do quilting. I love to do this but don't have the time, I used to join a group of women quilt, but it seems such a click and they were selling the works for not much, but only for their friends and this was a church group. Yesterday, I found some great quilts with many hands, and I will attach here for you. And Tonkunee does needle works and I also do beading and other artworks and we have a group for sharing these gifts. We need teach others to create. I am glad you are getting validation with our quilts later on, as everything is our teachers. Pearls are the colors of a Crystal person, the radiance of pinks and blues, the sky colors, when in the light phase, by the way, the colors have four directions but also have a reflection and luminous like waves. I am in my light phase and Tonkunee is in her reflective or dark phase in life. This makes a combination of eight colors which is Holiness the eternal circles of the figure Eight, combining two hearts or two roads, the blue and red roads to make yellow rising within. You even notice how people go through the seven year itch? Well this is what happens when we change from light to dark, which happens around seven years but not always. When in light we get everything done we want, but when in the dark phase we can't even seem to go to the grocery store, because we are entering creative phase. We must create and change our ways. Many times people get hurt during the dark phase to look inward, our heaven.
Yes, quite a gift when a quilt is gifted to another, as it takes hours and hours of work. A blanket covers us and make us secure when we are in need, like a house of God, the sanctuary. We feel embraced like Grandmother space offers us. Always bless all your works for this is for their safety not only your heart is in this blanket, but the heart of all that touched the materials from beginning to end. Blessings purifies the blanket for the exceptional gift. A crystal person can feel everything and everyone, from beginning to end. And our Crystal children and adults who don't understand, get really upset and will not like being around something that is not blessed. It is not safe for them. This is why Holiness David blesses constantly to keep our space safe, as I am the eternal child, the White Calf. You see, you signed with blessings. Now offer a bit more. I bless you, those who are not pure will leave you quick as they fear, those who receive your blessings will receive your love too. This is always what we do, when we don't understand, after the blessings, the ones left standing is the purehearts. your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your twin deer mother elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter ``````````````````````````````````````````````````` dear one i know that you will write when it is time for so take it nevertheless looking forward love and peace veroniKA "Holy Spirit" ```````````````````````````````````````````` From White Buffalo C... to veroniKA beloved veroniKA, have not forgotten about you, soon, alright love, calf woman ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` From veroniKA to White Buffalo C... Sent Sep 9 thank you for your welcome i found your site through starchildren yahoo group it is interesting that you talk about the Grandmother as a few weeks ago someone told me that this Grandmother energy fills them with peace and joy can you please tell me what you mean with ask for your blessing(s)? i teach maths at high school and do lots of other things there as working with so called difficult kids and so on in the afternoons so i do not have much time to be around the sites now as it becomes more and more "necessary" to be there and here live for the kids i gave birth to twin girls and seven years later to twin boys and i do quilts with pearls and so that are often "pics" for things that reveal years later... each quilt for a person who takes it as cover when going through their processing hours days and... blessings veroniKA
thank you so much for your answer, dear sister i feel at home with you explaining the Grandmother and blessings and so much more i know - that point is behind the heart - it is where i feel it one thing why i still go to public school is that i know that i can make a difference from within what already is to be felt there - and the purer i get - i once sat three nights in my bed and recited the phrase" i am pure" all nights and with each sentence one glibbery bubble vanished the clearer is the message i bring there - only by being there and loving them as they are .. the teaching is just a medium for that - i love them so and i know from my own exeriences how they feel - i had the "luck" to mostly have had teachers who did not try to change me and parents who did not drug us - i once worked in a clinic for those kids where they were brought into because of getting onto drugs and only by holding them or sitting them on my lab they felt better - i was not long in that institution, as the kids told - in their joy - what i did and the psychiatrists did not like that.... you said." I can help you learn skills for the difficult kids with the law of love. And it's not easy, but if you really love these kids, then you will try to be a good role model while teaching them life long skills. The blessings teach one to manage the dark space. And you can teach about science this way too." yes please... one evening in july i did a blessing ( now i know that this is also called a blessing) with a student (in a meditation) - i often do similar in the evenings - then there were many people who came for it, too and the last that came was the school building itself and said "i also want to get blessed, as i also want to show the joy to all who come here every day" that brought tears into my eyes as there was so much love in it and these vacations on august 17, there was a fire in the school house that burnt many things free when the sons were concepted there was a broad golden ray coming down into me and the father to them was ill for nearly a week afterwards i both times prepared myself nearly one year for them before and my mother died two wees before they were born so that she could be with us in the birthing room - she was in koma for more that two months but she showed us what a soul can do when LOVE is invovled - as she took all her power to get off all the machines and being able to go on herself - she said good bye to my father sitting on her bed - the sun shone bright from a high blue spring sky - and closed her eyes herself
all my quilts get blessed when doing them with each stitch
thank you for your sent pics
it seems i do them that those who use them get covered when i cannot be there for holding them directly in my arms...
and they are around the world
bridging heaven and earth
thank you for your blessing from the bottom of my heart and yes it is as you "offer a bit more. I bless you, those who are not pure will leave you quick as they fear, those who receive your blessings will receive your love too. This is always what we do, when we don't understand, after the blessings, the ones left standing is the purehearts."

it is immedately...
some already left

it s the frst time that i can feel it

my heart became more open
my sounds became clearer - i work a lot with breathing and sounds on myself

(the lion and the eagle and the snake bearing the lotus)you see i am not a native speaker
but i know you know what i wanted to say

as i know
you are member to starchildren group
you wrote a short sentence there a few weeks ago

i bless you for all that you are and do with all the love within and without
in gratitude

please sing your song have you ever heard the song of a craw once i sat on my balcony meditating then a craw came near sitting on the branch of the maple tree looking at me singing in sounds i never heard before go on come on fly with me and then we flew together the next day she already sat there waiting for me i had to step into a fire first the cloths then i myself and when i came out of this fire i was an eagle flying high above the earth grateful for this wonderful abundant planet
sei gesegnet in der reinheit deines ICH BIN be blessed within the purity of I AM sei gesegnet in der vergebung be blessed within forgiveness sei gesegnet im jetzt be blesses within the now segne deine gedanken bless you thoughts mit deinem ICH BIN with your I AM ICH BIN LIEBE I AM LOVE ICH BIN LICHT I AM LIGHT das licht des reinen kristalls in dir scheint the light of the pure christal within you shines

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