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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tab Rainbow Warrior's Agenda, Archive

Rainbow Warrior's Agenda

Power is the light (physical) and love (soul) working together as the tree of live and fountain of youth equals equals happiness doing what is right! The Soul moves in this order, according to the laws of love (sound), in the physical realm of lights (rainbow colors).

First step is joy, you learn to dream.
Second step is the Warrior, you learn to protect love (sound of the
Third you become the Caretaker, where the laws of love are
applied within the laws of light. You serve others in their needs.

From the center which we call the race of men (heaven's flight has
touched down upon the earth, where unification takes place through
holiness, sacred deliverance), the reflection (blue or relation) of
the oneness within and without. let the plan of love (heartbeat and
song at the eternal motion at the fountain that springs tears of
joy or suffering, the deep waters of the ocean blue, the reflection
of me and you, within our dreams in the darkness of heavens soul
flight, the constant like water that never stops flowing and finds
it's way allowing and receiving all the oneness has to give.

Remember how it smelled the cleansing, like after a rain's water
that blesses and gifts life again. renew within, where joy of
dreaming flows.) and light work out and may the door be open to the
pure hearts forever and ever to dwell in love and light to restore
the power on Earth to invite all homeward with a blessing and

Walk the Way, Seek the Vision Quest
Great Father and Great Mother Directs all at the Eastern shore 70 the sacred circle

Red road-, the law of love, tree of life, the physical realm, fastened to the earth allowing the wind (from water, soul body) to flow through the physical body (fastened and still), creating sacred space and sanctuary, through seasonal celebration and daily creations of joy, the flesh. From the point of view of love, within the heart of God is Oneness (Blue Lake), let love stream forth into the hearts of men. (light the physical body) (law of love, sound, directed by the soul body. Eldest is the Red Man, the Star Journey. Spirit of the Lake).

Yellow way-, the law of the eternal spirit, fountain of life, the soul realm, flowing to and fro of the heavenly realm allowing the heart from the eternal knowing of perfection, to guide the physical body (light as tools) for the journey, the breath. Power, will of men. Light stream forth into the physical realm of men. Let Light descend on Earth. Let purpose guide the Rainbow Warrior--the purpose of Kingsmen to serve and know where the will is known. . .Point of light within the mind of God (oneness) from the center the Golden way. (heart is the soul body) (law of the light directed by the physical body).

spiritual being - when the tree of life, the physical body, can fight for love and allow the true heart of the eternal fountain to flow, the reflection of the heart, the soul body, a mirror to your feelings we see in each other through the blue waters and blue sky. This can only be done, if we care enough to share as contributing relations. We walk the Red Road, the law of love, by doing what we say. We walk the Yellow way, the true heart, by voicing our feelings.

white man- father nation, NE, leading the world of luminous..

yellow man- child nation, NW, teachers of the yellow way, "law of spiritual love".

red man - twin nation, SW, "keeper of the reflection, the red road, "law of physical love".

black man - mother nation, SE, leading the heart of numinous.

Vertical horizon - north ( land mass peninsula) golden (white and yellow).

Vertical horizon - south ( land mass islands) brown (red and black).

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