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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tab New Members Please Read, Archive

Welcome New Members,
Here are the basics. You are responsible for your space, even while with us. And it's simple, just say, "I bless myself and I bless the world". We are a dedicated working agenda team. We are the House of David, the beloved children of God who arise as the Prophecy of Rainbow Warriors. Natives are ordained as Eldest Souls, therefore this makes them our Keepers. We shall recognize their wisdom and strength once more. Most Ning Groups are Social Networks. This is a Religious 501(c) faith in action, A Joy Light From Within. Org. Please read for more information at We have not bought or sold anything in the last six years and lived on faith. This is not easy, but trust brings love. We trust Heaven and all they choose to be Ordained from Heaven. Elders are extremely important to the world and we need place them properly within communities at large to teach integration of the Great Give-A-Way, our way home to the Brotherhood as we learn to gift in honor. We are all related.

"The tasks of these "Warriors of the Rainbow" are many and great. There will be terrifying mountains of ignorance to conquer and they shall find prejudice and hatred. They must be dedicated, unwavering in their strength, and strong of heart. They will find willing hearts and minds that will follow them on this road of returning "Mother Earth" to beauty and plenty - once more. The day will come, it is not far away. The day that we shall see how we owe our very existence to the people of all tribes that have maintained their culture and heritage. Those that have kept the rituals, stories, legends and myths alive. It will be with this knowledge, the knowledge that they have preserved, that we shall once again return to "harmony" with Nature, Mother Earth and mankind. It will be with this knowledge that we shall find our "Key to our Survival".

Below are the list of Profile Questions you answered upon entering this group! It's to let us know where you are in your understanding of walking the sacred way...

1. Do you have a website? Website Address?

This tells the Host or Hostess (Rainbow Warrior or Elder) what you are doing in the world at large. What do you spend your time doing! And how do you contribute to your community. We take a look at all url links. We want to know what you are doing so we can help you succeed.

2. Do you practice fire ceremony every day? Yes, No, Ceremonial

A fire ceremony means a living fire. Now Holiness or Lavender people carry the living fire, but the rest of us do not. And this means that we need carry the living fire with us as we bless during the walk about inside your home, moving from room to room then finally spinning counter-clock wise (soul's journey) to finish your blessing practice for the day. Some of us need do this four to five times a day.

Now what constitutes a living fire? It can be anything that comes from Mother Earth's body that can burn and create a flame, like incense, sage, gas lamps, candles and lighters. There must be a living fire to purify once a day.

If you said yes, then you know that to walk the sacred way blessing all life keeps your space purified.

If you said no, then you do not know about Heaven and it's integration. Therefore, elders will help you understand Heaven, our numinous space. Light is embraced by the darkness. White light is pure, and as it gets darker and darker, it can become less pure. This is when you need bless the darkness again returning it to it's natural state (not of light but pure darkness). The impure becomes afraid and runs away as we await their returning someday. We provide law of love and stand fastened (flesh) and receiving all hearts that need validation, even the downright nasty. We listen, validate, then give law. The law of love along the red road. Two hearts unite first, then we talk. WE are now able to negotiate, but not until then.

This need be done with the Dark Beings who enter our space now from Upper Heaven and Lower Earth. We are folding together and we need learn how to share. There is no other way. Folding means we literally have less space. The daily walk about and fire ceremony offer yourself, family, guests and heavenly numinous beings sanctuary in your home.

If you said Ceremonial, then you understand what a fire ceremony and cleansing means. It is a wonderful feeling after you bless the world all around us. Due to the folding of dark space with light space, there is an important need to shift into sacred thinking and acting. A true Heaven and Earth within and without. Daily is necessary.

And we, the Rainbow Warriors and Elders would appreciate it if you would please start practicing this walk about in your home to begin to provide yourself with sanctuary and offering us sanctuary when you come to join us. Be sure to bless often while within this group. And in fact, you might as well start blessing all your groups. I remind you, this is a Pure Heart Network. Love is law.

3. What type of Reflection do you practice daily? eg. meditation, prayer, yoga

Most of us reflect without thinking about it. When we stop at the roadway light, we reflect. When we peer out a window, we reflect. When we remember times past, we reflect. But why do we ask you what you do daily? It is because, when we reflect upon our lives, we enter the dream state. This dream realm is the world within, our little piece of Heaven right here upon Earth. Our very dreams dictate our lives. In a time when so many want to control your every action and thoughts, it can be difficult for us to start thinking for ourselves. We are so unhappy about so many things in the world. We just don't remember that this is evolution and we are part of the Greatest time that begins, Heaven and Earth. Paradise can be outward, if we start to learn how to do it inwardly.

Daily practice to reflection allows us time to be with Heaven and with our dreams to create a better world. Our hands and our feet must learn to walk the talk. And talk the walk homeward along the Red Road. If you don't know your guardian spirits, find out or ask an Elder. If you don't know how to reflect within yourself, then find out or ask an Elder. We are here to serve one another, let us show the world how it is done Rainbow Warriors. Please look at the Rainbow Warrior Agenda to offer you a peek at what we are trying to accomplish here, as we try to manage data and distribute it to the world with Heaven's LAW.

4. Do you gather with your family daily? yes, no, sometimes

If you answered sometimes, this means that you have reunion of the heart infrequently with family. Or you get together out of of a sense of duty. Many times member of family do not communicate very well, even living inside the same home. Gathering brings hearts together into the dark space. This means we end up using right brain activity or creation. Inside where we do not see is the realm of the numinous heavenly soul space. We are living light, a four sacred color being of the Rainbow Colors which lived within each of us. Since we are the flesh of living lights, then you must realize we are embraced by the darkness, the numinous flowing space, we call Heaven. As you can see, light and darkness needs each other. If we do not share in bringing hearts together to experience joy during Gathering, then there is a default, which is sorrow. Both shed a tear, both use right brain creation, both share heavenly space during this reunion of souls. We will be with Heaven, the numinous as we are Earth, the luminous. It is vital that we shift to know the Heaven within ourselves. As you do your daily walk about, remember to forgive someone each day and learn to guide others homeward to knowing the happiness of Heaven within their own space, a sanctuary will be born full of dreams.

When our hearts came together during this phase of evolution we are leaving, we did not know about Heaven. It was in another realm, away from us and separated. Now, Heaven is inside of us, and part of our beings. We are evolving as we enter the greatest journey, the Dawning. Here in the third rolling hill in time space is folding, and this means Heaven and Earth must now share the same space together. How shall we get along? Only by Walking the Sacred Way will joy fill your life instead of sorrow. We will experience Heaven, which do you choose joy or default, sorrow? This means you need make a conscious effort to integrate with Heaven and learn all you can about Space, the sacred and blessed space it can be, if we remember to bless our darkness, we call Heaven.

Start by gathering with family and playing music daily. Dance and have a party. A planned mini-party, a celebration where hearts are united and sharing joy. Now remember if we don't spend time in joy our Heaven which is upon us now, then we will abruptly be spending time in sorrow. This is law. We are sharing space now, and only sacred and blessed thinking and acting will bring happiness into your life. But mostly, if you want to contribute here at White Buffalo Calf Woman. Ning then you will need to start gathering with loved ones right away, in order that you will know how to receive our love into your life. We the Rainbow Warriors and Elders know our Heaven and share with Heaven in our dreams whether awake or asleep. WE will help you, and it will not be easy, but we will hold your hand along the way and give you all we can provide for your sacred journey and mission from Heaven.

If you said no, then welcome home! You can see how important it is to gather now with our family and friends in unity. We dare say we are never really separated and have been related to one another all along. Now we are starting to remember our Souls and our Dreams. We are having visions and experiences that tell us there is more, even validating all that has come before us.

If you said yes, then your responsibility is to guide others towards their own hearts reunion to joy. I bless your heart beat as you help others on their Vision Quest to Heaven upon the Earth. Paradise here we come, the gathering of glory. I bless your foot step that your heart may be reunited with Mother Earth once more.

5. Do you know what a Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy is?

If you said no, then please click on the link to Prophecy by Eyes of Fire. She states, "There would come a time when the keepers of the legend, stories, culture rituals, and myths, and all the Ancient Tribal Customs would be needed to restore us to health, making the earth green again. They would be mankind's key to survival, they were the "Warriors of the Rainbow". There would come a day of awakening when all the peoples of all the tribes would form a New World of Justice, Peace, Freedom and recognition of the Great Spirit. The "Warriors of the Rainbow" would spread these messages and teach all peoples of the Earth or "Elohi". They would teach them how to live the "Way of the Great Spirit". They would tell them of how the world today has turned away from the Great Spirit and that is why our Earth is "Sick". The "Warriors of the Rainbow" would show the peoples that this "Ancient Being" (the Great Spirit), is full of love and understanding, and teach them how to make the "Earth or Elohi" beautiful again. These Warriors would give the people principles or rules to follow to make their path light with the world. These principles would be those of the Ancient Tribes. The Warriors of the Rainbow would teach the people of the ancient practices of Unity, Love and Understanding. They would teach of Harmony among people in all four corners of the Earth. Like the Ancient Tribes, they would teach the peoples how to pray to the Great Spirit with love that flows like the beautiful mountain stream, and flows along the path to the ocean of life."

If you said yes, then I count on you to live up to this as much as possible, by using your voice and addressing agendas for educational purposes for all the world of four directions. As we enter the Third Yellow Rolling Hill in time, let us remember what Yellow Chief tells us, "I accept this challenge!" The blue road of the heart and the red road of the breath lead us into the Dream State. We await the Dawning. But as we walk into the Valley of the Shadows, only those who walk and talk sacred with the inner illumination will be able to know the paradise that awaits us on the other shore. Near four years to go and we have much work to do. Build an ARMY and guide the Migration around Mother Earth into Safety. Many know of prophecies, but those who listen to the Great Spirits, both Great Father, Great Mother and Great Uncle shall walk into the darkness brighter to see the way for others. We shall be the hands, the all seeing eyes of brotherhood, who join together one by one. United we shall stand.

If you just weren't sure how you feel after reading or about your own heart, then listen to your relatives who are here. Your family from the four colors will provide you with true relative relations. We will bless you and unite our hearts with validation, try to help you, even disagree with you and when our hearts are exhausted and our eyes have filled with tears, we shall embrace with devotion to each other again. Those who do not care to speak or who do not participate for long periods, we your relatives ask you to ask questions and participate. We are here to help you succeed and to guide you to find your calling or vision quest. If you continue to be silent or unable to hear the calling of your heart, we will automatically place you in the third hoop "Songs of the Heart" in order that you may receive teachings of evolutionary changes. We invite all members to join this group, however those who do not use the voice or the spoken/written word will receive more Songs of Heaven and Earth to provide you with the embrace of Heaven during your time in reflection. The warriors who defend thee stand guard in the halls of justice around the world. We consider you to be important even though your voice is not singing on top of mountains, we know you will be coming home as soon as you can. We await thee...

6. Are you a seeker on a Vision Quest?

Spoken truth of Mañjuśrī-kumāra-bhūta, Sanskrit meaning "Gentle Glory", Elder Crystal Person known here as White Buffalo Calf Woman, your "TwinDeerMother" who reads your tree of life and interprets the num...
Walk the path of the Golden Warrior through the “gate of no gate”* where Holiness and Peace abide together upon Heaven and Earth. Here they become the Beloved children of light as One Multi-colored Rainbow Clan, for these Golden warriors fly free across the Holy Jade Temple within and bridge between the worlds. As they dwell in the House of David1 as kinsmen upon Mother Earth's Plum Blossoms2, they become the Paladins to the Golden Age. These champions do not seek battle, yet overcome the opponent. The Sleeping Dragon3 within the Golden Palace dreams the glorious song of victory as the sweet fragrance fills the flight, flowing formless. The numinous4 nameless Golden5 Warrior knows the true master dwells within. The Golden (Rainbow) Warrior Path who walks the way . . .

The luminous way (fire's light and sacred purification) of the Entire Rainbow spectrum of colors is White Light, often referred to as the Whiteys in many Songs of the Heart. This is the perfect white snow flake that shows the perfect warrior on mountain peaks (the perfect crystalline formation). A white Brotherhood is when Warriors follow the Yellow path of the Dreamtime (soul's fire light, an illumination from within) and the Red road of the law of love (flesh, red road) united in self with the voice of their dream, the heart is known (the blue road). The Blue Heart (numinous)and Red Breath (luminous) cross and unite to become the Yellow Way, the light of the Sun is White, the sum of all colors. Knowing comes from the garment of lights we all carry, the physical body, and the song of our hearts, the soul body, this we understand as the wind. When we understand the sacred walk of unification, we become the Whitey, united as One family of the Rainbow Clan. Father Sky from Heaven, the Cosmic Father, we call the Sun in the Sky, who is the Golden One who openly fears the unknown stars and plans the way, driving us forward to new worlds and new gardens like Earth. The Sun in the Sky radiates Golden Light and Greets Grandfather who descends as White light, like a cloud on a clear day, upon all his children and feeding them with rays of love and devotion for growth. The White Man is the sacred direction of the Father Nation and thus appears to walk ahead of the family, caring for it's needs (Body Elder). Black Man (light is always a male principle, the image) is the Mother Nation who suffers for her family of Oneness the most, the blue of me and you (reflection, the blue heart with tears that flow), my Black/Blue relative knows the spiritual song and heartbeat. Yellow Man is the Child Nation, who always becomes the Teacher of Wisdom or insight to natural law. The Child leads the way with the Dream. Red Man is the Twin Child, Eldest Souls who are the Keeper Nation, attending the Red Road, the law of love, helping the family find the Dreamtime upon the Rolling Hills. The Sacred Circle come home to us and know our Oneness again!

With all this said, one who seeks a vision quest, is attempting to look with the eyes of the heart, rather than the eyes of breath and luminosity. Some of us have more skills into the realm of the numinous than others, but all have access the feelings. Our feelings is what we need learn to use as we walk into the Valley of Darkness. For we must shine a light from within the heart to illuminate the way. Some of us know what a vision quest is, others really never think about it. But all a vision quest really is, is a dream. We dream while awake and we dream while asleep. The true difference is the one who seeks to find answers to the questions walks with wisdom. When we seek knowledge (yellow) with the true heart (blue) we find that we are able to follow the laws of heaven, the law of love, the red road. Greeting another's heart especially when there is conflict is what we all are subject to. If we live in a society that depends on defense as a way of life, how do we break the cycle to become united in LOVE? We validate the heart. We move with the dark space, the pure blessed space that knows the wind that flows, the two sacred directions of the to and fro. We listen with the heart and we trust ourselves. Offer the sound of violence, anger, defense and hatred validation. Greet the heart, saying, "I hear you!", now law has been gifted, the unification of two hearts! Here the Warrior steps in to speak the full heart. Never walks away, but awaits others to depart, seeking always to resolve issues for the good of the community. This only happens when we can validate and listen to the heart of our relatives.

This is especially true when it comes to Spirit Beings. As numinous beings are darkness, it can be hard to visualize, so we get glimpses of them, when the light refracts just right. This happens in dreams awake or asleep. The vision quest is one who is on a mission to seek answers. To share stories of the heart. To watch the animals, plants and rocks tell their stories and mostly to the guardian spirits who walk with us, they all teach us about darkness. And DARKNESS is HEAVEN, and this is also the law of heaven the heart of the woman, the numinous flowing of the heartbeat. Her feelings tell us when love is not in the air. WE need listen to her calling and for him, the mighty warrior who comes to rescue the heart, his greatest tools is the embrace of the heart, with big open arms. Let our hearts unite, then we shall negotiate and solve all our problems. Love is the seeking of vision, the truth of see (light, male, earth) to sea (dark, female, heaven). As we share more with our relatives, we find ourselves validating all within that flows, the knowing flowing of Greatness of the double rainbow.

There are sacred ceremonies used to promote sight with the heart, often using various drugs. These like all peoples who use drugs, are seeking the glory of heaven, when the plights of earth get heavy upon our hearts and the tears flow freely all day. But, alone and no heart make the vision quest an unfavorable situations, often leading to destruction and sometimes death. And even these methods get us over the horizon and into another realm. We need learn that walking together safely, with "keepers" who hold the sacred ceremonies in their heart, teach us that we can walk as relatives along the red road, the law of love.

Elders highly recommend sacred ceremonies to promote the vision quest. Please ask for assistance from Elders who have access to these celebrations. Soon, the Spirit of the Lake will provide us with the Nine Sacred Ceremonies, and ordained will be the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Peoples. As the "Red Man" is learning to listen to their hearts, let us be the physical embrace they need to know we have returned home to them once more. The vision quest is for us to enter the magical world of heaven which lies all around us and is the embrace of all light. With exertion of physical stresses, we can often experience a cross over between realms. And when we have sight with the third eye and seek with our hearts, we find we become Warriors of Prophecy!

7. Are you a healer? Working with Extrasensory?

8. Are you a member of the second hoop Rainbow Warriors or inner hoop of Elders? If you are please gift us the "Clan, Tribal Name or Internet Group!"

9. Do you understand the Great Give-A-Way?

10. Do you know how to keep your space blessed?

Visit these tabs next! These tabs lead to the agenda here at

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Song for you today July 07, 2009. Warriors of Prophecy at WhiteBuffaloCalfWomanNing.Com

Mighty stands here today and I hand the land away. To gift the heart of Brotherhood, to gift the breath of living sight. Where do I go? Where might I add? Where does the road go to and fro? Have I just made too many stands or am I only the keeper of the land? We can be the bow of majesty, when we choose to follow the rules, of God's embrace the law of love. And here we stand upon the hill. For the Great Spirit knows which way to go and we follow them each day we grow. And if we trust the hands of God, then we know the way home is here. My heart blossoms throughout the land and where I go, I make a stand. For God's sword of justice comes to take the Reigns to give the Love, to give the team. We can do this, if we trust in thee, our Brothers love our Sister's glee. Can we trust faith forever today, or do we learn to walk away? The rainbow warriors of yesterday, came and went the other way, and now we know the only way, is to the heart, the heart that prays. We know the way, of the sacred day, is when our relatives all live instead of death inside, the death of time, we are here to grow and play again. We are here to grow and play all day. We are here to know, that God is Great. The image of which you art thee, and we can be the flowers pure, when we trust God, the one above.

Bless thee...
Sung by white buffalo calf woman

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