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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tab Agnda WBCW Ning, Archive

Welcome to Agenda for White Buffalo Calf We are please to have you with us, our beloved family.

1.Art , 2.Soul Flight, 3.Native Dancing around the world, Indigenous "Keepers to the World of relations", 4.Rainbow Warrior Prophecy, 5.Cradle Boards, 6.Medicine Bags, 7.Leather Crafting, 8.Basket Making, 9.Craft Lore , 10.Masks, 11.Beading , 12.Craft Kits , 13.Pottery, 14.Bow Making, 15.Flint Knapping , 16.Sewing, 17.Carving General Crafts , 18.Tanning, 19.Clothing, 20.Medicine Herbs, 21.Gourd Making, 22.Weaving, ART OF ? "eg.CHEROKEE, Arts and Crafts of the ? "eg.Navaho" ,23. CRAFT LORE , 24.INDIAN LORE, 25.BASKET MAKING "Basketry", 26.FLOWING WATER "Blessing Sacredness", 27.BEADING, 28.NATIVE AMERICAN BEAD WEAVING , 29.Equipment, 30.Storage, 31. Tools, 32. Getting Started, 33. Jewelry, 34.Canoes, 35.Fishing, 36.Patterns, 37.Loom,38.Drying Meats, 39. Herbs,40. Knotting, 50.FINGER WEAVING: Indian Braiding, 51.MAKING INDIAN BOWS AND ARROWS,52. CLOTHING , 53.Animal Care, 54.Native Women Dress, 55.Native Men Dress, 56.Resources, 57.Water care, 58.Tree care, 59.Tanning Buckskins and Furs

60. Traditional Dress of Native Americans in the nine major cultural areas of North America( with an emphasis on everyday or "work" clothes. Individual items of clothing are then discussed in detail. Among the many items included are skirts & aprons from a variety of materials, dresses of many styles, capotes, robes, leggings, breechclouts, shirts, breastplates, parkas, hats, moccasins cradleboards and sandals. Selected pieces of dress clothing, primarily from the Plains, are discussed. Included are drawings, patterns and ideas for making replicas of primitive clothing. There are also sections on how some people currently live in buckskin year round and surprising facts about native clothing. Every piece of clothing has a meaning. We have taken many spiritual flights and we can surely say that in the reflection, native spirits continue to repeat, that everything worn has a meaning. Let us focus on this. The meanings and stories you know from the heart),

61.Quilters, 62.blankets, 63.Indian ribbon work. ribbon work, 65.templates for various ribbon work patters, 66.easy to follow instructions for multiple ribbon work patterns for dresses, 67.straight dance suits,68. shawls and many other projects, 69.TRADITIONAL DANCER,70 seeds, 71. canning, 73. diviner (finding water), walking thru walls, painting from a mile away, reflecting more than one person, etc you know new skills, which are really old skills just recognized.

The list is only the beginning of so many subjects I know to be true. thank you each and every one who contribute information. you are a contributing to the site this site was created out of the need to rise the heart and spirit of the native peoples everywhere, when who rise to the knowing of the soul become the Keepers of the World. Keepers need relations to take care of. and so the many colors have been born. Rainbow Clan welcome home. Now, this is a list of creation projects, but creating a bridge or skyscraper is also creation projects, but what we are looking for are projects one - six persons. To assist the gathering of all nations to come together. If you have ideas that are not on this list, just leave a comment below and we can attach it to this list here for all new members to see too. We need your voice, the voice of God within you!

your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman "twin deer mother"
ps. will update this page as I see more and more subject arise. You can leave your comments below. aho, may your spirit fly All data is contributed for booklet or online information that is freely gifted to the world!

WE are part of the GREAT Give-A-Way. As the Image of God, we aspire to be like the Great Spirits Mother and Great Spirits Father who guide us through the luminous and numinous. Great Spirits gift to us all we have and know to be. Aho, may your spirit fly! 

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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