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Saturday, June 12, 2010

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Home Gathering Daily

Daily Fire Ritual Blessing with family every single day by doing the walk about!

Now, when you learn to do this. Spend time with family in joy. Singing, Creating, Sharing together every day. Work up to one hour per day dancing, music and joy.

When you are able to spend one hour a day, then you can move up to walking the way!. Meaning finding joy in all things, even when you think it is a bad thing. This dark event may well be Heaven who is directing us to be one with God, by becoming a Creator him or herself. This is why many have accidents to get them to enter into reflection and prayer time with God. Instead of pain, your intent is to fill self up with the Love of Heaven instead of running to Heaven to rescue us, we are part of rescuing Heaven. We are preparing for the arrival of Heaven upon Earth.

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