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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tab Children of God, Archive

Children of God

"3D people are fun to deal with if you have the right intentions and a knowing of how to deal with them and not be overwhelming is also a good lesson in its self. I have only met two people that are close to my age that understand any of this and only one has a better comprehension of it but she is still in fear of different things. My mother has helped me in many ways as far as discernment and grounding but she still doesn't grasp a lot of the things I am in tuned into on a universal level. Most of everything I have learned has been on my own.........."
Bart, 20

I was speaking on the phone last night with a friend of mine in Los Angeles. She is an actress, and frequently goes out with friends to discuss the newest trends in the "the business," as well as other powerful topics. She told me a story about our tiny Star Children that I simply must pass on.

A waiter in her favorite restaurant in West Los Angeles could not avoid overhearing the conversation being spoken at her table one day. He stopped by, and said to her group: "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I simply must be part of this conversation." She and her friends were speaking about Spirit, and especially about the Children of the New Earth.

The waiter told them: "These New Kids are so amazing me to me! I've never been particularly psychic, but I am regularly having children come in here, between the ages of 2 and 6 years old, and telepathically give me their orders for lunch." He says he can actually hear their voices, speaking to him in his mind. Apparently, this waiter gets specific, detailed orders for food—transmitted directly from the little horse's mouths! Clearly, the power belongs solely to the kids. In all other parts of his life, he claims, there are no telepathic incidents. My, those little ones. How they shine!
Daniel, 54

I was watching videos at the home of my friend, Albert, one Saturday Night. I was getting ready to leave, and when I walked out on the porch I was hit by a brilliant light, that shone all about me. At one point, I could actually see through my arm. I collapsed on the porch, and waited for what seemed like eternity before Albert opened the door and let me in. I knew everything changed when I was struck by the Brilliant Light. Afterwards, I began to see what others could not. I searched for answers and discovered Healing. I awakened and I discovered that there are others of my generation that experienced the Brilliant Light. Some call us Indigos.
Joey, 21

I guess though it really didn't hit me that I was "Special" until age 17 which would be the late 1980's. It was a school night so I was in bed by 10 or so just like any other night. Well at some point I found myself behind an expansive brick wall with a swinging wrought iron gate. When I peeked through the bars of the gate I saw a vast green field of grass with a line of people all walking in one direction in a zombie like state though as if they were in limbo. Anyway, I went right through the gate and began walking with them and that's when I noticed that the vast plain of green grass began to slope at the horizon. At the lip of the bowl there were bare trees all along the perimeter. As I got closer to where the land began to slope I noticed my feet were no longer on the ground. I was floating. I floated right up and over those bare trees looking down on the tops of them. Then I looked up and saw a great white light so beautiful no words on this planet could ever describe. It was pure knowledge. Pure love. And I went right into it and found myself crying before a goddess or deity of some kind. She was the embodiment of femininity. She radiated it from her translucent self. She had long jet black hair, blue eyes and a light blue dress of some sort that came all the way down. She was motioning with here arms in a dreamlike way to come to her. So I did and went into her arms and she told me everything would be alright. When I hugged her it was like I could feel the love flowing from her. So that's when I knew for sure. This was not my mom telling me or anything else. This I found out on my own.
Brendan, 32

All my life I've had very weird ideas and even odder perspectives and dreams. You will know when the time is right to 'take the red pill' God oh God I love the Matrix. Sign of the times, for real!! I was very antichristian, and now I'd say that his message is more than any of these self-proclaimed Christians can or will handle. In other words they call the shadow half, ''the devil" and see it personified out to dupe them, when in fact it is the shadow testing them so that they may conquer that and evolve the spirit and ego simultaneously. Another thing that has been pushed a lot to me is the fact that this change will be engulfed with visual activity. A little Tool lyric.... "So crucify the ego, before its far too late and leave behind this place so blind and cynical and you will come to find that we are all One Mind capable of all that imagined and all conceivable, so let the light touch you and let the word spill through bringing out our hope and reason.....before we pine away!"
Anonymous, 20

Your interpretation of Star Children is very accurate, but you are missing one very important "feature".......We the star children feel…. Feel ….feel…...feel…..Do you understand that? We "feel you" even from far away, we feel the people around us all the time, we feel your feelings, your mood, your intentions, your love or hate, your humor, in other words…. Your state of being. For this reason we live in constant awareness of what is going on around us. And in most cases that produces anxiety. Please do not try to organize the STAR CHILDREN into a society, much less with present world standards. That is why we "rebel". We do not understand your standards. My advice at this point is that you please do not try to figure this out…… just feel!
Giacomo, Age unknown

Innocents: The first eight examples were gifted from Daniel Jacob 2002, as he writes about Star Children. He moderates a Yahoo Group where children and adults are looking for answers.

Many stories have come to my ears, children who can run in the wind, who can see with their tongues (man too has achieved this), see with their ears, hear with their eyes, and open rows and rows of flowers to blossom at once as well as move contents of containment, transfer them outside of containment, then move contents back into the container holding original substance. Theses are feats of the new age. I have hear of young girls in Korea who can dance on swords, and men in India who can bury themselves underground for six months and live to tell of it. And medicine men in America who can paint walls a mile away. Or heal a broken leg with a song. Or even keep the raging forest fire contained by talking with the Trees, done by Native Medicine. These are the Heavenly aspects of Earth. We are now realizing these abilities and learning how to use them in our everyday world. And it is changing, from one of seeing with vision, to a realm where vision comes from your eyes closed. Here the dream world, creates the earth world we live in and by holding the hand of another can we join in unity.

Recognize our children have great abilities, learn who they are. For in the first year of life, you can learn a written language. All you need do is share the written word with the spoken word with "touch or image", and wha la, magic, you have knowledge. When the unseen is brought together with the seen, we integrate. This is natural for a child, now let us learn from our Children. Let us learn to be integrated with Heaven inside our Hearts and Earth outside our Bodies, we walk united when our hands share a vision.

The Giants of the Underworld Below the Oceans told us this, "All is for you to have the riches of the world, we gift to you". says Giant Goddess Blond Woman. "Share the all seeing eye with your related, let them know that it lies inside the palm of the hand. The four directions which give life in your right hand and the thumb which shows you the way (the souls journey, female to the right). When my eye joins with your eye within our palms, then our vision of brotherhood is known across the land." says Giant God Warrior Man. (between them was an empty giant king's throne). What is fantasy, now becomes our reality. Welcome Heaven in to our Hearts and integrate with this Dream and bring it home to Earth, the paradise of our dreams.

Children and Adult Children of the new age, the third phase of evolution and yellow rolling hill in time!
Prepare for the Dawning! Time for Dreams to come Alive . . . the kids are back ~ ~ ~ the teachers have returned.

written by

White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 15, 2009 at 10:33am
Myn in Numbers code: 0= Release, my, soul or self 1= Is, done, this or now. 2= Join, compromise, partner, friend 3= Trust, myn, blessing or prosperity 4= Support, through, means or convey 5= Receive, accept, grant or present 6= Joy, laugh, serve or content 7= Work, ability, enable or capable 8= Build, form, store or structure 9= Action, feel, move or test.
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 15, 2009 at 10:31am
Xenoglossy: The ability to speak an unlearned language.
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 3, 2009 at 9:58pm to date Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 5:43 PM subject RE: HLN Other Thank you for the comment. While we are unable to personally reply to every e-mail, your comments are important to us, and we read each and every one. Please do not reply back to this e-mail, as we have staff that categorizes comments, questions and story ideas accordingly. Comments become part of the viewer response report that is prepared and made available each day to our producers and senior management.
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 3, 2009 at 5:39pm US/HLN By Sabriya Rice CNN Medical Producer -- Calvino Inman teenage boy who is bleeding with his eyes. Cnn Staff Relative, These kinds of children need help, but medical world does not know how to help them. I, White Buffalo Calf Woman, can help children like this, as this is a spiritual phenomena, as we are migrating into the next phase of evolution. Can you get me his contact information? Thank you, your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother, elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 3, 2009 at 5:10pm
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 3, 2009 at 5:08pm
Relatives, these kinds of stories are children we can help! Contact and track them down, so we can help them, alright, good luck and I will try to write to the Editior, but you can say, you walk with White Buffalo Calf Woman and that you are a Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy! your devoted servant, calf woman, your twin deer mother By Sabriya Rice CNN Medical Producer Decrease font Decrease font Enlarge font Enlarge font (CNN) -- Calvino Inman had just stepped out of the shower one evening in May when a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror caused him to panic. "I looked up and saw myself, and I thought I was going to die," says the 15-year-old from Rockwood, Tennessee. His eyes were streaming tears of blood. Doctors are still searching for a medical reason for Calvino Inman's tears of blood. Doctors are still searching for a medical reason for Calvino Inman's tears of blood. Inman's mother, Tammy Mynatt, says she immediately rushed him to the emergency room, but by the time they arrived, the bleeding had stopped. Doctors couldn't see what the family was trying to explain. They returned home completely perplexed. When the bloody tears returned a few days later while Inman was on a camping trip, he was rushed back to the hospital. Mynatt hoped that once doctors finally witnessed the phenomenon, there would be answers. But that wasn't the case. "The people at the hospital said they had never seen anything like it," Mynatt recalls. She says her son underwent an MRI, a CT scan and an ultrasound, but none of the tests had abnormal results. "'We don't know how to stop it,'" Mynatt remembers being told by doctors. "It just has to run its course." Dr. Barrett G. Haik, director of the University of Tennessee's Hamilton Eye Institute, says there is an answer, sort of. He says "crying blood," a condition called haemolacria, is common in people who have experienced extreme trauma or who have recently had a serious head injury. But a case such as Inman's is still a medical mystery. "What's really rare is to have a child like this," Haik says. "Only once every several years do you see someone with no obvious cause." Video Watch more on the teen who cried blood » CNN Newsroom Meet Calvino Inman, the boy who cries blood tears, and Dr. James C. Flemming. Friday at 10 a.m. see full schedule » Haik and a team of researchers published a 2004 study in the Journal of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery looking specifically at children who developed unexplained, spontaneous episodes of bloody tears between February 1992 and January 2003. Only four cases were recorded. Because of the rarity of the condition, experts anticipate Inman will have multiple tests from a variety of specialists, including hematologists (blood specialists), ophthalmologists (eye specialists) and otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat specialists). Dr. James C. Flemming, also an ophthalmologist at the Hamilton Eye Institute, has been in touch with Mynatt and her son. He is reviewing Inman's medical records for possible treatment. Flemming says complications to look for include blood clots, a growth or tumor near the eye, or even a simple infection. He also says the culprit could be something so tiny that none of the standard tests would pick it up. "It's a very hard thing to estimate," Flemming says. "You may have to watch expectedly for other symptoms to show up." Health Library * Health A - Z Inman's analysis would also include a psychological evaluation to rule out the possibility that the bloody tears were faked. "When you can't find an origin, you can't eliminate any of the possibilities" Haik explains. He says there have been cases where children seeking attention have found creative ways to simulate haemolacriatic symptoms. Still, Mynatt and her son are relieved to at least have more guidance. In an interview with CNN affiliate WATE, Mynatt was near tears herself explaining her frustration: "I just truly want somebody to say they've seen this and they can help us." And that's at least one reassurance Flemming and his team of experts at the Hamilton Eye Institute can offer. "We get more positive talk now than negative. It really feels like there's hope," Mynatt says, relieved. advertisement But still, the possibility remains that after endless tests, the underlying cause may never be found. In all four cases Haik examined previously, the bleeding stopped on its own. "As physicians, that's disconcerting, because we like to have the answers," Haik admits. Moreover, he says he knows from previous experience that the toll of not knowing is much worse for patients. "I could always see the fear in their faces because no matter what we studied, we couldn't find an answer."

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