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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tab Spirit Medicine (Soul Flight),

Spirit Medicine

Today, we live to be our Souls, we don't quite understand how this orients with our lives as we know it to be.  When we dream asleep, we think this is normal behavior.  And when we start to dream and vision while awake, we feel we are in a minority.  Yet, we know something is happening to us.  A change that is permeating the world.  Everything is spiritual and nothing is religious.  We feel separated from what was and what is to become of ourselves as beings of light.

It is the beginning of a new era.  While one world as we know it is falling apart.  Another world is starting to grow within.  And the powers.  It's uncanny, but I've known all my life, but just did not realize, the potential.  However, the greatness within me knows I must seek.  And as a Seeker, I must shine like a Sun from within. I consume desire to be, to journey into my dreams.  But how do I long for the stars and have my feet up Mother Earth?  I dream...

This Shaman above is dancing with deer horns.  And it is the deer (journey of our lives), that shows us the promise of the Great Migration of our Spirit.  It is the journey, that guides us along the path of Autumn Springs (third season, water carries our souls, gushing forth), where Golden Leaves (fall from the tree with harvest abundance) share righteousness (walk with truth), and believe in all they seek, as one arm and leg (united), to find a heart, that always gives. 

As we dance in the sun light, we hold the Rainbow Streams within our sights.  We journey to new realms, we have always known, but now it seem shown to us, in many extra ordinary ways.  And to my surprise each day, there seems to be more and more like me this way.  I soar, to know more.  I seek to find answers in my mind.  I am going to fly, through my minds eye.  My spirit will know the birth of my dreams.

White Buffalo Calf Woman takes spirit flights once a week with others, and she invites you to join by telephone conferencing.  But first email her at  Our events are recorded, in order that others may indulge in the experience of the Sacred Spirit Flight with our Souls.  Please visit, to get a general idea of what happens. Those who attend usually find a healing occurs during the journey.  And with a group, we experience soul flight together.  

It's very important, that when we dream we fly in space.  And it's natural.  Learning to act like this is normal experience is realization, that we exist because of each other.  And it's the oneness of God, that offers to us, the greatest experiences we could of even imagined. 

Many have dreams and visions, but interpretation is done by friends, professionals, guides or shaman.  However, it is the holy (wakan) person, who can offer you truth (versus fraud) to the world. The person who regards the spirit as part of the whole being, who walks and talks the path of unity between two realms, where the Golden Path lies is the follower of the eternal rules, bow like the rainbow and use love. Here we are journeying, you and I, to a new dimension of our spirit where Brotherhood begins, the eternal circle of ONE (two rainbow are one). 

These are the days, when the realm of flesh and light collide with soul and dark, to become the hero of tomorrow.  For this person, will know how to see with their eyes, but also to vision with their hearts regardless what the perils may lie.  This strength and knowledge seeks out heaven's door, with embracing arms, awaiting any surprise it may throw our way.  For its the Golden Age of Brotherhood, where we become beings of the Rainbow light.  And in each of these colors we radiate a Sun Dance. This illumination shares the hopes and dreams of all of us.  Those who learn to navigate with others, will gather, and wander over to the garden of paradise we dream.  First we practice.  Then we succeed. 

Join us and bring your friends, for an exhilarating spirit journey of your life. Traveling with White Buffalo Calf Woman ensures that the Law of Love is kept within reach of our journey as she and others vision and share alive by sound waves as well as our spirits.  We shall begin by taking the Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey (Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight). 

For Spirit Medicine for Relatives who are too ill to attend, you must only ask.

Please email

White Buffalo Calf Woman charges nothing for services, however she expects you to join the Great Give-A-Way, and share your gifts with others, while treating your Elders with respect. Visit

Gather a witness and follow your calling. Don't be invalid, to what you are knowing. Trust that your inside is stronger than you think, because I am waiting for you to bee free. It's my soul that dances lately.  It's my flesh that wanders forth, but how do I reckon with opposing forces. I must fly high to the sky, for that's where my soul will release.

One person walking and talking about you, telling you that I love all the lessons.  God gave me a mission to crawl upon the earth.  And I am going to realize, it's part of my girth. There is the sign.  There is a dream.  There I unfold what is blind.  I know I can realize, if only I start to find time, to meditate my life, into a heart, that doesn't lie.

Standing here like a tree, speaking my heart, with so much disease.  I want to release me but how do I get free?  Harmony isn't going to come out of me. I must dance tonight. I must pray to this fright, that I could treat others unkind.  And I will have to begin a new way, to learn to start and pray, blessing all along the way!  

I shall be free . . .forgiveness lives in the breeze! (forgiving each other)

Holiness David Running Eagle says, 
"You must consciously think about forgiveness." 
White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "Fire ceremonies please!"

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