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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tab Hearts Song In Each of Us!

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Hearts Song in Each of Us Flows

Ask for your song and you will see, the love that lies deep inside of thee!
your devoted, Calf Woman

Rainbow Family,
The song flows from the One Song of Unity we call G_ah_D, when the soul is flying the song of the pure. We often do not hear our own hearts song, but a Crystal Person can hear all the Songs of the World and sing them to you to bring Peace back into your heart again.

Below are a few examples that are gifted to all who ask White Buffalo Calf Woman. Email her at or for your hearts song! Or just leave a request in the comment box below! Aho, may your spirit fly!

The Song of the Heart of Holiness Rahhiib Down Below "tell me what you want", the House of Daniel, Lavender Person

In that heart inside of you is the living breeze of love. The truth that sets you free, the heart of you and me. The drum (master drummer of the heart beat is Holiness and Sacredness) will be the true love that keeps the truth. We are not free until, the day of pure come home. I wait for Her (souls realm of heaven) to come and breath upon the Sun (physical realm of earth). I take the Blind (unable to see own perfection) with me and know the coming Breeze (wind from the waters of reflection of the living heart of Oneness) will set my Mother free to know the love of thee ( Lights of the beloved children ).

Time has begun, until the Spring of sun, the notion of undone, is only the beginning run, so let me go be free and know the blooming breeze, the place i run home free, the place i know of thee, down below "ka-hah-toke." (The place where the heart's path walks the sacred gardens, when the feet touch the body of Mothers Earth, the place light and darkness join and begin the journey.)

Hearts Song of Lisping Wise One, the Eternal Bells Ring Truth, Elder Blue Person
Terrible news can take a sway (turn, curve of law of love) upon the midnight train, there once came the bleu and knew it was you, and the news come tumbling away.

Now if the train had gone (turned away, without waiting) and belong to the gun (shooting angry words or violence) then i would have to renew (purify), it again. Keep it tight to the reins (horse represents the soul body) and belong to the main (Oneness Embrace of Dream Space), the fundamental train that keeps us dry (on earth, land, the law of love, united). Tell me whispering meadows do occur and winds that take me away, i am here to feel the muse of every poor soul to use. But if I am not here (the blue waters of the hearts reflection), where could there be air, for breath is the reason of life. The flowing deer heart, is knowing the plot, the place of where the heart starts.

Tell me the train didn't go that way again, and the news it was kind in the air. Fore told we will be the measure of three and i tell you what do we care? I have to know you you know it's the blue, the place where the heart never roams, I have your heart deer, I am the pure ware of loving the embrace of kindness pure grace. so in order for you to know eternity, i tell you truly do give a care, give a hand make a stand and willingly defend the land and keep faith that god is here and has a plan. I am here with you too, i defend the blue, the heart of every musketeer, (One for all all for one), can you see the way, the light that is all Grey, the kind of light that gives dreams a new height, I am the way of love and hearts play if I learn to be God's slave. I am the servant of more than we believe because we are the same way. Forever, i keep to the stand forever, i bill (ow to the wind (a vision of a sails on a schooner), and i find my true heart knows the way. hooray.

Holiness Peace Prayer Song 04102009 Can I be .I had a Dream, singing the heart of the reflection by white buffalo calf woman
drum played and the sound of the step, Red Road, by Holiness Running Eagle.

Can I see the rising sun, Can I see the the setting sun, Can I see the walk of life, Can I take a breath of life, Can I be firm as a tree, Can I be a spirit that soars, Can I be all the love God gives me, And can I be the one you adore.
Can it be I saw the sun rise today, Can it be I dreamt of the perfect dream, Can it be I can make my dreams come true. Oh Can it be joy inside of me.
Can it be my love for thee. Can it be the wind in the breeze. Can it be the stars in the sky. Oh, can it be the smile i receive
I have a dream, I dreampt last night i flew in the sky like a bright mighty dragon. I carried a sword and i was a knight and i could defend thee throughout all your plight. I had a dream i was a warrior pure. I dreamed of you the God i adore. I smile i got when i walked down the street. I am god, in you divinity
every night i lay down to sleep and i have a dream that carries my through. it's the dream of love that i share with you. it's the one i love, the one of blue.
i see your face, (take my breath away) in everything. i see your face everywhere i go. i see your glory in every majesty.
i see my heart apart of thee. every day i dream i dream of you. every day i sleep i dream for you. every day i awake
i step for you to know the glory of loving you (tears)
of loving you (breathless)
of loving youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuohoooh

Holiness David "Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star" holding the low note of earthly knowledge in the step of the heartbeat
(sung by calf woman) of loving youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

<><><>Drum like the sound of a string, vibration like the ebb and flowing of a wave<><><>

Song for Grandparent Going Places, his heart ring true!

Everybody tell me, where have all the flowers gone? Tell me what does majesty do when there is no one to look upon her? My heart is enveloped with love for her despair and I don't' know what to do? But I know that I love her and for always I will be true. for the time of my reckoning has come home to you. I will shout and speak my voice so you will stop and look at me. i will gift you my love forever you will see. My destiny is written in your commanding grace, just let me out to go and play.

When will the daffodils come once again to spring? When will the shine of man begin to glow? I have my heart beat that's set to overflow, the loving erupting spring of love that's pure. sow, i tell you I love you and now I'm going home. To tell you that we are here too

The time will continue so we might as well dance and have all the good times ahead, sliding down the rainbow pure. My song gift to the many who long to find their souls and I say, don't be blue, it's right inside of you, my children my kinsmen for sure. The place of your destiny is deep inside of you, just let me look and we will turn the key. My heart is blossoming even in the rain. The refreshing soul that drinks it in, again. I have the many embraces by my light (numinous) and they just don't know I'm here. I rock you and hold you until the day, you will see that Grand mother is here to begin. The way of eternity has only one door, just look inside love and you will see. The place God gifts to eternity.
aho, (may your spirit fly) ah (heaven's crystal door)

sung by white buffalo calf woman "twin deer mother" elder crystal person "wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter

Great Spirit Mother Tell Me When the Sun Goes Down heart's song

Its always blinding when the light shines it's day. I'm forever finding the dream that's on it's way. It's the river flowing. It's the glory knowing. It's my heart that stands on top of the hill. And I see, my children below me.

In the valleys, in the shadows, i come flowing like a wisp of the the wind and smoke that knows the way. and I travel down into the valleys. Am I my children lie waiting for me. Where they hide not knowing understanding me. Heaven and dreams inside tell me I'm with you, when you sleep and sun goes down.

Now were flying down. down. up the hill and down the hill and up the hill and down the hill we go. see the flow. see the grass grow. and the wind blows. and i see my children in the shadows and the light, and I see all my past and i see all my delight. and all my tears that know you, that find you when you are alone. don't think i don't know when you need heaven's embrace tonight. for in the heavenly dream land, in the far off distance shore, within the brightness inside of you, I adore you. my children. I adore you. and we fly to to the moon to the stars, in the heavens and we fly back around all the planets rocks upon us, and we come home. and we come home.

Deer children I can see you with your antlers tall. my deer children and your tail that flows afar. and the movement back and forth and the white that's to and for and the straight line that guides the way to a heart journey on display. we are rolling up and down the hills. and we stop and find some green grass. we feed our bodies and we nourish our selves to journey over the rolling the hills. over the rolling hills over the rolling hills. over to the moon and back in the dream time in the dreamtime.

Remember me, remember me my children when the sun goes down. and stars shine bright above you remember me I'm here. I embrace you in your walking dream.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 12, 2009 at 6:20am
Song today July 13, 2009. Warriors of Prophecy Song WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com
Wonders of God live in my hand, when I see that all can find within me. Warriors come home to rescue the land and give back to the stores of the land. For Great Mother is here to teach us the way and I know she will bring us home. And lead us all the way. We are here to be the STARS that lead with a Great Light, and I know that inside of you, there is room for growing more. You amaze me almost every day and I have to take a bow. And make it shine, for Rainbows are on their way. My Great Light that lives in thee, come and welcome all the (Rainbow) Clan. Tell them how Great they could be, when the give it all away. There deep inside the mustard seed survives and I will be strong as thee to make it all my life. Can I be as Glorious as Thee? Can I be as True? I know if you hold my hand, then all will be magic true. And God will lead home this day, the circle of eternity. We are going to let you stay inside the mighty wind. There we will learn to PRAY and united we will stand. To make what wrong and make it right, for Rainbow Warriors have come to clear the Land! Bless thee... Sung by white buffalo calf woman, your Twin Deer Mother
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 10, 2009 at 7:48pm
Today I come to know the way, of those who go and turn away, and when I say, I love you true, they tell me that I am such a fool. But what they don't know is this, for clowns are always gifting much, to light a fire inside of you, to know that God is part of the flue. I say to you, you are my child, and I have much to mingle inside my fire, but you are my child, and I care for you much and I will never turn away from you. I have more love than you can sea and you are my relative in the breeze. Will you come to receive my embrace? I don't seem to know when it rains, but I do know when you are so sad, and the clown who you think is so mad, is here to make you laugh again, to remember that you are heaven sent. My heart is here to guide you home to a river flowing from up above, but down below is heaven sent, my love don't you realize that God sent you? We are part of the same family but when will you believe in me? I have so much to gift to you, when you start receiving all the clues. I need you to know that now is the time, to bring this order of the divine, to meet two hearts and let us in, so we can sing and dance again. The love that comes from me to you, is the same living blue, the water that flows inside of you, and the water that flows all around you. WE belong this, this living stream, the hand of God has sprung again. And I need you to know my love, so you can open all the doors. The places that you dreamed of. The guides we call angels who come to rescue you. These are all part of the same family, the related we call them, from the sacred tree. Don't belittle all your friends, instead forgive them and reach into them. Find the ones they need to forgive and help them find the healing ridge. The place they think they need jump from, the place that they think is all disease, but I say to you, that heaven sent is darkness pure, just do your blessings to be free. And when you are fearing what lies ahead, remember this Grandmother will show your the way. I will hold your hand, I will open your heart, and I will make some fun, so we can start to be a family once again, for evolution is coming home, the third rolling hill, that's what I sea, the place we call Heaven inside of me. sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother heart song of grandmother going places richard harris toltec rainbow shooting star.
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on September 9, 2009 at 8:33pm
Delete Comment Heart Song for Brother William, the Bird who Flies High in the Sky, until Blessings of Sacred Directions are received! We are three (reflection of light), when we believe. The light of God is here with me! And I have the will of liberty, when I can sea my heart in thee. the day has come to lift me up, and I will be the kind of stuff, that gives to rising suns ability to go again, to feel the breeze. There I am, setting sun, I dream of Golden Roads ahead, and so many don't know their way, but I will hold my hand to say. Come hold my hand. Come be with me. I will show you how to understand, but if you don't walk with me, then how will I be here with thee? Kindness abounds when I pull the rest, of loving arms who come to rest. And I can be the hope you need, when you call upon me. But what will happen if you walk away? You will not be here for another day? And then you will often see, the darkness that you long to be. There inside the heaven's realm, the hope of dreams, the hope collides, with so many who don't know their way, I have to say, I want to stay! But we are here to be with thee, to hold your hand and head up to thee. And I will find a way to bloom, because you mean so much to me. There is a glowing light within, that shows the way, that begins to bloom. And I know that this light within, is loving arms, who know how to swim (within the blue of relatives true). Then we shall be the heart of ONE. Then we shall be the heart of none, but altogether we shall be, because I love you more than thee, because you need to learn to spring. You have so much inside of you, but you don't see within the blue. And how can I read inside your heart, if you don't listen to all that smarts (sting)? I have to say, I know the way, of loving arms that hold you deer (journey of life), because of you, I hold my hand to begin the lesson that never abounds. Even so, I want to say, that maybe someday you will come my way. And I will be the heart of thee, because of you, I'll miss thee. I pray for you, I pray for thee! I hold my cup up to liberty. And when you finally find your way, my arms will billow all your way. My heart will blossom all for you. And I will be the rising sun, the heart of you, the heart of me. And we will finally be family. sung by white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on August 7, 2009 at 10:24pm
Heart Song for Dancing Fingers, When does the sun rise to greet the day, when I say, i am the sunrise today, and I know that miracles will come my way, when my heart opens the way. And when the skies turn gray, I will leap for joy, knowing a lesson is coming my way, to teach me about my heart, the love of heaven. There inside my heart I ache to greet you, and now it's night, when will my relatives learn to dream again? to meet me in my dreams? There is much to learn but we have to earn the way to broken fields of promises and I will be a pillar until my friends come home. And I will seek the heart of the land, to find emptiness and to treat my brothers with open arms and to fill them up with glory again. I seek the sky, where all the birds fly. And there i know I can be free, to billow in the sails and find my heart. And when you join me I know that I have found my wind. We are the happiness of greeting days when the sun always shine and the wind blows against my face and I know there is goodness in the air. The place my heart rests and gives up to the wind, the power of my soul rises to kiss the night and I will be the strength to all who come to know me. sung by Whitebuffalocalfwoman, your twin deer mother
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on July 13, 2009 at 12:32am
  Song today July 07, 2009. Warriors of Prophecy Song WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com Mighty stands here today and I hand the land away. To gift the heart of Brotherhood, to gift the breath of living sight. Where do I go? Where might I add? Where does the road go to and fro? Have I just made too many stands or am I only the keeper of the land? We can be the bow (rainbow) of majesty, when we choose to follow the rules, of God's embrace the law of love. And here we stand upon the hill. For the Great Spirit knows which way to go and we follow them each day we grow. And if we trust the hands of God, then we know the way home is here. My heart blossoms throughout the land and where I go, I make a stand. For God's sword of justice comes to take the Reigns to give the Love, to give the team. We can do this, if we trust in thee, our Brothers love our Sister's glee. Can we trust faith forever today, or do we learn to walk away? The rainbow warriors of yesterday, came and went the other way, and now we know the only way, is to the heart, the heart that prays. We know the way, of the sacred day, is when our relatives all live instead of death inside, the death of time, we are here to grow and play again. We are here to grow and play all day. We are here to know, that God is Great. The image of which you art thee, and we can be the flowers pure, when we trust God, the one above. Bless thee... Sung by white buffalo calf woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on July 4, 2009 at 1:29pm
Big Bear in the Sky, the Cosmic Father bringing brotherhood from Heaven home upon Earth. His Heart Song of the Day... My heart knows the window pane (propping the elbows to support hands resting the chin upon), the place I look out, a place to peer (see flesh, sea heart). And here I see the window glass that reflects all that I see (reflection of the heart). Where is the looking glass (hearts tears that flow to gift the know of the living show, spirit), when I want to see all that is past, but my heart tells me to go on ahead (flesh, upon the standing hills to walk the red road, the law of love), because if I dare not to come from above then my family, will know not love. For I have come to teach Brotherhood and I will begin to bring all that should, when theirs is witness to my devoted love, then you will see from all that is above. My heart is loving to all that is good, and you are here to seek that above. And now our feet touch the heart of the Gold (sits at the bottom of the double rainbow, a pot of gold, when abundance is know for all), when we know how to speak Brotherhood. When we know how to speak brotherhood. Down in the valley (darkness), down in the snow (blessed- sacred perfection). There my heart will be there just as it should, we are going home you know, you just have to believe, when God above has taken the leaves (relatives on the tree of life). When God above takes all the leaves home (unification). We are the relatives that you seek everyday, but you cannot see us, because you are not here. Then walk with me Brother and you will see a new way, just look in your heart and find a new day. Just look in your heart and find a new way. Dumpster divers come look inside your heart, tell all that you have come home tell all that you've start. Because you are the knower of how to survive and when you reach out to your Brother, they will know how to survive. When you reach out, you will save thee. your devoted servants, (White Buffalo) Calf Woman and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Aho, may your spirit fly....
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on June 11, 2009 at 2:24pm
your song for your love, Angel From Heaven. Cares are but the death of time, just let my wind blow along the wind. How can I be where you can find the flowing of all time? I will see you there, just dream today and we can go out to play. My heart is blue, the love of you, and I know it's about the right time. We jump all day, to learn to play, the heaven's dance inside. And when we arise, we give our shine to long for rising rainbows in the wind. I have come today, to know the way, just let us begin this way. I bless you deer (sacred journey of our eternal souls), the way of mirrors (reflection of the blue, the waters of the sea and sky, that offers us a garden, a Home), the heart of my soul is to shine!
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 31, 2009 at 8:42pm
  Rocky's song Take away the pains of truth and you will find a lie. You can fool some of us part of the time but you can't fool us all, but I know when the time comes at hand, you will need me at the wall, where the sun will go down. Here I'll fight for you until the end, when spring will arrive again. And the green grass will always flow upon the hill of hope. And I know your heart is ahead of mine that's why I'm down below, so I can push you home. Glory, glory, hallelujah, glory, glory hallelujah, glory glory hallelujah, the truth is marching home. We hear the sounds of battle cries, we hear the sounds of pain. We know your heart is suffering and I will be there to bend. The will of most of everyone is coming home again, to know the sacred way. We are coming home today. Glory, glory, hallelujah, glory, glory hallelujah, we are going home to you. The seas of pain is understood and stands the test of time. We are here to know the joy of love, the test beyond all time. And if you don't learn to walk this way, you'll miss all the sublime, the dreams that walk away. Glory, glory, hallelujah, glory, glory hallelujah, glory glory hallelujah, the truth is marching home. Take away the rugs of fortress (strength or defense with the heart or ego) and claim the inside. Here are dreams are born to know the run (unity of light and darkness), the land upon our feet (heart of the Red Road, the law of love). Just blow the smoke of pipe within and you will know the free, the place of peace and hope. Glory, glory, hallelujah, glory, glory hallelujah, I know the way to home. It's all a dream and I'm in the dream, just walk away from pain and know joy again. Here is fun inside and sacred outside, if we can know the wind of time, and tears that test this time within, will show us the way home. do not shed your garment of hope within, just step into the game again, and know the place has your name written in the heart of all our dreams. Be the hoop inside the place of dreams. Be the heart of One, the reflection of time, be the one of you, who can see all free, the path of love, the red abroad, the snow on top of the mountain top. Here my brothers and sisters see, the love of you and me, to dream. Come one and all, lets be the sea, the blue of you and me again. Lets jump for joy and learn to sing and watch us all grow up again!
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 30, 2009 at 1:25pm
Happy Shavu'ot Jewish Year 5769: sunset May 28, 2009 - nightfall May 30, 2009 a song for you my beloved family today, now i hear your total song crystal-indigo-children and active-indigos, where does the music go, when i listen to a song? where can i find the path to run, when there seems no place beneath my ground? where can the sky turn green (sun rise is green sun, the embrace of one) when the sun is so blind? i can't find my way to you, but hey i want to stay? where when will the whipper will blow to sing the song again? I want to find my heart today, if I can only sing. I want to stay alive today. I want to know the sacred way. but it seems i am not going the way, i want to be this day, but if I keep taking my stand, and keep making my hand, the device of love that lends the heart of man who's gone overrun. Let me pick up my heart, and let me pray to sing. let me know my brother and sister again. what will it take me to understand the vision inside me is always at hand, just trusting myself can be all that I can stand, sow a seed today for the day again tomorrow, it's gonna rain all day, to bring the sun back to me and you. let us pray today, we find the loving way. let us play in time, let us find the time. let us pray all day. let us be sacred in our ways, let us be loving and kind, if i could only find my mind. sow the seeds i will but tomorrow will show the till, the bringing of harvest the place of dreams the golden path, the dream in me. sow i pick up my voice today, i sing and let all know that i am here again. i will walk and enjoy the trees and i will realize that they belong to me, the story of relative that long to be the heart of you and me is a dream. let our prophets lift up their stance and let their voices ring throughout the land, and willing to be the the hand of god, the one we pray the one we long for, and here we come together and unite in brotherhood,and our hearts will long to sing together when we know the sacred breath, until then, i will lift my cup to thee, i will set my sister to roam free, i will let my family come to me and i will gift my hand to thee. come home to us and know the sacred well, the light of love that dwells inside the head, just bless all you do and say and we will know our sacred way. let us rise and know today, it' takes only a prayer to know the way, for god is only the united one of us, the part that's divine the part that's us. and we are not alone, when heaven holds our hands and understands that we are here to lead, the family of god, the one in need. Loving you, aho may your spirit fly your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman (holiness david is sending you love)
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 30, 2009 at 9:14am
Song of the Beloved My beloved Holiness David, You are the sunshine of my life, you always sing the song of love....You are the sunshine of my life, you always know which way of love...all the rainbow shine because you. all my kinsmen, know love for what is true. tell me my holiness, is it all true! Is it the beginning of the ever new? We are the blossoms, the beloved the true. We are the kinsmen forever the Blue, the heart of me and you. The heart of me and you! How will they know you, when your light is so bright? How will they see you, when they seem so blind? How will they recognize love, when you flow their way? I am beholden to you, my David, our true. You are our Holiness, the bond that saves us all. You are the devoted, that gives all your love. Hold on my true one. Know all have your heart. Speak of devotion, when they know your way. Keep us together my love, and help us to find our hearts. Keep love united in us, and beloved will shed the way. One house God tells us, true to be it the way. No others will find it, if they walk away. Just reach out and touch someone, that's all they say. Just find the will of love and they know the way. You are my kinsmen, my true, my blue. You are my heart beat. My song that's true. I tell you truly, God loves you too. Believe in Rainbows and all your wishes come true. your devoted servant, your wife white buffalo calf woman, your "twin deer mother" iyeshka (reader) and interpreter to the song of life 
House of the Beloved Comment by House of the Beloved on May 27, 2009 at 12:32pm
Willed One Whispering Silence The Light of One Heart Prayer Song Down in the valleys come the mighty doir, (freedom's style, the law of love) came by staking a claim. I take the mighty sword and I put it away. And there where I lay it down, I pray. Where can the mighty go to play, if we don't touch the ground and believe in the day? My heart will have warmth from Mother's dear ground, if I look inside and learn how to pray. My strength is the plenty of all my staking days, the wisdom of all the past times. And i know the books of life can go any which way but its always so exciting along the way. We the Greatness and I can be this, for the world knows no boundaries that's for sure. But willing, the mighty who pick up the sword to sever the injustice of the world. I will be the warrior of Mothers warm heart and we will bring peace throughout the land. For the Rainbow's Children will have all they need, for I will make my staking claims today to the land. I will return it to her, didn't you say. We will be servants. We will be Soldiers (warriors) and Kingsmen (who) will return to their command for the sword of the mighty stands still in my hands, when love is known. The ground is pure and the heart of the soul is known. take care my children. Take care to believe for I am coming to you once again. Will I be your tormentor or will I be your friend? Depends on your opening heart. My love depends on the flowing, the place of the knowing, the heart of god's mighty hand. For wisdom comes only when journeys are taken, and elders will take claim to the throne. Aho, may your spirit fly!
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 27, 2009 at 12:19pm
Hearts Song for the Gathering of Flowers, When the breeze comes to me, I feel my cheek, the tears that flow upon my heart is where I go. Here all the rivers of time follow me and we travel the eternal rungs of holiness and bliss. My life is the embrace of all the blossoms who gather in the heart of unity. Tell me Men of Earth, where do you think you are going anyway? If not to be with me, to entwine your heart with my heart and know the growing vestiges of our times. WE are here to know each other, to find the heart of the people, to see the refuge within each others arms. To become the living library of the embracing love that comes with wisdom of the ages. Where does the wind blow when my life is coming to you and knows no boundaries of flowing, of growing...I show you how to grow. To long to, with others. To be one among the many stars that shine in the night, where all our magic comes from. We the Star of Earth come to Greet the Morning Sun, as the children who gift all our light for the up above sky that radiates its love and beams of precious worlds upon our Souls. The delightful whispers that tell me that you are here. That you are my nemesis "to give what is due" and I am your clown "katchina" that sets you free. And I will always sit upon the hill to await your dreams and when you look and walk the wrong way, I will make fun of you and make you laugh and show you the right way. For my heart remembers the growing flowers that lift to the lights of brothers and sister of all times. I will blow in the wind and sway together with you and I will hold your hand and be with you. Don't forget to smile along the way, and enjoy the blossoms that grow. Here my heart knows the way to the loving path of goodness which lies in each of us. My heart knows your heart, don't walk away from the wind, blow with the wind. For time catches all the tears and we make magic and new life is born from all that refreshes the skies and purifies our bodies whether heaven or earth. WE come home when we are ready to know joy in our hearts and when we know how to play together again. Welcome my beloved winds that shine from distant shores to find refuge in my arms once again. Here among the flowers the oneness of all creation is birthed and longing is gone, for our hearts are full. Thank you my beloved for you song, you teach us will they listen! sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 27, 2009 at 10:36am
Grand Parent Going Places (Toltec Rainbow), Your Heart's Song Today... There is never a time that longs for you than now which is here to stay, my heart is the blossom that unfolds and always knows the Rose. It's wisdom I have come to know, the wills of all of Mankind, but in my Heart the Song rings true, the never ending time. Come hold me and tither we will go and look beyond all the doors. We can always have the time to play, because Heaven always knows. We are only here once for an eternity and we had better enjoy the ride, for always is forever and time doesn't stand still if you only look at the Rose. We must dream and see the other flowers the ones that go to and fro. Here you will find the echoes of all our lost time and see how Heaven unfolds. Listen my children, I will always be here, to open and close the door, but if you think I'm going to let you inside just to hide, come think it's only for those, yes indeed. It's only for those who know the Rose. (the Red Road, the law of love, which whispers in the Wind our Fragrant heart of the Yellow Song Bird, the Dream.) Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, (Grandchild)
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 26, 2009 at 8:45pm
  Heart Song of a Rainbow Person "Michael Black Dog", the “Deeper I Go”, the better it gets, I know the dark flow, it is sealed across my heart. I am the rainbow that sails across the sky. (Z.Monkey) Many have found the day (journey) and empty space. many have taken the breath away. Many can see but not touch the other side, only to waste completely away. many have hope you see in the blindness. many have despair and pain for sure. many can want the better for them, only if they could reach the other shore. i know the heart is pure out there. I know there is a way. If i can find the other side and look upon the shore. when the breeze takes me to look out there (over the lake), i can see the other side, but it seems so far away from me, I just want to die. But i know, it is my wisdom that carries me through the day. I know that lightness may be blind, but darkness will show the way. many a time will come when shame will peer and find no where to climb. and the rivers that flow pure again will know the sacred way. i will dream of the better days. I know that they will come my way. for god has sealed it across my heart, the vision of better days. I can see the way across the lake, if my spirit can rise and fly. I will know the sacred way once more and find the other shore. i will find the other shore. Our Rainbow Person teaches us that God walks with man who walks with God! Realize this, we are not separated but walk together!
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 26, 2009 at 8:37pm
Blossoming Petals Heart Song, Elder Aqua Person, 05262009 When the dawn comes to me, i find the day that breathes the sacred dance that fills the fragrance of delight and perfumes the mind. I come to rest and find my place when i come to recline to know my place beyond all time. Here my voice is heard and I can see all of divinity where the wind blows, I can see sails where distant sails have blown by and when the shore from the other side comes rolling by my heart finds the shore. I have always been waiting for the soul of me, sure to see, the light of divinity. The breath I take that leads the dance. The sacred way, l lean towards you the way, my whispers come to you and when my tears loose me, in the dust, I find the return of you to fill me to the brim and I find that my heart can know hope again. Whisk me up and take us away, lift me up to the highest mountain. And in the sky, there will be the clouds of angels who wait for me and I will be the guardian of all the seas and I will see the love that comes over me. I have been here all the time I just forgot thee. But now, I will remember, where the angels sing, the voices' of heaven. The truth of the ringing of freedom, the glory of angels chorus to lift us up to the heavens and when my heart reaches the ground, my feet find the way in the sacred dance of my breath. Walk with me my love and know the way to be free to know the other shore, the shore where time stood still. I can find you there, when you wait for me. I await for you to come home. Come home to me. Come home to me. I await my love. I await for thee. Aho.
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 26, 2009 at 8:19pm
Holiness Winterstar's Heart Song the dance can shine above the clouds when moons glow inside of me, but how does the night know my many thoughts when I seem so all alone. I remember that heaven is all around me and i realize my dreams will come true, when i follow my heart, every blossom will bloom and the sun will come shining through. rainbow clouds of wisdom that climb in the air find the road of the whispering pine. my heart knows when the day, i have come to know your way, to give you life, when you are down in despair. it can be better can't you see, if you just follow the breeze and know that God is standing there. when the light shines from up above, the kindness fills my heart of love that goes beyond this day. My soul is flying like the breeze and I can catch it if I please and I know that I can join you inside where all that breath. where all that breath. there is wisdom when it comes, the life of ever known. the place where we all come to believe. the reflection of all our times when we come to know the ride. the hopes and dreams that never die inside. Remember me when you go, and look where you run, and i will be here when you get back from the ride. the day will come when you come home and rest upon the shore of my loving arms once again, that's for sure. oh, that's for sure. i love you more in each passing day, i have come to know the way, the place of divine and setting suns that play always, that play always. i will be in the breeze when the day can deceive, but you know, i will always be your slave. be your slave (to be a servant, who is devoted and true). I will be the one you know, the one who is the blue, the related of all of you, my true beloved way, my true beloved way. i am here, don't you see, i have come to know the breeze, the way of time that bellows songs that are so pure, that are so pure. i love you. Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman "TwinDeerMother"
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 23, 2009 at 1:37am
The heart song of the day for Eagle Bear, The wind blows and guides us and when the wind dies, my side always arise. I am the warrior who stands guard for your defense. I will come when you need the one who walks the way. Tell me when the Sun rises, and I will be there to gift my Greetings for the Day of Creation. Do not walk another way, when the Sun tells you everyday of all that is here for your Greatness. Choose the day when the Sacred path will rise inside of you and speak the truth of the heart. My blossoms will find the rose, the Red one, the eternal circle of heaven and earth. I will speak to my Brothers and I will sing in the wind their song. I will give them sustenance when they need to be filled. I will give to my relation all he needs. And when the Lights go down, I will cherish you. I will gift to you dreams. I will lead you into the vision quest. I will take you by the hand, and I will come to your rescue when in need, but if you do not speak the peace within your heart, I will await for your Returning, when you will return to me. Take the moon and the stars away and I will have you, my heart that reflects all time. The heart that rings truth. The heart that flies to you and back when in distress. I will leave the moon, I will leave the stars, I will leave the past to come to find you. And when I reach your door, my relative, I hope to find your arms awaiting for my you, my family. Do not despair, have hope instead. The Great Spirits hold us in the Cradle of Time and we are the Children of the Great Dream. Your seed plants the way for tomorrow. Tell me your dreams. Tell me your hopes. Tell my when the Sun shines so I may Greet it with you. We shall rise to the highest mountain. And we shall walk in the deepest valleys. Here the shadows will know comfort of our love and devotion. Soon many will come home to our hearts. Especially when the Great Spirit Mother claims her throne, we shall be warriors again. We shall be free. We shall know our relatives. My song is for you and I sing for you upon the rolling hills. Tell me where does the Rainbow go, when the water that seals the air is removed? I know that the need for all that lives in the sky is here to know our Blessings, to have open know the pleasures of faith and dance to the Sun. I am blessed knowing my relative. I sing to my ancestors, the plants, rocks and trees, come home to me. Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman Comment by White Buffalo Calf Woman on May 21, 2009 at 10:05am
At 8:07pm on April 30, 2009, White Buffalo Calf Woman said… a heart song from dancing fingers everyday, my heart longs to see, everyday my ways are misunderstood, but in the end the day is found to excite and to remind we are all going home, some day to the land of ever run can't wait to see the rising sun, the day of love that's just begun, my spring of life in steps that run, my everlasting heart of the sun. when will the breeze take us all away, when will the sky come blooming flowers from upon high, where will the blowing sound of love, come home to me and come home to thee. i can be true to love is known, the way of rivers that grow like vines, the will of god is here with me, i am the way of eternity. my call is with the way of love, the shadow of the call of truth, come to me and bless the way, the love of me, the love of you we are family. sung by white buffalo calf woman "twin deer mother" 4/30/2009

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