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Saturday, May 15, 2010

2nd Hoop Rainbow Warriors White

White Buffalo Calf Woman

2nd Hoop Rainbow Warriors, the Crystal_Indigo_Children

2nd Hoop Rainbow Warriors, the Crystal_Indigo_Children
white buffalo calf woman (twin deer mother)
date Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 10:45 PM
subject Purpose: White Buffalo Calf Woman sends Greetings
image by Richard Hook

Dear family,

I want all of you to understand, this group is for those who want to walk into evolutions path and want to learn about love. To create Mother's Sanctuary.

If you are not creating a local gathering or uniting with other travelers, you have no reason to be here. Those who come here are here for one reason, to gather for the great migration into the yellow rolling hills in time.

Many of you think that you are the only one who has problems because you have decided that you can do it yourself. If that is the case, what are you doing here. Please find another group who does not resolve conflicts and who do not choose to practice love.

Many will not speak truth to you. I will and I expect you to do the same. If you hide, then hide somewhere else, we got things to do.
Children need us, and if you don't think this group is your family, then go and find another. Please go!

I do not have time for your hate crimes. Resolution is the way home. If you aren't willing to fight for love, go somewhere else.
WE FIGHT for love and I will drag you down until you know what love is.

Dont' think you can hurt me and I wont' hurt you back. Be nice and I will be nice too. Anyone who thinks I have no patience, then leave. My patience is far beyond yours. You continue to commit crimes of the heart, you will hear about it.

There are many crystal children in the world, and if you think I am the only one, you are far mistaken. Walk through the doorway of a Crystal person, and you KNOW PEACE.

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman "twin deer mother"
elder crystal person (iyeshka or interpreter)

white buffalo calf woman (twin deer mother)
date Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 9:35 AM
subject White Buffalo Calf Woman: prayers for departing souls

Hello family,

We have two persons, who need your love. Because if you do not give your love to them, they shall walk away from you and me. The Blue (kinsmen) of you and me, the spirit of the lake. If we don't do it now, in the light, we do it later in the darkness. Resolve issues!

Fleckling Diamond believes that I am cruel and that i force others to participate. Now, she has stated many times that she was willing to do things and then she doesn't show up. She only got what she gave, unkindness. She broke my heart and her heart got broken. And she didn't care at all that she hurt me, she only cared about her own nuclear problems. This happens with many. Many say big proclamations. Members think they can become complacent. We are here to go homeward, to gather. If you are not gathering, then you are on the wrong road. Seek another group, who doesn't care one way or the other.

Last evening, Fleckling Diamond and I chatted, and her heart refuses to become the servant. She cares for her needs alone. If we choose our nuclear family over others, then you have lost. You will not make it in the new time. Love is not who we choose. Love will be. There is no decision, if we practice love. We just do it. There is not one over the other. It is both. You give what you can, and you speak your heart. Love validates, love negotiates, and mostly love receives others into their lives as Oneness. Rules of conduct have been sent out again, I expect all of you to read it.

Now, we all loose our heads, but this is our heart and if you don't start to get some emotional intelligence, then you will have no tools to navigate during the times of peril up ahead. Are you really going to disbelieve all your brothers and sisters in the world and their visions? Please, we are here together. TOGETHER is the ONLY WAY, AND ANYONE WHO THINKS WE ARE SEPARATE IS DOWN RIGHT WRONG. Too many can verify this to be true. We flow together, that's the law. That's perfection.
Now, we move on to Green Eyes Smiling, "whipper willows bloom", she expects me to be shamed by her, because she does not know how to receive me, as she was shamed by many. This was truly her era or place in time. Yet inside her heart she needs our love so badly, but showing respect towards others or sharing her heart, is impossible because she has not forgiven those who committed crimes of sin against her. They were disrespectful of or to her. She refuses to Namaste or to "recognize the god within me and the god within you". We have all lost our hearts and now we are reclaiming them back, but only by sharing the heart will you know love.

These two persons right now who are choosing to walk away. Did you read the prayer today? Here is day, revelations unfolding. Are you going to believe every calendar? Are you going to believe in all your visions from your family of the blue? Are you going to practice love right here right now? Then you put your hands together and you pray, and you gift your voice to these women. Hating me, will not end their torment, but only resolution and receiving our family members will love blossom within.

Could you imagine someone hating and the other not knowing love, well unfair play will evolve and possible death. You cannot treat people this way, as some will right out shoot you. These are the times we live in. The only way out is love and not hate. I gift the lesson, it is a treasure from God. Every Crystal person does this...if you have pain, it is mine too. You are responsible for keeping your own spiritual house clean, and stop polluting others with your sins and lies. You are all making me literally sick. Take care of yoursleves, please, bless yourself every hour and have your daily fire ritual. Bless yourself instead and walk the Red Road together. Now, you want happiness, start gifting your love and communicate with your voices to your kinsmen. You walk away, you learn not to be part of the Great Migration, for White Buffalo Calf Woman, Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star and the Elders God has sent, shall walk hand in hand on the Red Road, united as Oneness. For there is only one sacred path, and this is love.

Now, although, Whispering Wind is not departing, she has however has previously agreed to be part of the gathering. I was real clear to her, that she speak with her Mother before beginning with this group. And she has received materials to begin the walk to gather. Now she thinks she can just break her agreements with us. Well she cannot, because if she does, she will find unhappiness within herself. She had just let herself down, and happiness is further from her than is was before. Do not think this group is the same as others. It is not...there is truth here and salvation.

Each of you are responsible for your own actions, and if you do not do what you say, you do not know love. Validate, negotiate and then renegotiate without harming others. And if you are hurting, you are not practicing love. And those who do not know how to be kind do not have the right to be unkind to others, especially when it is your Mother. How dare you speak to your Mother like you do! Lie right to her face, what have you become? And then slyly try to maneuver you prowess of doom over another who is more loving than you, truly God, will punish you, just as you stand. You have no happiness, this is the law.

You want happiness, then you become the servant to the Oneness of all the related first, then care about yourself second. And when you gift love, more than you get love, then you know you are on the right path. And if you gift more than I do, then prove it to me and I will know you are a TRUE ELDER, because true elders do what they say. But if you are a true elder you won't even need to prove anything to anyone anymore, as elders do not defend. Because Elders know they are Perfect and God the Oneness is Perfect. And please don't tell me that you gift and gift and don't get love every single day. Do you want me to talk with you every day like this? Do you even know who I am? Do you even care that I have feelings? Or that I may need food! Or do you need to steal from me every day, for this is truly how this group acts. You steal from me, instead play an activist part. You are part of the solution or part of the problem, their is no two ways. Only one path, love. You are going to have to get along with your kinsmen, some time, why not learn now....

I tell you truly, my beloved send these girls love. Find a place in your heart to help them find a way, to receive heaven and earth as One place and not two places.

Your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal person "iyeshka or interpreter"

ps. We are here to gather and create sanctuary for all, not just for a few of us. God is all of us, Oneness!

The Angels I see here Crystal-Indigo-Children are Lisping Wise One and Her Holiness Bright Star.
Look to them to give you leaders in a house.
Their lives gift to others and they are willing to receive their kinsmen.
Forewarn mankind of the day
when the scourge will over take them.

When the wrongdoers will say,
"Lord, grant us respite for awhile.
We will obey Your Call and to those
who you chosen to deliver your message."

But a voice will say to them,
"Did you not once swear
that you would never disappear,
and follow your apostles?"

You lived in the dwellings of those
who wronged their souls before you,
and you knew in parables about them,
yet you still chose to live with these sinners.
They plot, but their plots are known to God,
even if their plots could move mountains.
Never think that God will break the pledge,
he gave to their Apostles "sent out".
Mighty is God, capable of revenge.
This is purification, a blessing!

Shimmering Dawn before Twilight
date Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 1:41 PM
subject [Crystal_Indigo_children] Re: White Buffalo Calf Woman: prayers for departing souls
mailing list Filter messages from this mailing list

To My Beloved Family,

After reading this email, I felt very sad. White Buffalo Calf Woman
is the Crystal person. She only speaks the Truth. I don't want to
seem unkind, but maybe the truth is hard for some to accept. We must
hear the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.

When you reject the truth you reject yourself. And I don't agree with
Suzen that it's all ego. That is not what I hear. It's not about
being right or wrong. It's about being true to yourself..........and
we are ALL ONE so when you are unkind to another you also hurt
yourself. The world is in trouble and we can make a difference but we
have to believe that we can. We have to work together. I know some
have many obligations but what we are doing here is important. We
have to stay together, PLEASE.

I love and respect White Buffalo Calf Woman. She is a gift. We must
listen to her.

Shimmering Dawn before the Twilight
Elder Aqua Person

white buffalo calf woman (twin deer mother) to
date Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 10:57 PM
subject Laws here, everyone received this in joining....REMEMBER THE rules of engagement.

Club Evolution-the gathering

To share stories and music. To invite a speaker or craftsman. Questions and answers. Conflict resolution. To invite local and afar community members to speak about their spiritual role in the coming era in evolution or to teach a craft class such as bead work, painting, music, etc. Share with other Club Evolution around the world. To offer prayer and gift to Mother Earth such as cornmeal, tobacco or water. To teach the integration of the great give-a-way among all our relations (unto God). By following the laws of morality we gift to Father Heaven by using smoke such as incense, smudging or the pipe*.

Elders and Mothers Create Laws
1.Create daily, weekly, monthly and yearly blessing ceremonies.
a. emotional outbursts of violence
b. spiritual penalty box leading to happiness by cleansing the heart, through blessing purification.

2.When on a computerized device, take 5 minute rest period with a 55 minute work cycle.
a. device part is removed by the relation (brother, sister, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, child)
b. physical penalty box leading to happiness by cleansing the body, through blessing purification.

3. When someone is hurting you, you can say to them. You are hurting me. Love doesn't try to hurt others. Can we talk about it?" We all need to learn about love.
a. age 0-2 Love is kindness. Touch gently, physically show them what kind and gentle love is.
b. age 3-5 You need to learn about love. Love doesn't hurt. (Explaining how pain feels helps them to understand.)
c. age 6-16 You are hurting me (or another). Love doesn't try to hurt others. Walk away carefully and Bless them.

*For the pipe: formal enipi (holy sweat lodge) ceremonies only with parents consent such as a field trip. Another form is when elder lights the pipe and the

pipe gets passed from one person to the next as they each offer a prayer for the Rainbow Clan. Once the elder receives the pipe again, he/she takes a breath

of smoke for all the members and holds the pipe up into the air and offers the last of the smoke to the all our ancestors who came before us. And together

we bless them as the sacred circle of life (the hoops). Parents and children questions answered about Club Evolution, Warriorship and Gathering!

Rules of Engagement
Got the stick. Got the floor. (Always pray for talking stick before use.)

1."Talking Stick" - any object can be used for this in a pinch. It is best to use the same Stick appointed and blessed from the Group Prayer.

2."Talking Stick Keeper" should also be blessed. The keeper holds the talking stick or the group
moderator between meetings.

3."Two -Moderators" - to organize meetings and take notes of agenda, to assist young people only.
a. up to four moderators: can switch as needed due to illness, scheduling or topic.

4."Keeper" - Indigenous of all the related. Present for prayer and acts as counsel to elders.
a. This person must be sought after. There is always someone in your community around the world who is Indigenous. eg. Native American, Aboriginal, natives who practice ancient cultures.
b. This person has the title of "Keeper". They serve as a guide to the spiritual vision quest within.
c. Ask "White Buffalo Calf Woman has asked if you are willing to become the "Keeper" to the vision quest for Club Evolution?"
d. Duties are: Show up at the meetings and listen to your heart and guide them.

5. Voting is always unanimous. This is Oneness.
a. Total agreement or back to the drawing board.
b. Those who oppose must speak up. You are perfect, therefore your voice carries wisdom of the ages. So Speak up!

6.The rule of perfection. ACTION. The simpler the better! Complicated simplicity. Let's dance.
a. You make it simple by creating action. Movement accelerates the breath, the vehicle to enlightenment. Take action in your community by creating a volunteer project or field trip.
b. Share stories with other Club Evolutions around the world.
c. Never need defend oneself; you are perfect. "God gives me these gifts, believe me or walk away."

Blog Page for Crystal Indigo Children, the Rainbow Warriors Training, the 2nd Hoop. Article on Rainbow Color Terminology and "What is the Grid?". Basic material for your knowing about Evolution, the third rolling hill in time begins very soon. Prepare now! Parents and children questions answered about Club Evolution, Warriorship and Gathering!


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