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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Front Page WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com

New Members if you are NOT ABLE TO RECEIVE BLESSINGS from the start and offer blessings to others, then you need find another place to go! HATE IS NOT TOLERATED HERE! Warriors send love to hate! The Yellow Way is Unity or wisdom of the LAW of LOVE! It's simple, say "I Bless Myself" and "I Bless the World" every hour each day! You have three days, to email, to ask for your blessings, or you are removed from this group, the third hoop. This is not a request, this is mandatory! Warriors of Prophecy, RECEIVE LOVE, the Soul's LAW, the Red Road!
This is the HOUSE OF DAVID (beloved), sanctuary for the lambs of God! Remember you are Walking with a living Prophecy, You, the Rainbow Warriors, White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness David Running Eagle, your DEVOTED SERVANTS, as you will come to be, as you stay with us united in heart and flesh. If you have doubt ask questions, this is good. Get in their face this is okay, but if you deny others, anyone here, you do not walk the way of LAW, the Red Road, the LAW of LOVE. Home will answer questions. What Roads?
Rainbow Warriors please add your videos to Groups, there has been two recently created for promotion, Heart of Oneness and Videos about Mother Earth. Also Dance from around the World and Dance Native Style. Check to see where it might fit, then add there. Also you need click next to the embed code as star, will gift you parameters at YOUTUBE. Enable delayed cookies to promote internet speed here on this site, as the connection will be made only if someone clicks to listen here! I would like to remind all of you, when seeing others good works bring it here and let us invite them too. However, you are here to learn to serve others, by making a stand, when others do not know their way home. Our Sister Faith asked a Great Question about Migration, I recommend all join this group, The Great Migration, as WE will be adding more and more! your servant, calf woman
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy DO NOT JOIN NON-PROFIT Groups, WE GO INTO Non Profit Groups and TEACH THEM TO DO IT RIGHT, only as an invitation of Elders and Warriors! Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy arise to ask others questions and to work from the heart, not from intelligence. The Blue Road is the heart, the soul's voice! The Red Road is the flesh, the law of love. New Members there is much to learn about Warriorship, be patient in learning how to walk towards conflict to unify all. Start with the BOW (humility) of the RAINBOW, then you begin to walk the yellow way, with wisdom united as the Rising Star, "A Light From Within" says Elder Crystal Person.
Telephone Conference Access each Week for those with Questions, especially if you are not getting an email back in time for your vision quest. We welcome you to our telephone gathering: White Buffalo Calf Woman and Elders Friday and Sunday 4pm PST Your dial-in number: 1-641-715-3715 Your unique PIN: #062013 Out of Country please leave your telephone number with Calf Woman and she will check to see if you are on our international plan. We will be gathering Internationally with other multi-media options. Thanks for scheduling for your appointment, Blessings! (All gatherings and appointments are a gift, service to the Rainbow Warriors.)

All My Relatives, White (father), Black (mother), Yellow (child), Red (twin child keeper),

2012 Prophecy We are in the Dreaming Stage of our own Video. In process of team building for Radio, Video, Broadcast Feeds. Also Educational Blogs are on the rise, WELCOME HOME RAINBOW WARRIORS OF PROPHECY teachers AND Elders of the new world, the yellow rolling hill.

Sending Blessings all over the World, Voice in Wind!

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Dancing Fingers

A Message from Chief Arvol Looking Horse about the Sweatlodge‏ 1 Reply

Started by Dancing Fingers in Sacred Ceremonies. Last reply by White Buffalo Calf Woman Oct. 23, 2009.
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Grizzly Bear Images brought to you by Grandparent Going Places Richard Hawkwind Toltec Rainbow

Started by White Buffalo Calf Woman in Education and Evolutionary Changes Sep. 21, 2009.
William Bartlett

Heaven and Earth 2 Replies

Started by William Bartlett in Great Give-A-Way. Last reply by William Bartlett Sep. 12, 2009.
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Beading and Jewelry 1 Reply

Started by White Buffalo Calf Woman in Arts and Crafts. Last reply by White Buffalo Calf Woman Sep. 5, 2009.
House of the Beloved

Salt 2 Replies

Started by House of the Beloved in Native Agenda. Last reply by White Buffalo Calf Woman Sep. 5, 2009. 

Blog Posts

White Crow

Mato Paha Prayer

Great Spirit We come to you today in all humbleness and thanksgiving.

We come to you Father with many request as you know today for Mato Paha.
You see Father what is happening to this land through greed and profit.

Ignorance and pride stands in or brother Allen, Ignorance of the Peace and Spirit that dwells on that land. Pride is in his heart and blinds him from you and the truth of that blessed place, blinds him from the respect your land and people have to you.

Father We pray for Allen and… Continue
Posted by White Crow on December 17, 2009 at 12:54pm
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Knowing is Not Learning, it is Remembering

An article from Manataka

Knowing is Not Learning, it is Remembering

A teaching from Lee Standing Bear Moore as given to his friend Takatoka

The night sky was as big, clear and open as I had ever seen. Shooting stars occasionally drew my eyes to a particular part of the galaxy as sounds of the night forest around us gave forth in a magnificent symphony of life. Tree frogs, crickets, the owl and other night creatures were singing the… Continue
Posted by me on October 25, 2009 at 8:30pm
Dancing Fingers

An Embrace from the Ancient Ones....My vacation!

Siyo my dear friends!! My man and I visited some very ancient and sacred places in the Southwest, and I wanted to share a few photos and a special experience I had.

Our first stop was Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. I had been there once as a little girl, but needed to visit again!

Chaco is Sacred.… Continue
Posted by Dancing Fingers on October 15, 2009 at 11:36am
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Native Answers to Questions and Interpretations Part Two

twindeermother wrote on Aug 17
Beloved Inline Response below
Wa: wachujos Cw: calfwoman/twindeermother
Wa: wachujos wrote on Aug 7
Computers ? bless the thing's given by the fallen ?
Cw: My Brother did you know that all computers are driven by crystals? This is what the chip is, a Crystal. The christal, you follow, the stone that speaks truth, not judges, for this is all Christal (crystal) people everywhere, matter not age. But truth often looks like judgment, for many do no… Continue
Posted by me on August 31, 2009 at 3:43am
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Native Answers to Questions and Interpretations Part One

Link White Buffalo Calf Woman Aug 1, '09 9:39 PM
for everyone

Greetings Relatives Everywhere,
It's time to realize that White Buffalo Calf Woman is no longer dead. She is living and breathing and it's not in her head. Come and receive the Blessing… Continue
Posted by me on August 31, 2009 at 3:43am 

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Dance From Around the World
Dance other then Native as this is a separate group. With so many forms of dance, let us post the ones we love to share with each other. Looking forward to your contributions
April 26

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Sacred Blessing Song and Rainbow Colors
Leave your request here and Holiness Running Eagle will send love that will purify. Ask and you shall receive from any of the leaves, warriors who's heart lives! Global Unification! Join us in Prayer each Saturday!
April 4

Karen raven-marie joined White Buffalo Calf Woman's group
Extrasensory Skills
Our awareness has risen to know the Dream inside our Hearts and our Souls. Each of us have Extrasensory Perception, but we often do not recognize our own Greatness. Welcome to your Mighty Power, the image of "I am", God.
April 4

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Peltier, our Native Brother
Native Brother who needs our help as a Prisoner of War. Let us gift him our love. Aho, pray for our Brothers and Sisters in PRISONS especially here in the USA and Abroad. Pray with your sacred breath...
April 4

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Dance Native Style
Dancing Native Style or from Around the World
April 4

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Natural Medicines, which all medicine comes from. We like to have communication from the Plant. Let us start a listing that is river for others to use as healers of the world! Thank you for you contribution!
April 4

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February 18
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White Buffalo Calf Woman White Buffalo Calf Woman created this Ning Network.


Song today Sept. 11, 2009. Warriors of Prophecy Song WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.
Where the Rain (tears of joy and sorrow) and Snow (crystalline stone river) go, that's where my heart goes (soul travels on a journey). And when the fire knows the plains (the green grass grows, to offer a new home to grow), upon the muscle men (unity of rolling hills), we can find the way of miracles in the day. There seems to be the heart of all who comes to meet (oneness), the sky when it speaks (up above), for heaven only meets (greets the dust), us down below over the rolling hills. And my eyes (vision of the heart and soul), I do know (trusting self), when the rain (tears of relatives everywhere) and the fires glow (purification of water, a blessing), for we are all just rainbows (part of the Rainbow Colors who share), the sky that always knows (the heart of everyone is here inside of tears upon the rolling hills, heaven crys to offer relief).

And half of eternity is just the refection of thee, for in the darkness shows, the growth of roots inside. And we are the laughing stock of the world, when we choose to know all that's bold. And we can always hold, the sky that always knows. But if we don't look this way, inside the darkness and say, "Behold another day, just take stand to all that's bold."

But when the world does glow, the fire of purification knows, that we can be the forever told, when we share God's every glow. Now what can we do for the saints, the ones who suffer the bleak. For they know love very well, and many don't even speak. But a heart that spends time, inside the heart of another's lie, is one who keeps the heart of Gold, because they are so bold. They speak up to be truth everywhere, and they can be the ones who speak. But we know that God is here, to be, the truth of every sun.

We are cuter than we have been told, be cause God told us so. And love is the same everywhere, when we choose to look at the sun. The heart that claims only truth, to seek and speak what lies in the heart. We are the men of truth, because our women learn from you. She is the law everywhere, because she thinks we don't care. But if we choose love instead, then her heart will always win. And we the men of the sky, who travel to know every why, is traveling the heaven's above, to find the land of the Gold.

Keep inside what suns always shine, for we can always know what lies inside. But to share it with everyone, is not as easy as being the sun. I say, my Lord, I love you, for you come to hold my head up to truth. And rainbow warriors everywhere, seek God in almost every stare. We can be warriors if we choose, but learning is simply a muse. For we need have fun everyday, when God is leading the way. For majesty gives rise to dust. And we must learn to be must. For if we choose liberty (wisdom-yellow way), then we could hold our heads (flesh-the red road) up to sea (heart-blue road).

Bless thee...
Sung by white buffalo calf woman, your Twin Deer Mother

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Hello Family,
Welcome to WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com.  We are delighted you are here with us.

If you find links that do not work please let an Elder know.  We try to fix these as soon as possible, but only with your help.  Please report broken links to Calf Woman or Holiness David.… Continue
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A message to all members

Osda sunalei (good morning) everyone.

Ning have changed the default settings of the c… Continue
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eagle, eagle, eagle~weekley at the house (living fire) of the beloved~moon, moon, moon
1st event, gathering telephone conference/google chat, (earth)
  2nd event spirit flight gathering (heaven)
3rd event global prayer & newsletter teaching the red road (heaven and earth)
Saturday is the Sacred Day
, not Sunday
… Continue
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HolinessRunningEagle Sending Love

Sing unto God, sing praises to His name, extol Him that rideth upon the clouds (dragons often signifying the Aqua person, who represents the union of the perfect body, where the veil of not knowing is lifted.-the body of colors and the tools of light are used to become perfection), by His name Jah (Great Spirit Father)(Ps. 68:4); to ride upon the clouds denotes the understanding of the Word as to its interiors (within), or in its internal sense (a joy light from within). A cloud (water bearer that cleanses and purifies) is the Word in the letter (colors, tools of light and law of morality), in which is the internal sense (within). In the same:--Jehovah bowed (half circle, a rainbow clan) the heavens, and came down (descended with love), and thick darkness (dreaming awake or asleep) was under His feet (action, motion); and He rode upon a cherub (Indigo heart) (Ps. 18:9, 10); thick darkness (darkness inside the clan both pure and impure dreamspace, strength lightning heart) here denotes clouds (dragon-tools of light); to ride (perfect crystal body) upon a cherub (perfect indigo soul) represents the Lord's providence lest man should of himself enter into the mysteries of faith (vision quest) which are in the Word (law of god). aho, may your spirit fly! Holiness David "Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star" An Elder Lavender Person, offers you blessings and overflowing love in your time of need Rainbow Clan. It is time Native Americans to come home!


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