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Saturday, May 15, 2010

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Third Hoop
Welcome to the Pure Heart Network
The Sacred Step Starts within your Heart. 
Remember Bless each other Frequently.
This is Your Family of Relations.
Speak your heart.
Aho, "May your Spirit Fly."

your devoted servants,
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Weekley Events

eagle, eagle, eagle~weekley at the house (living fire) of the beloved~moon, moon, moon
1st event, gathering telephone conference/google chat, (earth)
  2nd event spirit flight gathering (heaven)
3rd event global prayer & newsletter teaching the red road (heaven and earth)
Saturday is the Sacred Day
, not Sunday!4th event radio reflection gathering (time, our hearts)

A Joy Light From Within .Org

Sacred Hoops in our Communities
Subject: Weekly Live Chat/Telephone Conference with Elders/ White Buffalo Calf Woman
1. Gather Live : Telephone Conference and Live Google Chat both held together
4pm pst/7pm est  Sunday
Rainbow Colors of the Beloved Clan of Oneness, called God
Crystal_Indigo_Children, Active-Indigos, WBCW, Outer Hoop,
New incoming members, existing members and just because,
who all have questions and would like to talk with Elders live.
Front Door Sundays each week To Elders!
4pm PST "We will be inviting featured guests, you.  Learn about your Greatness! "
google chat (in the clouds)
Those who wish to ask questions to Elders, we are available by telephone weekly
Sunday 4pm PST Elders, Vision Interpretation, Interpretation of Rainbow colors, holy questions
Sunday 5:30pm PST Computer Assistance
Your Conference Access Number:     1-218-895-3911
Your Conference Passcode:     62013#
(six months after the breath of the new time begins, when sky turns Red)
"the law is coming, the law of love.  follow the red road (flesh)  follow the yellow middle way (soul)
Chat at google in the clouds, must be prepared and connected inside the week, before you can enter by chat.  We will share by telephone conferencing and google chat : whitebuffalocalfwoman, runningeagleshootingstar, lispingwiseone, blossomingpetals (for new incoming members).  Google allows you to set up all your chat services and connect via the email portal.  We the Elders only chat in the clouds, and all you need is a Google Email account to access chat and a google chat request or email will get you added to the contact list. Be sure to accept computer generated invitations to attend!
Holiness David, Lisping Wise One, Sacred Walk this Way and White Buffalo Calf Woman along with other Elders who are available will join us.  We go over skills of purification, gathering and evolutionary soul's journey. We will welcome in new members and learn about their contributing perfection that they bring to the Family of Oneness.
Aho, may your spirit fly... Your devoted servants, Lisping Wise One, Holiness David,  Sacred Walk this Way, White Buffalo Calf WomanElder blue person, Elder lavender person, Elder magenta person, Elder crystal person

Rainbow Colors Family , Heavenly name and four sacred directions in Rainbow Colors each of us have within our perfection.  It is written in your book of life, what your name or mission is and your tools of light that will achieve your mission.  All can read the reflection, but Only the Crystal person, can read the absolute truth with eyes closed (numinous) and Only an Indigo person can see with eyes open (luminous) absolute truth.  Through the doorway "Crystal Person" into the World of Awakening.  Aho, may your spirit fly. And Welcome Home
White Buffalo Calf Woman is here to gift to you, your treasures!
~ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be open~

2. Gather in Soul Journey :Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight
12:50pm Pst 3:50pm Est Saturday (please email
(05162009 group 12 flights ongoing, it's always exciting!)
Your Conference Access Number:     1-218-895-3911
Your Conference Passcode:     62013#
"Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey"
(requests to visit and purify the related upon Earth and Heaven through Safe Escorted Soul Flight.) 
Thank you for choosing to being part of the purification team and walking with elders,
the souls of flight, please join us by dialing in.
3. Peaceful Wisdom Prayer - Saturday Global Prayer Day Sat. Global Prayer and Soul Flight Information 12:50pm PST Sacred Preparation before Prayer Flight(plan) Recorded Medicine Journey (construction)Event posted afterwards about the flight! (in construction, cic members will receive data)Attendees please email comments to share with all Holiness Running Eagle (holiness david) offers you Send all interpretation questions of any Image Send your stories of life as we travel together sharing sacred spirit medicine requests, purification and healing To join in weekly prayer with Elders Share your heart and submit your prayer! Unsubscribe email subject: unsubscribe
Gifted by Elders
4. Gathering the Reflection : Live Radio Announcement. (In Construction)
Listener Dial In Number: 347-826-7517
Home: Great Spirits Ordained Name: Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy http://www.ajoylightfromwithin.orgGlobal Prayer (Saturday All Day, Global Unity Gathering)
Subscribe to weekly Global Prayer and Flight
Spirit Flight (Saturday 12:50 pm Pst link above for current)
Center Reflection (Guests 24 hour-in construction)
Outer Hoop  (Information, Gathering and Access March 2009)
Third Hoop (Blog networking and comments, April 2009)
Second Hoop (Rainbow Warriors in Training, October 2008)
Inner Hoop (Elders Educate Oneness Great Give-A-Way, Year 2004)


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