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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Outer Hoop WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Org

Home White Buffalo Calf Woman Welcomes You, my Kinsmen!

Beloved Relatives, Bless yourself before entering, or do not enter!  Be able to receive blessings or do not enter!  Hate is not allowed here.  I am happy to answer your questions, and teach you about Evolution, but no Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy would dare refuse blessings!  We bless each other and we bless the world.  Many have lost their way, and you need help, this is why We are here.  We show up!  Also, we are here to pick the warrior down up, and into the community again.  This means we "fight for love".  You want to learn, then enter with a Blessing for Yourself, then for others. To be safe during a time of fulfilled prophecy, we plan for the migration movement and warriors learn about your contribution by taking your place in the Circle of Oneness, we call God. The leaders of the World are Great Spirit Father (earth), Great Spirit Mother (heaven) and Great Uncle (with crown).  These Spirits lead us homeward into the valley of darkness, the numinous flowing of our Heavens, upon Earth.  Welcome home to the "Dawning"!  Yellow Chief says, "I accept this challenge!"  "I will die for love and I will not walk away from those who need me", says Woman.

For those of you who wonder if you are white buffalo calf woman, these are the parameters.  1.  You need be a crystal person, which is written in your sacred four directions garment of light, even as a child, you knew what a book said, before opening the book.  2. Many white calves mean, many crystal people 3. Crystal people will freely come to receive blessings.  4. Humble, will not refuse to prostrate to Mother Earth in a heartbeat.  5.  Will allow your Twin Deer Mother to verify your light garment. (This is courtesy,as I can read anyone, anytime during evolution and none can stop this truth, as the future collides with heaven and earth.  Many are learning to read others light with their hearts.  So blessings is the only safe journey! Truth can only be read by Crystal People!) 

Thank you for visiting and offering blessings before entering.  All whitebuffalocalfwoman, org, info, net, com sites belong to you, and if  you would like to contribute something, then let an Elder Know.  Your devoted servants, your Twin Deer Mother and Holiness David.

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