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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tab Frequently Asked, Archive

Frequently Asked

Fri Nov 21, 2008 2:22 pm Linda Shimmering Dawn:  Hi All, I have been a member of this group (hoops) for only a short time and I would really appreciate some clarification so I can understand exactly what is being presented here.

cw: We really appreciate a voice, many do not know how to ask. This is very essential to self growth. Thank you for asking our beloved Linda, our Shimmering Dawn. You have very good questions, which does need to be addressed. This is why many are trying to tell you about sacred directions, of our garment of lights. I will answer inline. My husband his Holiness David Running Eagle asks me these same questions too when I started to walk as White Buffalo Calf Woman. So my love, you are not alone in your questions. 
(1) When someone is given a new name; where does that come from?
cw:  This Heavenly Name is gifted to you before you are born. It is given as a life journey. It describes your behavior when you live your life or your mission on Earth. This name has always been gifted by American Natives, throughout time. But what hasn't been clear in times past, what our "garment of light" was. It had to take the Oneness of all the stories to claim the truth in evolution.

cw:  A medicine man, who is the spiritual counsel to a village, asks the Great Spirits to gift a name. But what often happens, if your native clergy, who many not be a Crystal person, s/he will reflect their light with your light and the name will be a reflection of the truth and not actual truth. -It is only the Crystal person, who can receive absolute truth, because they are the only ones who can see in the darkness. You see a crystal divides light and separates all the colors. You are called a book of life, because the colors of your light, auras, four sacred directions, really gives a Crystal person the truth about who you are. This is how, this is done. Many Crystal people in the days ahead will be gifting and blessing the people.
cw:  Right now, it is I, white buffalo calf woman, known also as twin deer mother, who is a Crystal person and iyeshka or interpreter to all questions. I want more to know, we must spread the word about evolution and the yellow rolling hill in time. This is why you must ask for it, if you can ask, you know your voice. Here lies the wisdom of God, a voice within our perfection.

(2) Are the messages being channeled from a Native American entity, i.e., is White Buffalo Calf Woman someone who lived in the past?

cw:  White Buffalo Calf Woman is here now.  Here I am walking talking sacred. I often use the name Calf Woman, because many start to call me White Buffalo. Many Elders use this name, White Buffalo or White Buffalo Woman, and I would not be respectful in using this name without the balance of Calf Woman. So I have taken the name Calf woman, to abbreviate for those to understand, I am the child from heaven, the white calf.
cw:  Yes, there is a story with the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota peoples, called the Spirit Lake people, affectionately called the Snake (Sioux) people by the French, which means the embrace of the loving heart. I have come from the past, but so have you my love. We all have. Our souls are everlasting beings of light. We evolve towards love. I have come home to you, my child, for my love has no bounds.
cw:  I have recently found a site that is downloading information from White Buffalo Calf Woman. I will send data later, but remember it is not easy for the reflection to know truth of who information is coming from or it may well be White Buffalo Woman in the heavens. The message is alright and if I do not object with the data, I will invite them to join us. If I feel that truth is not spoken, I will make sure truth prevails.

cw:  Now, you must realize that any whitey person (four directions, star), must be a Crystal person, who could be white buffalo calf woman. Because there are many white calves being born to keep this prophecy alive (returning of law of heaven and crystal people). But for now, the Great Spirits and the Oneness of God, has only gifted this gift to me as of now, as I am the one you are waiting for. This I know to be true, because they gift to the house of beloved, star of David, the mathematical perfection that shall be gifted to the peoples, and they trust that I will deliver it to the people, their beloved children. The house of David belongs to many prophesies.

cw:  Many older Crystal people have trouble being themselves, because we live our lives being the twin heart of others. So we (they) are not successful in their joining us. But the children, they learn about their perfection now, and here. And this helps them know the perfection in themselves, just as you are a perfect child of god.

cw:  Also, many Golden persons (women), who represent the brightest light, often thinks they may well be white buffalo calf woman, because their light is like the brightness of the Sun, the Cosmic Father. It is often disappointing to them, when they find the truth out, but since they are more than the Crystal person who is the first born child, they (golden) in turn take the place as the Cosmic Parent and lead the way to the unknown, fearlessly.

(3) How were the people with the "special" names chosen to give these messages?

cw:  Many persons all over the world are downloading spiritual beings messages. They are the flesh elders and soul children, like me, who are suppose to teach the world how to reach this place within for all of us. How do we receive messages? We must commune with God, use meditation and take a vision quest within to find your answers. Now each of the Colors, have different ways of communicating with the Oneness of God. We must listen and ask others to validate or maybe their message will assist your message. Together we are the Great Story, apart we are parts of a story.  This is why we must share our stories with each other.

cw:  I want to help you understand, however these new age shaman channelers  think they are bringing you information.  But what they are supposed to do, is teach you how to get this information by yourself and exchange knowledge. This is why we create gatherings where vision quests can be made and taught. We are all "special". It is just the Crystal person, is connected to God at all times and can have a conversation, just like you and I.  This is not only true to me, but to all true Crystal people. Some have Crystal overlays, but if this isn't the eldest part of their light, then behaviors will be similar, but the reflection of their other colors will not offer you the truth.

cw:  Another thing is that the Words Crystal and Indigo is used improperly around the world. These persons are sent to help you understand your own perfection. I will send the word description
again. In the mean time, I think it is at Crystal represents the physical perfection, Indigo represents the soul perfection. But we are not all crystal or indigo people, but rather four Rainbow colors.  Heaven and Earth is within and without. This is the third yellow rolling hill in time we enter 2013. 

(4) I have read the information on your home page but it doesn't really tell me how you all received the information that is being given.

cw:  Everything is written in your book of life.  These are the memories that are part of your rainbow colors.  Only a true crystal person can read the book of life.  Also I bring the heavenly language of the soul to the people and interpret it in an earthly interpretation. Native Americans have been talking this way eternal as soul elders, however have lost much due to, not trusting the soul.  It will return for them. It is time.  Another thing, everything I say and do is backed by the mathematical perfection, which explains all of heaven and earth and evolution too. 

cw:  When others receive their gift and blessings from White Buffalo Calf woman, there is a validation of who you are, inside their core.  If a pure heart is receiving, then it's a blessing. If one is NOT pure hearted then they will walk right into their own fear.  This will be known by your light and radiate from within to without. We think no one knows who we are, only God, but in the new time, no one will be able to hide their thoughts from others. This is the wave of evolution. How to keep safe, is only through blessings. It is the children who have not been inhibited yet, that share many gifts we forgot.  This is why many think the children know the way, but we all know the way, because it is written across our hearts. We must trust the child within and act accordingly without.  Blessings purify our hearts and help you to walk through the door of heaven, the crystal person, like myself.

(5) I feel that there is a lot of love in this group, but I'm not sure I can benefit from it unless I can understand who you are.

cw:  Know who is? Isn't this how we learn about others, by spending time with them. Many tell me it can take years to understand what I am speaking about, but those who listen, learn about self freedom and the loving way, the law of love. The crystal person also delivers the treasures, these are lessons that must be used with love, which is like a Mother, a fierce warrior.  If love is not used, then you will replay this lesson until love is learned. Many call this Karma. So remember to always come back (forgiveness) and ask anything or everything, even if you are angry. This is the way home, our voice.

(6) I don't want to offend anyone or suggest that you're not genuine, I would just like to know.
cw: You never offend anyone here, with your voice, especially when you ask, as this is a sign of a seeker.. When you offend others, they are unwilling to listen. We will listen even to your wrath, because your heart needs to speak. We know this. We allow. Many places who state they know love often do not have an open door policy or even start to judge your questions. Well if you experience this, it is not love. Love allows all things...this is the greatest gift to allow others the right to be who they are.

cw:  Right now, we are all learning to become ourselves. We are the perfection of God, whole and complete, who have been sent to protect the family. All of us.  We need only realize this dream.  We the Rainbow Clan, the multi-colored lights of our sacred garment of four directions, belong to each other. The blue (kinships) in me and the blue in you. The blue is the place the reflection of all things begin. Thank you blue people.

cw:  Beloved Linda you did ask. You are inline at number 67. Your colors are (grandmother center-space we share in our dreams awake or asleep) gray, aqua (eldest part of your light), golden (overlay), orange (outer color, what others see first). You will have to wait for interpretation, but I will tell you at least some. Ask for your sacred song blessing, which will not take as long for you to receive. But at least you know you are the Aqua person. 

cw:  When talking about rainbow colors, listen when I talk about someone else's colors, which will share the hearts of all. But we are unique because our combination gifts to us each a special gift and mission in life.  It has been very difficult to do full interpretations and heavenly name readings are taking me the longest. I need help, and I am not getting any. Volunteers are needed to help with so many things. Working as fast as I can, but in the days ahead it may get worse as more and more come to know I am here, so I will depend on those who have asked to show others the way to their own truth. 

cw:  Linda Shimmering Dawn (heavenly name), you are the Aqua person.  You help us to realize in the physical world. This is done by irrationality, but who gets this materialized, it is the Aqua person, who brings leadership to all the related. There is a knowing which way the flow travels, and so others follow you. You are the example of industry and realization. The golden light leads us into the unknown, where the warrior treads. This light calls the brotherhood and they come. Orange is the seed of God, every seed does not grow within your vision, but every seed finds a way to live. You help others my love, as the doorkeeper, by gifting your light, of love and materialization, these are the seeds you plant every day within our world. Your light fearlessly walks into realization. Thank you my beloved for teaching this to us. Remember to ask for your song!

your devoted servant,
(White Buffalo) Calf Woman (heavenly mission), your Twin Deer Mother (earthly tools of light),
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter

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