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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tab Blog HTML Cheat Sheet, WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com Archive for html form building

Html Cheat Sheet for Blog Posts not Page Articles, however the Font will change at the Page Editor at Ning. The Pages receive widgets readily and sometimes has a handy editor, which can be more user friendly for those who are just learning. Blogs are Html based but will allow for most widgets too.
Lessthanfont size="5" color="maroon"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont size="6" color="blue"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont size="7" color="MediumSeaGreen"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont size="8" color="Azure"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont size="9" color="yellow"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont size="4" color="OldLace"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont size="4" color="PowderBlue"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont size="4" color="AliceBlue"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont size="4" color="Plum"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont size="4" color="MintCream"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont size="4" color="DarkGreen"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont face="verdana color="green"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont face="verdana color="green"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont face="GungsuhChe="green"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont face="Comic Sans MS="green"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

Html Cheat Sheet
Lessthanfont face="MS Mincho="green"GreaterthanTEXTlessthan/fontGreaterthan

The W3C HTML and CSS standards have listed only 16 valid colors names: aqua, black, blue, fushia, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, purple, red, silver, teal, white, yellow.

If you want valid Html or CSS use the Hex Values instead. Sometimes the browser or url sites may not support the attribute color, or face, or size. These are called deprecated or no longer used. Recommned CSS Text.

Save alot of work with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)! In Css tutorials you can learn how to use CSS to control the style and layout of multiple web pages all at once. Styles define how to display Html elements. Styles are normally stored in Style Sheets. Styles were added to html 4.0 to solve a problem.

With Html you can create your website. A tutorial teaches you everything about Html. Html is easy to learn - you will enjoy it.
aho, may your spirit fly

Use CSS to customize your social network's appearance

You can use the default appearance settings on your social network or add your own custom CSS to match the look of your social network to the look of your external website. Having a consistent visual look and feel between your external website and your social network goes a long way in establishing your brand. It'll also help provide a seamless transition between your website and your social network, making members feel at home.

To customize your social network's appearance, head to the Manage tab and click on the "Appearance" link. Choose one of our default themes and customize it in the "Theme Settings" section, or add your own CSS in the "Advanced" section. With CSS, you can make changes to your social network's appearance that aren't available in the built-in theme settings page.

Use CSS to get precise control over your header

CSS tutorial (starting with HTML + CSS)

Customize your profile page

When you join a social network on Ning, you create your own profile page on that social network. One of the easiest ways to get started on a new social network is to make your profile page your own - add a profile photo, change the appearance of your page, and add some content. Let people know what you're about! Check out the guides below for a few things you can do to customize your profile page:

* Change your page's theme
Your profile page on a social network automatically takes the social network's theme and appearance settings. By default, you can change the theme and appearance of their profile page.

Your social network comes with a number of appearance themes available to you, ranging from simple color schemes to advanced themes. You can apply any of these standard default themes to your profile page.

To change your profile page's theme, go to your profile page and click the "Change Theme" link underneath your profile photo. This is a setting that Network Creators can turn off, so if you don't see the "Change Theme" link under your profile photo on your page, it's likely the Network Creator has turned off this ability.

In the top portion of the page, you can browse through the themes currently available and test them out on your profile page.

You can further customize your page's appearance by changing the font and colors of the theme you've chosen. Select the theme you'd like to customize and scroll to the "Theme Settings" section of the page.
* Add your own CSS
* Upload a profile photo
* Change the layout of your profile page
* Use your text box

Introduction to Pages, Discussions are Pages

You can add extra pages of content to your social network using the Pages feature. Your new pages can contain any content you'd like, from widgets to photos to hyperlinks. You can also allow members to comment on your new Pages if you'd like their opinion on something. With Pages, it can be an elegant way to show off your impressive talents and have your editor be user friendly.

Read on for more information on how to use the Pages feature.

* Add a Page to your social network
* Edit your Page

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